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Theme: Dream Big

This event occurred on
April 28, 2018
Norwich, Norfolk
United Kingdom

TEDxNorwichED 2018’s theme is Dream Big.
Will you join us on our journey of exploration?
Join us on our journey as continue the conversation- and spark new ones- about Education in its broadest sense, which is not limited by any perceived restraints.
Join us as we share ideas, share inspiration, and dream big together.
Join us as we explore how we can inspire people to dream big dreams, to dream outside the box.
Join us to search for the dreams that define us and our education system, and answer the question how we can get people ready to pursue their dreams.
Join us as we discuss how we can spark imagination, invention and ingenuity, and how we can help people become catalysts for change.
Joins us as we look at what our tomorrow looks like, and what could happen in education if we allowed ourselves to dream big.
As, surely, it is only by Dreaming Big that Big things can happen?
TEDxNorwichED 2018: Dream Big.

The Space
Roundtree Way
Norwich, Norfolk, NR7 8SQ
United Kingdom
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Education (What is this?)
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Action Jackson

Action loves making people happy, his life has been centred around using her skills and abilities to help unlock young peoples potential. He has completed 10 marathons in the last 10 years, 2 London to Brighton bike ride and 1 XFACTOR audition! (Just a bit of fun). He is the director at FIXP a team of people that go into schools to unlock young people's potential. He loves cheesecake and keeping fit. Happily married and planning to have a mini action Jacksons soon. Oh Yeah he's also written a book called "SHUTUP & TAKE ACTION"

Andy Daly-Smith

Andy Daly-Smith is a Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. Beginning working life as a Sport Scientist, he soon realised that changing people’s lives through physical activity was more important than improving the performance of a few. At LBU, Andy leads a research unit focussed on understanding the impact, implementation and feasibility of physically active learning in schools.

Angela Brownie

Angela Browne is a serving Headteacher and Education Leadership Coach; she is passionate about diversity, creating schools in which everyone flourishes and the power of education. Angela currently leads a large secondary school near Bristol. Having worked for many years with children for whom mainstream education provided challenges, she became fascinated with developing healthy, wholesome school communities. Angela’s work as the founding Principal of a state funded Steiner School inspired her to found an online community (The Nourished School) centred on the belief that a school that nourishes its staff and children will flourish.

Bryn Llewellyn

Bryn Llewellyn worked in various schools in Yorkshire as a teacher and school leader, during which time he was increasingly concerned that the test-driven curriculum was having a negative effect on levels of inactivity and obesity. With this in mind, working with teachers and children, Bryn set about creating active learning approaches for Mathematics and English. In 2012, he founded Tagtiv8 Ltd.

Dominic Traynor

A former primary school teacher, Dominic started LitFilmFest in 2016 which partners with organisations like Houses Of Parliament, the British Film Institute, YouTube Kids and Its goal is to empower primary pupils to shape their future through collaborative writing & video projects linked to the National Curriculum for English. He has trained over 10,000 primary teachers on combining traditional literacy and digital skills through his education social enterprise, A Tale Unfolds. In a research project with UCL Institute Of Education, this traditional plus digital approach improved literacy by 2.5 times the average rate of progress. Although he is happiest in the sea, Dominic has a burning passion for inspiring the YouTube generation to make the world a better place.

Elizabeth Wright

Elizabeth Wright was born with a physical disability at a time when children like her would be sent to special schools. Her parents did an amazing thing, fighting the educa-tion department to get her into mainstream schooling - changing her life. At 13 Elizabeth declared she was going to swim at the Paralympics. After winning three Paralympic medals Elizabeth left the sport of swimming knowing she could achieve her goals. Eliza-beth wanted to understand what it was that had enabled her to fulfil her potential, that is when she discovered character. Elizabeth is completing her MA in Character Education at Birmingham University, where she can totally geek out on character and how it can help SEND children.

Emilia Bugg

Emilia is a 2nd year Undergraduate Biological Sciences student at UEA. Her studies focus on science communication, plant science and evolution, but she believes in the power of broad study, so her university life include art and sign language. She identifies herself as a disability rights activist. As part of this she helps run a peer support group for disabled students and is a disability rep on the student council. She uses these positions to educate staff and students about disabilities and campaigns for accessibility of education for all. Emilia is also known for her ridiculous taste in earrings, a love dancing in empty rooms, a creative approach to life, and her love for her nine siblings.

