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This event occurred on
October 14, 2017
Prague, Praha 6
Czech Republic

TEDxYouth@ISPrague is a half-day, youth-oriented event, organised, produced by, and featuring international high-school students and select guests. Content of talks is suitable for mature middle school students, high-school students and adults. This is ISP's third annual TEDx event: 2015 and 2016 talks can be found on the TEDx Youtube channel under TEDxYouth@ISPrague.

International School of Prague
Nebusicka 700
Prague, Praha 6, 16400
Czech Republic
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amber Hollis

aspiring neuroscientist, map collector
The history of mapping both natural and man-made structures on our planet and beyond tells us not only about those places but about ourselves as well. Neuroscience is now struggling to map the most complex structure ever discovered: the human brain. How are these complex, ambitious projects similar? Amber was born in England and has lived in Ireland, China and the Czech Republic. She is a keen traveller and enjoys learning about different cultures. She is now in her final year of high-school at ISP and plans to pursue neuroscience in university.

Annie Dakyoung Heo

visual artist, dreamer, education critic, student
Annie’s talk is based on her diverse school experiences, and how these have influenced her learning, self-esteem and dreams for the future. She reflects on aspects of the Korean school system, which traditionally compares individual students to their peers, and on her society more generally, which often pressures young people and limits students’ futures. Annie calls for a different, more balanced model of education. Annie (Dakyoung) is a Korean student, now in her final year of high school at ISP, but previously educated in Korean public schools for twelve years. Annie moved to Prague in 2015, her first experience abroad. Her education in culturally contrasting schools has led to some sobering reflections.

Ashot Mansuryan

guitarist, language researcher, student
Sometimes the lyrics of the songs Ashot listens to leave him feeling anxious or sad. In this talk, which began as a linguistic research project in 9th grade, Ashot uses the language of songs to explore whether or not rock music has actually grown darker through the past 50 years. Ashot was born in Yerevan, Armenia, and moved to Prague with his family when he was 13. In Prague he developed deep love for rock and metal music, including heavier genres and “bands that you have never heard of.”

Cholpon Emil

student, introvert, advocate for inclusivity in school
Cholpon’s talk is based on a plethora of personal experiences, both in school and out. She hopes to inspire fellow introverts, and to provoke a discussion on inclusivity in schools. Born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Cholpon has moved around the world for most of her life. Between her home country, the United States, and the Czech Republic, she has experienced a variety of people, cultures, and educational systems.

Da Yeon Ki

Until recently, Da Yeon believed that being perfect in every aspect of her life, from family and friendship to academics, was not only possible but would also bring nothing but benefits to her and those around her. In this personal talk, Da Yeon shares a journey of self-realisation, discovering the roots of her perfectionism, its consequences, and a path toward a healthier future. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Da Yeon lived in China for seven years during her childhood and moved to Prague at the age of 16. She has experienced and adapted to new cultures, new school systems, and new relationships.

Daniela Dudysová

sleep-memory researcher, psychologist
Daniela’s talk is inspired by her scientific work and her favourite science fiction films. She explores how science and science fiction are currently converging in the area of memory manipulation. Daniela shares cutting-edge methods of memory manipulation in humans and questions whether sleep can be used to enhance our memories. Her talk raises ethical dilemmas and challenges our definition of ourselves. Daniela is an ISP alumna (class of 2008) who returned to Prague after completing a degree in Psychology in the UK. She is currently conducting research in the area of sleep and memory consolidation at the Czech National Institute of Mental Health. As part of her PhD in Neuroscience, Daniela studies how ageing alters our sleep, brain, and memory.

Kamilla Hrubešová

graphic designer, visual artist, student
What began one year ago as an academic research project became the catalyst for local environmental action, when Kamilla’s data revealed the surprising impact of our food choices. Kamilla challenges herself and the local community - and by extension any community - to think more holistically and sustainably about something as simple as what we choose to eat for lunch. Born in Toronto and raised in Prague, Kamilla completed her IB Diploma last spring when she graduated from ISP. Kamilla’s awareness of the practical impacts of science developed over her two years as a student of Environmental Systems and Society. She is now enrolled in a graphic design programme.

Madelen Hrubešová

musician, critical thinker, student, literature analyst
Science has made incredible progress in recent times, thanks to improvements in methods of observation and experimentation. Critical thinking by scientists has led to bold new questions and the rethinking of previous assumptions. In the spirit of Karl Popper, Madelen explores the central role of doubt in improving scientific ideas and theories. Madelen has Czech and Canadian roots. Her interests range from vocal music and the study of literature, to 20th Century history and contemporary issues in science. This talk began last year as part of an assignment in 9th grade. Madelen has been at ISP for 10 years, during which she has been inspired by teachers of various subjects to question assumptions and examine multiple points of view.

