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This event occurred on
April 17, 2018
Hayward, California
United States

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Moreau Catholic High School
27170 Mission Boulevard
Hayward, California, 94544
United States
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amanda Aguilar

Television Reporter
Amanda Aguilar '09 is an award-winning television reporter at KSN News in Wichita, Kan. During her time at MCHS, she served as the ASB Public Relations officer. One of her favorite teachers was Mrs. Tabora, who has helped shape the person she is today. After leaving Moreau, Amanda received her bachelor's in Communication and Media Studies from Dominican University, and a master's in Journalism and Public Affairs from American University.

Araceli Berry

Araceli is a student at Moreau Catholic High school. She is an active member of the Moreau community, being apart of BSU, Link crew, and participating in many other events. Growing up in the city of Hayward, Araceli was fortunate to experience such diversity and was given many opportunities to figure out what she wanted to do with her future. She is interested in learning about Psychology, more so into studying how the human conscious works and what factors play into the decisions we make. To further this career, she hopes to carry out this study through the Criminal Justice system, such as studying the behaviors and the minds of criminals and victims.

Arnoldo Valdivieso

Arnoldo is a young male who came to America at the age of 6. He attended Moreau Catholic High in where he joined Cross Country his freshman year. That is where he met his coach Mr. Henriquez. Mr. Henriquez would become his mentor and father figured as he took Arnoldo under his wing. Arnoldo fell in love with running as the years followed. While participating in Cross Country he would also meet his best friend and girlfriend. He will be attending the University of San Francisco and would be studying Biology. Arnoldo intends to receive his masters soon after graduating from USF and eventually his Ph.D. as he works towards becoming a medical practitioner. A long-life dream of his as he spent a good amount of his childhood around the Hospital from personal illness to family members. He dreams that one day he will be able to provide medical care for other families no matter their immigration or financial status.

Ben Bega

Benjamin Bega is a current student at Moreau Catholic High and will be graduating in May 2018. He will be attending Montana State University in the fall of 2018 to study computer engineering. He has been using virtual reality and developing software for the past year. After college, he hopes to use his degree to pursue a career in building hardware systems for use in virtual reality. Ben was inspired 2 years ago when he first tried virtual reality and instantly realized the effect it could have on others. Since he got his own VR system, Ben has spent countless hours demoing and showing off the technology to other people. For his senior capstone project, Ben wanted to show how virtual reality was something for everyone so he did many demonstrations at schools, public libraries and retirement homes.

Ben Jacinto

Benjamin Jacinto, a junior at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California, turned his school service project into the Dream Coalition’s next mission: helping others find their voice in the era of opinion. Next year, Ben will be the leader of an organization that empowers diversity. He is looking into majors involving communication. Law, journalism, and politics are a few. He enjoys his home life at Lake Merritt going to all the local events. Recently, he’s been advocating for homeless-help-now, backing his words with distributing food about to go bad to the homeless around Oakland. One piece of advice he believes can apply to everyone is that “Everyone has the power to change, and if you forget what to say up on that stage, wing it, but be calm and smoothly it’ll all go along.” Serving not only as a leader, but one who teaches others how to lead, Benjamin Jacinto lives the Catholic value of teaching a man to fish as equally as the school’s Latin motto of “In Tenebris Lux.”

Damoni Nears

Damoni Nears is a senior at Moreau Catholic and will be attending Tuskegee University in the Fall. With a passion for activism, she will be studying political science and hopes to earn her Law degree one day. With that degree she plans to become a lobbyist and advocate for injustices she sees in our world. Damoni is passionate about gun violence and incarceration of young African Americans and hopes to address and work towards these issues in her career. Most recently, she worked with Barbara Lee to create educational programs for Law Enforcement Officers. Damoni is inspired by her mom, who paved her own way as a young single African American mother.

Daniel Lara

Daniel Lara can’t remember a time when he wasn’t surrounded by the clacking of a keyboard, or the hum of a computer. From a young age he was fascinated with what could be done with the technology he was so fortunate to have. His father was a driving force in his introduction and subsequent desire to work with computers. However it soon became clear that not everyone was able to have a computer at home. When he attended Moreau Catholic, he was esthetic at the focus on technology. There were computers for every student and a maker area complete with 3D printers. In his Junior year he participated in the CAPSTONE Project as a part of the Social Justice program. He chose to bring computers to those who need them the most, students. Daniel is will be attending Cal State East Bay in the Fall, and pursuing computer science as a major. He’s most passionate about the using technology in the classroom and its ability, to bring out the best of student's.

Del Seymour

Founder - Code Tenderloin and Tenderloin Walking Tours
Del Seymour has been a member of the San Francisco Tenderloin community for the past thirty years. He is a leader in the neighborhood, working closely with Glide Memorial Church, St. Antony’s, Swords to Plowshares and is a member of San Francisco's Local Homeless Coordinating Board and the Board of Directors at The Gubbio Project. Code Tenderloin is a start-up workforce development and job-readiness program that was started by Del Seymour in 2015. We place residents of the Tenderloin neighborhood into entry-level jobs and internships at San Francisco's Mid-Market tech companies and other local businesses. Since our inception in September, 2015 we have had great success placing people into full-time employment. Our social enterprise arm, Tenderloin Walking Tours (started by Del in 2012), employs residents of the TL as tour guides showcasing the positive and rich history of the TL.