Emma Harwood

Emma Harwood is co-founder of Dandelion Education Ltd; this outstanding setting, awarded Nursery Of The Year 2017, is a values-led, ethos driven business, with resolute beliefs. With 25 years of teaching experience, Emma has developed sound pedagogy which holds childcentred learning, and holistic child-development, at its heart. She believes that each child has unique potential. Emma has a passion for education; she dreams of an education system in which every child is free to play, explore, imagine, and learn; in which every child is able to reach their potential; a dream that nurtures creative and critical thinking; a dream that empowers small children, giving them giant voices. A dream which equips today’s children for tomorrow’s world

Ian Hacon

"Ian’s always felt he’s here for a reason that’s bigger than himself. Around 10 years ago, he went on a journey that transformed his life. He discovered that investing in himself both physically and mentally had a massive positive impact both personally and professionally. This took him from couch potato to a Team GB Ironman triathlete. It took the company he was CEO of from Good to Great. He now describes himself as an Energy Coach and energises other leaders and their businesses. His mission is to energise 10 million people. He’s also a Dad of 3 fabulous girls and a husband. He is a past President of Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and originally trained as a Chartered Accountant"

Jono Drane

In October 2017, Jonathan Drane announced his retirement from visually impaired judo. As a former world medallist, and having competed at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Jonathan is now looking to further education as his next goal. At the age of 30, he is currently resitting his maths GCSE, alongside studying for an MSC in Communication. Jonathan has actively sought to balance impressions by portraying himself as a chess enthusiast. A game that requires knowledge, working memory and an attention span – none of which he believes he has. Jonathan loves to immerse himself in new contexts to challenge his perceptions of what really matters. He also owns a lazy sausage dog.

Kather Billingham-Mohamed

I’m a working mum of two warrior girls! In our home, we put in the effort, we make mistakes, we learn, we have fun, we appreciate and we go after our dreams! When I’m not at home, I’m working..doing a job I love – focused on changing behaviour. Be this through listening and understanding, helping others to take action to make a change. Of course, I’m on my own journey too – always learning and keen to know more – I like that ‘sick’ feeling that I get when I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but I’m jumping in head first anyway…kind of why I agreed to do TEDex.

Kelly Hopkinson

Travelling took up much of Kelly’s 20’s before she jumped heart first into being a primary school teacher. Becoming a single, working mum of 2 small people wasn’t part of the plan, yet it became one of those life defining moments. A change of school, friendships and self-esteem levels, thankfully coincided with becoming a yoga teacher and self-care became a priority. Kelly used everything she had learnt on her yoga journey so that she could continue to be a Mum, a friend, a daughter, a teacher, the light in someone’s day and a role model to others. Kelly is now at the very heart of well-being for teachers, empowering and supporting them every day- not just when times are tough.

Liam Heitmann-Rice

Liam Heitmann-Rice was born in Western Australia and has lived in England since 2005. He is a second-year student of English Literature With Creative Writing and is currently a columnist for the Norwich Evening News. His journalistic writing has been in print since the age of thirteen, and he would like to be a broadsheet columnist in the future. Inspired by his own family heritage and the Berlin diaries of Christopher Isherwood, Liam is fascinated by Germany and is due to undertake a summer internship in Cologne this year. The son of a salesman, Liam learned from a young age the importance of communication and often amuses himself by talking to strangers.

Mark Hodder

Mark Hodder is a proud father of three lively children – Rose (6), Grace (5) and Arthur (2). He lives in Norwich, having moved to Norfolk to go to UEA in 2003, and like many students, decided to stay after falling in love with Norfolk…. and a beautiful girl called Laura, who he has now been married to for almost ten years! Mark has been teaching for nearly a decade and in September, moved schools to become Deputy Headteacher of a Primary School. Mark has been attending Proclaimers Church for over 13 years, where he has led a range of teams, including the Kids Team. He is now one the family pastors and co-leads a parenting course for the local community.

Neil Hawkes

Neil’s pioneering educational career began as a teacher in the UK, followed by three headships, and senior county leadership positions. Whilst being a county chief adviser for education, he decided to return to a headship to implement his transformational ideas to see if they worked! Neil then spent seven innovative years as a Headteacher in Oxfordshire, where he gained a reputation for his outstanding leadership and transformational curriculum. The school community worked together to devise and implement a practical system of Values-based Education (VbE), which has been recognised internationally as the foundation for outstanding school practice – releasing the potential of everyone. Neil is well known as an inspirational speaker, broadcaster and writer. He founded Values-based Education (VbE).

Paul Osbourne

From a misdirected launch into life, at times spending up to 6 months under the sea in a tin can; Paul eventually realised his forté and smashed his visual art degree opportunity with a first. With that degree and what seemed like years of leaping around schools delivering art-science workshops, somebody fell into his trap and believed that he could teach physics to teenagers.

Pooky Knightsmith

Pooky is a well-respected face of child and adolescent mental health. She has worked with a wide range of schools, charities, businesses and policy makers. She leads by example and is well-networked, widely published and has a reputation for fostering collaboration and change, especially in her role as vice chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. Pooky is proud of many things – her daughters, her PhD, her track record of delivering mental health projects that really make a difference… But more than any of that, she is proud that each minute she has fought to live the next; even when PTSD made suicide feel like the only answer. "

Rosie and Claire Erasmus

Clare and Rosie are a passionate mother and daughter team who are excited to share their Big Dream. Rosie (9 years) enjoys swimming, singing, drama, storytelling and adores animals. Clare is a secondary school senior teacher who is widely recognized for helping spearhead mental health and wellbeing strategies in schools. In 2015 she was one of the first in the country to be appointed in the pastoral role as The Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing for a large comprehensive secondary school in Surrey. She was also announced as the runner up for the 2015/16 Community Champion Award. The Community Education Awards recognized Clare for making an outstanding contribution to helping children become positive community members.