Michelle Zabinski

student, actor, mental health advocate
This deeply personal talk is based on Michelle's own experience with mental illness. She hopes to create a space for conversation and reflection, challenging us to consider our assumptions and the ways we respond to this sensitive and often misunderstood issue. Now in 12th grade, Michelle was born in Thailand and lived in Burma, Philippines and India before moving to Prague. She is deeply involved in theatre and is planning to continue studying acting after graduation. Michelle is passionate about urgent social issues currently affecting communities of young people.

Noah Wiener

history student, monarchist
Unusually for a 21st Century teenager, Noah is a passionate advocate for monarchism. In the modern world, what can a figurehead monarch contribute to society? As Noah argues, a great deal, including stability and non-partisan concern for the welfare of all citizens. Now in his final year of high-school, Noah has lived in Washington DC, New Jersey, and Prague since the start of 9th grade. The three things he loves most are food, dogs, and history, one of which he plans to study at university next year.

Samantha Zak

pianist, performer, student
Impressionist composer Claude Debussy’s Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum is the first of the six-movement suite Children’s Corner, published in 1908. Debussy created these songs later in his life, while travelling the world, and dedicated them to his young daughter. The pieces contrast rigidity with dreaminess. Samantha Zak, now in her graduating year at ISP, was born and raised in Canada but moved to Prague at age 12. Throughout many transitions in her life, she was maintained her passion for the piano. She began studying music at age five and has now completed the highest level of ABRSM exams. Samantha enjoys sharing complex pieces of music with diverse audiences, making them as accessible as possible.

Shaan Suri

gemologist, social reformer, middle school student
Shaan’s talk is rooted in his childhood fascination with gemstones, especially diamonds. This passion has led him on a shocking journey from beautiful, sparkling stones to abuses of human rights and environmental degradation. In this talk, Shaan asks us to consider: What is the real cost of diamonds? And what can we do about it? Born in Prague to a Czech-Indian family, Shaan, age 12, has been a student at ISP for nearly 10 years. He is excited to be the first ISP Middle School student to participate in TEDx.

Sri Gopal

violinist, music teacher, motivational speaker
As a student and professional musician, Sri Gopal is intimately familiar with physical pain, fear, stress, competition, dissatisfaction, and the never-ending search for happiness beyond the present moment, all of which he argues are typical results of the traditional methods of teaching and performing music. In this talk, he explores, through the eyes of musicians, the reasons many of us develop unsustainable habits of body and mind, and how we can change them. Sri Gopal is a Venezuelan violinist, a former member of the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra and the Youth Orchestra of the Americas. Parallel to his music career, he has devoted his life to the fields of meditation, collective well-being and spirituality. Sri Gopal is currently working to transform education as a motivational speaker, giving talks in his native Venezuela at El Sistema youth orchestras and choirs, and at various universities and youth orchestras in the US.

Vivi Lanzarotti

student, language researcher
In her talk, Vivi explores the use of “like”’ as a filler word and its relationship to gender, age, and education. Vivi argues that using “like” should be empowering, not demeaning. This talk is based on research initially conducted as part of Vivi’s 2016 Applied Linguistic Project, which she presented to corpus linguistic academics at Charles University in 9th grade. Born and raised outside of her native home in Italy, Vivi’s life has truly been international. Living in New Delhi, Rome, Bratislava, Bangalore, and Prague during her childhood Vivi has experienced many different cultures and ways of speaking.

Ymy Hoang Nhu

pianist, performer, student
Czech composer Leoš Janáček wrote In The Mists in 1912, not long after the death of his daughter, Olga, and while his operas were still being rejected in Prague. In her performance of the andante first movement of Janáček’s song cycle, Ymy expresses ambiguity, darkness and light, tension and release. Through the music, Ymy asks us to embrace uncertainty and to keep an open mind. Born in the Czech Republic and of Vietnamese heritage, Ymy has always loved music. She began music classes at age six and has studied piano with Táťana Vejvodová ever since. Ymy has participated in many piano competitions and won several prizes.

Zoey Ki

student, former perfectionist
Until recently, Zoey believed that being perfect in every aspect of her life, from family and friendship to academics, was not only possible but would also bring nothing but benefits to her and those around her. In this talk, Zoey shares a personal journey of self-realisation, discovering the roots of her perfectionism, its consequences, and a path toward a healthier future. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Zoey lived in China for seven years during her childhood and moved to Prague at the age of 16. She has experienced and adapted to new cultures, new school systems, and new relationships.

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