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Theme: Growing Up

This event occurred on
November 11, 2017
Singapore, Central Singapore

In 2017, TEDxSingapore presented our 40th TEDx event. In "Growing Up", we explored the widest expressions and meanings of this phrase. We looked at the implications of what this means in diverse areas across education, technology, healthcare, sustainability, society and more.

We are 100% Community-Created and this year, almost half of our speakers and talent were from the community recommendations. They and other talents shared their unique perspectives on “Growing Up”, both in and out of Singapore and consider fundamental questions like:

- What is important to you, growing up as human beings, both as individuals and as part of a global civilisation? - Do we ever stop growing, as children, young people, even adults? - Should we ever stop growing?

Just like at TED, the moments off the TEDx stage during the long conversation breaks were just as impactful. We had a wonderful time connecting and conversing with people from the diverse and dynamic community.

For the first time this year, you had the option to participate in a full experience (including the Speakers’ Pass with dinner) or for the afternoon of talks and conversation.

About TEDxSingapore
TEDxSingapore brings people together to seek a deeper understanding of ourselves and our world, and to inspire ideas and action for a better future for us all. Founded in April 2009, we are 100% Community-Created. Express your passion for ideas and inspiration with millions of people around the world and in Singapore. Be authentic, Embrace everyone, Celebrate our possibilities

School of the Arts (SOTA)
1 Zubir Said Drive
Singapore, Central Singapore, 227968
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Bidushi Bhattacharya

Rocket Scientist and Entrepreneur
Dr Bhattacharya is a rocket scientist and entrepreneur with experience in spacecraft development and operations, academic administration, scientific research, and technical writing. To her, space is not a mystery but a treasure trove of opportunities to help us solve our problems on earth. She intends to contribute to what she describes as the democratisation of space and get problems not solved here on earth, solved in space.

Edward Booty

Digital Health Catalyst
Edward is passionate about changing the conversation of healthcare through community and technology. He is determined to create sustainable healthcare services through forging new, innovative partnerships.

Freddy Boey

Inventor, Teacher, Engineer and Innovator
Professor Boey is a material science engineer. When his sister died of lung cancer, he combined his engineering skills with bio-medicine to develop bio-medical devices. He realised that techniques and ideas used in one domain could be applied to another. He turned his engineering mind with exceptional contributions in nanomedicine.

Gary Lee

Talent Development Leader and Writer
An experienced people developer and published author, Gary combines the best people practices globally, contextualising it across different demographics and challenges. His work investigates on how people can continuously develop themselves to their fullest potential.

Matthew Ong

Educator, Innovator and Storyteller
Matthew is on a simple quest: to bring joy and meaning into education - even if it means searching in the unlikeliest of places. Thus far, he has designed educational games, created innovative curriculum packages and travelled to far-flung places to collaborate and learn from educators across a wide spectrum of educational settings. His passion stems from knowing that the quest is far from complete.

Rahul Kothari

Global Citizen
His father is Singaporean, born in India. His Mum is Indian, born in Bhutan. Rahul was born in the United States and has lived in Singapore since he was 3 years old. His childhood has led him to many interesting experiences and also a journey of self discovery.

Syafiqah 'Adha Sallehin

Syafiqah is a self-taught accordionist in the Malay traditional music genre. She is the Music Director of Gendang Akustika, a Malay traditional-contemporary music ensemble in Singapore, and she actively performs on the accordion within the ensemble. Watch her lovely performance from TEDxSingapore 2017: Growing Up. Thanks to passionate young artists such as Syafiquah, our community can grow up and continue to enjoy traditional music.

Wee Mei-Yi and Luca Choi

Marketing Professional and Dedicated Mother
Mei-Yi has an infectious zest for life and loves the arts, architecture and driving. She believes in living and giving her fullest in everything she does, especially for her son, Luca. Her philosophy in life is to make mojitos out of the lemons one is dealt with.

Wei Tian Tan

Young artist
Wei Tian has been a passion-powered performer since she was 3 years old. Now at 14, Wei Tian is already a “veteran” of 10 years on stage with more than 50 performances under her belt.

Yue Weng Cheu

Expert-Generalist and Dentist
Healthcare (R)Evolutionist Weng Cheu advocates wellness through the Power of the Tongue and it is all about the elixir of life.

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