Stephen Lockyear

Stephen Lockyer is a teacher and writer, and has been described as "bursting with ideas." Having taught in a range of schools, from Year 1 to Year 8, he now works as the Curriculum Enrichment Leader at a Primary Academic Trust in west London. He has a thirst for innovation, and loves exploring new concepts and trialling ideas in the classroom. A writer of 14 educational books, he is as keen to share ideas as he is to write about them. When not in Schools, he spends lots of his time outdoors with his four lively children. His brain has too many tabs open.

Stephen Simpson

Dr Stephen Simpson brings out luck in people. As a mind coach he counts luminaries from sporting, gaming, entertainment and business worlds among his clients, including world number one poker legend Chris Moorman. All come to Stephen for help and support in keeping the luck going and helping them to achieve their dreams. Much of Stephen's work centres on the principles of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), meditation, leaning heavily on the application in real life of the transformational Jungian concepts of synchronicity and the collective unconscious. Paul McKenna was recently said about Stephen's work ""One of the fastest rising stars in international personal development"". Stephen is passionate about what he does having written many books enabling people to help themselves. As an inspirational speaker, Dr. Simpson has delighted audiences of many thousands in Europe, The Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Steve Thompson

Steven Thompson is the founder of social media agency BIGDaddyPR which he launched in 2013 with zero investment, a vision and a mobile phone. Steven brings a unique set of transferable skills from 10 yrs as a police detective into his entrepreneurial life. Steven truly believe's that everyone has what he call's a 'Heart Brand', its the thing you would see and feel if you held that persons heart and soul in your hands. It's the vision and deep routed values that will make our world a better place, where people of all ages, race and religion will be able to live the life they want. Steven teaches people in schools, universities and businesses how to convey that message of purpose through storytelling via social media. Steven's purpose and bigger vision is to improve the way young people are educated, and to build a 'profile of purpose' to achieve 'BIGDreams'!

The Perrin Family

Meet the Perrin Family. Richard Jackson MBE has imparted his wisdom on the power of mindset for almost four decades. Refusing to retire and live the quiet life, he strongly believes in helping young people understand they can overcome any self-imposed obstacles and achieve their dreams. As Richard’s daughter, Kirsty Perrin grew up with these empowering and liberating principles. She consciously lives by her values and is a prolific blogger on this subject, spreading the word via social media. At 12 years old, Mia Perrin has a wonderfully mature and philosophical attitude to life. She shares her Mum and Grandpa’s approach, with an understanding of how her thinking helps to direct her own path to fabulousness. Their multi-generational talk will resonate across all ages.

Tom Oxley

Tom helps employers figure out mental health at work. He reviews workplaces, trains managers and writes plans. Since 2012 he has interviewed more than 130 people, surveyed thousands and worked across the UK with corporations, civil service, charities, the public sector, schools and small business. Tom has worked with national mental health charities Mind and Time to Change and consults widely across the UK. He lives in Norfolk and is mildly obsessed with cricket and camping. He runs Bamboo Mental Health, an organisation dedicated to improving how employers support their people on mental health.

Tom Warrender

Tom Warrender is the most sought after inspirational STEM & Careers speaker in UK schools. He is famous for putting himself through real full blown medical procedures in hospitals for fun & then repeating them live on stage to inspire the next generation of health professionals. The most memorable procedure he has been through is a bronchoscopy, where he had a camera put up his nose and into his lungs! He creates aspiration raising posters, videos, books & workshops that help teachers support their students, showing them it is not all about getting top grades and there is an amazing world of careers that are achievable with levels 9-4 at GCSE!"

Victoria Bristow

Vicky is a proud mum to 8-year-old disabled twins. It was a difficult birth and left Vicky with serious physical and mental health issues which have been overcome thanks to the loving support and handwork of her Mother, Church family and supportive friends. Vicky has found her passion for psychology later in life as a mature student, she is in her final year of a degree in Cognitive Psychology at the University of East Anglia. She has worked as a research assistant in the department conducting, successfully recruiting for and running over 100 experiments on time perception and language. She has recently been awarded a second research assistant post, which will involve cognitive research with infants. Proud achievements have been obtaining the UEA Gold award, writing a prize-winning poem about the visual processing system and singing on stage with Lulu as part of an amazing “Pride Choir”. Vicky’s future ambitions are to obtain a first-class degree, move onto further study and to support her twins to learn to walk.

Vivienne Porritt

Vivienne Porritt is an Education and Leadership consultant supporting school leaders with professional learning and development, impact evaluation, vision and strategy and women's leadership. Previously Vivienne was a secondary headteacher in Surrey, Executive Director of the London Centre for Leadership in Learning and most recently Director for School Partnerships at University College London, Institute of Education. Vivienne is also one of the Co-Founders and National Leaders of #WomenEd, a grass roots, organisation that empowers and connects existing and aspiring women leaders in education. In 2017, #WomenEd was shortlisted for Outstanding Diversity Network and named as one of the top ten education influencers by the Times Educational Supplement. She is a Chair of Governors in a secondary school in Camden, London.

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