Gurleen Kaur

Gurleen Kaur is a senior at Moreau Catholic High School and will be attending University of California, Los Angeles in the fall where she will be majoring in neuroscience. In addition to her interest in conducting cancer research, she is also interested in how the world functions, largely through the subject of physics. It is this curiosity that has led her to volunteer for her local animal shelter and hospital, and it has also assisted her in embracing her culture in her diverse community.

Lucas Zamora

Lucas Zamora is from the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Currently, he attends Moreau Catholic HS and participates in many clubs and sports, including being a member of the Cross Country and boys’ Golf team. For his capstone project, Lucas played his guitar and sang songs to the public at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco to motivate others to not ignore those who are poor and homeless. While doing this, he collected tips, which were later donated to St. Anthony’s Foundation, an organization, located in the Tenderloin District, focused on terminating poverty around the Bay Area. Moving forward, next year, he plans to study biology at UC Davis to further his career goal of studying dentistry. He desires to serve impoverished communities with dental services that are not readily accessible. He is driven to do his best and succeed in his academics in order for this to be achieved.

Marquis Engle

Director of Up on Top
Marquis Engle has worked with Moreau Catholic juniors and seniors as the Program Director of Up on Top, a no-cost after school childcare program located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Engle moved to Northern California and joined Up on Top after working at the Children's Defense Fund in Ohio. "Brother Quis" brings his abundant energy and love of all things to his students, families, staff and partners.

Nyah Scott

Nyah Scott is ASB Executive Council President, and she has been active member in Student Government at Moreau for the past 4 years. She is Co-Editor In-Chief and News Editor for the school newspaper, and she served as the Executive Producer of the school's live informational broadcast, MCTV. Nyah will be attending UC Santa Barbara in the Fall where she will be majoring in Communications with a minor in Sociology. She hope to earn her masters degree in Journalism, and she intends to study abroad while in school. Nyah is forever grateful for the company of her friends and family, and believes that her purpose in life is to aid in the equal availability of quality education despite an individual's socioeconomic background.

Onijai Sellers

Onijai Sellers is a student at Moreau Catholic High School who will be attending College of San Mateo in the Fall. He is interested in pursuing a career in Business or Education Administration as it combines his love of learning and teaching along with his leadership skills. Onijai aspires to create a charter institution that offers disadvantaged students access to top tier technology, personalized learning, and a safe and supportive learning space. He hopes that creating an institution of this caliber will provide inner-city kids in the Bay Area the best opportunity for their future.

Sarang Raj

Sarang Raj is a current senior at Moreau Catholic High School. He is going to be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago this coming Fall to pursue a degree in Neuroscience. He hopes to use this degree to create a solid platform for himself that, he believes, would prepare for him a degree in medicine, and eventually a career in Psychiatry. Sarang believes that humans should do everything in their power to make a world where people can work together to individually self-actualize and ultimately reach self- transcendence. He concludes that any practice, idea, and/or stigma that prevents that, should be eliminated, indefinitely.

Shane Knight

Shane Knight is the president of the Black Student Union and captain of the varsity basketball team. Shane has given numerous talks during his high school career tackling topics about race and leading change at his school with a mission to dismantle racial stigma and inspire students to reach out to each other to listen and truly hear one another's stories. Shane will be attending the University of Arizona in August, majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-Law. Shane plans to become a lawyer to ignite others in the justice system to address systemic problems with racism. Through this work, he plans to give back to the neighborhood that helped raise him. Shane would like to thank his friends and family for inspiring him to be the change he wants to see in the world!

Sofia Herrera-Padilla

Sofia Herrera-Padilla is attending UC Merced in fall to study Bioengineering in hopes to enter the medical field as a orthopedic surgeon and work across borders to help survivors of violence and war. Sofia's ultimate goal in her professional life is to improve the quality of life of those around the world and inspire other Latina's to enter STEAM careers. Her biggest inspiration is Frida Kahlo and Pancho Villa for fearlessly speaking their truth into existence and tirelessly working for the well-being of others.

Sravya Balasa

Sravya Balasa is a senior at Moreau Catholic High School and will be attending the University of California, San Diego in the fall to major in Computer Science and minor in Literature/Writing. Besides her interest in progressing STEM, with goals to improve artificial intelligence in healthcare, she will continue to empower others to be individuals through her passions: freelance photography and design as well as creative writing, much like this talk on personal growth.

Supreet Thiara

Supreet Thiara is graduating Moreau Catholic High School in May 2018 and will be attending Purdue University where she will be majoring in Business Management. With her degree, she hopes to create a foundation that will help her start her own business one day. Supreet has been actively involved in her community in many different ways, whether it is serving as a youth commissioner for the city of Hayward or volunteering for Sahaita, a non-profit organization that supports the impoverished as well as abandoned and disabled children in India. In addition to her love for giving back to the community, her culture and heritage has also played a big role in her life. As she makes her way to college, she hopes to continue being involved in her community and embracing her culture.

Tyler Piedad

Tyler G. Piedad was born in Oakland, California in the late 1990's to two Filipino immigrants. He grew up in the East San Francisco Bay Area, and currently lives and attends school there to this day. He is the Class of 2018 Senior President at Moreau Catholic High School. In his free time, Tyler enjoys to work with cars - especially his own; a 1998 Toyota Tacoma. Computers, Systems Design, and Electronics has always been a huge part of his life - building his first computer at age 12. Tyler, to date, has built almost 20 computers, servers, and workstations for friends, families, and colleagues for things like pleasure, business, and productivity. Tyler plans to pursue a career in Computer Engineering in the Fall of 2018.

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