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Theme: Moving Camden

This event occurred on
February 15, 2018
6:00pm - 10:00pm GMT
(UTC +0hrs)
London, Camden
United Kingdom

What do we mean when we say "Moving Camden"?

At TEDx Camden 2018, we want to focus on the the dynamic elements of Camden Life.

We want to focus on elements of life that have changed over the last 20 years. How have young people changed their perspective? How has our attitude towards the environment changed? How are we coping with pressure? How are we making our choices? How are we dealing with discrimination?

"Moving Camden" more than anything, is about the movement within. We hope to achieve this by showcasing the diversity of innovation, inspiration and imagination that Camden has to offer. We ask "What would it be like to walk through the lives of the people in Camden"? When it's so easy to feel disconnected in a big city, "Moving Camden" allows us to peer into the lives of some extraordinary people driving change and impacting communities in not just in Camden, but around the world.

Want to know what happens when the incredible few invest in a community like Camden? Well, we hope that TEDxCamden will show you just that.

Camden Market
Chalk Farm Road
London, Camden, NW1 8AH
United Kingdom
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Andreia Trigo

Andreia Trigo has been diagnosed with infertility at the age of 17. Infertility made her question her identity as a woman, self-image, self-worth, her role in a relationship, in family and in society. Using logotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, Andreia was able to create perspective, find meaning and live a fulfilling life despite the suffering. It has been her life mission ever since to help other people achieve the same. Andreia is the founder of inFertile Life, author, nurse and awarded NLP Coach of the Year 2017.”

Daniel Murray

Daniel Murray, the UK's Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 is the founder of various mobile companies, an angel investor and community builder and he believes the key to his success, is resilience. Growing up, he witnessed this same behaviour from his hero, his father, who despite many illnesses and a company of hundreds of employees, managed to bounce back from everything, with a smile on his face. Indeed, this has led Daniel to ask the question; Can laughter build resilience, therefore minimising stress? Daniel is fascinated by how leaders manage stress and hosts a top podcast featuring some of the UK's best known industry leaders, company builders and even Royalty such as Prince Andrew, to find out whether laughter is indeed that key ingredient to finding balance in turbulent times.

Dhruv Boruah

Conservation Activist
Dhruv Boruah was born in a remote village in northeast India and soon got used to rising to challenges, negotiating flooded rivers simply to get back home. After graduating as an Engineer, he lived, worked and studied in India, Germany and Spain, before settling in the UK. He completed his MBA and his professional career includes entrepreneurial and consulting roles in both venture capital backed start-ups and Fortune 500 companies His latest project was to cycle ‘ON’ the river Thames on a floating bike. He collected plastic waste to raise public awareness about plastic pollution. “The Thames Project” has been covered by the BBC, ITV, London Live, Timeout, Metro, NTV Russia etc.

Georgia Arnold

As co-Founder and Executive Director of the MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Georgia drives all elements of the Foundation's operations, including content production, grant giving, fundraising and partnerships and runs her team in London, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt. The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is a global grant-giving and content-producing charity, which launched in 1998 as a partnership between MTV, the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, UNAIDS, and UNICEF among others. Under Georgia’s leadership, MTV Staying Alive has produced a range of award-winning multi-platform HIV and AIDS awareness content, and has rewarded 207 grants to grassroots HIV prevention projects in 71 countries across the world over the last 13 years. In her talk, Georgia addresses the importance of more open discussions about sex in every household, the implications of its taboo nature, particularly in the wake of the Me Too and He For She climate and the changes that we can make to ensure that we're having much better, consensual and enjoyable sex.

Jing-Han Ong

Jing Han-Ong is trained in Anthropology and Social Cognition at UCL, Jing believes that consumer interaction should be informed by empathy and cultural nuance. She currently leads commercial strategy and innovation partnerships at CrowdEmotion. CrowdEmotion helps clients collect biometric data at scale. Eye tracking and emotions detected via personal device cameras is then linked to behaviours, attitudes, and environment. Jing works closely with agency networks and brands on how to use emotion artificial intelligence to personalise customer offerings, create effective brand messaging and increase revenues. Prior to CrowdEmotion, Jing has served as a qualitative market researcher for FMCG brands, with a focus on the Chinese market. When not helping CEOs transform their businesses, Jing is an avid cyclist and traveler. She also loves exploring foods of the world.

Maurice Ostro

Entrepreneur / philanthropist
Maurice Ostro OBE is a serial entrepreneur in commercial and charitable spheres looking for innovative solutions to complex problems. His businesses have a commitment to positive social impact and he also uses his commercial perspective to create sustainable charitable activities. Maurice has created a number of companies in fields ranging from gemstones, ice cream, food manufacturing, media and logistics for the aviation industry. He is the founder of Air Fayre, which changed the model for the airline catering industry globally. He invented and patented products and business methodologies internationally and won multiple international awards for his business and charitable achievements. Maurice has three degrees including an MA from Oxford, he is qualified as an Attorney at Law and is an alumnus of New York University and Harvard Business School. He was appointed an OBE and a KFO in 2014.

Saba Asif

Youth Activist
Hello, my name is Saba Asif. I am a 16 year old youth political inclusion activist, I work with the Camden Youth Council, Youth Parliament and other organizations that empower young and the most vulnerable people in society. Volunteering, campaigning and activism have become a way of life for me and I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend time than helping uplift humanity in any small or big way. Public speaking was a skill I learnt through my still continuing tragic and triumphant journey in British politics. I can’t wait to share with you parts of my unfinished story trying to make sense of this crazy world while being unapologetically; young, British, Muslim, female and an activist.

Safiyya Ingar

Hi, I'm Safiyya Ingar; 22 year old Indian Muslim. Brought up in a one bedroom flat in East London with my 6 siblings. Writing poetry and stories since I was 10, bravery levels rising over the years as I perform at various open mic events around the UK. I'm a member of up-and-coming all female theatre company "Dangerous Space" - powering towards progressive change for diversity in the arts. I trained at ArtsEd drama school for 3 years after being offered a scholarship and was a recipient of the John Gielgud Bursary Award '16. Working my way through barriers and prejudices using compassion, empathy and story telling. Hoping to give some insight into the chaotic mess of being a totally ambiguous, multifaceted, genuinely confused 'millennial'.

Tilly Mackintosh

Ottilie (Tilly) Mackintosh is an actress and spoken word poet based in South West London. She trained at the Manchester School of Theatre where she discovered the unity between activism and poetry, led by the likes of Shakespeare, Morrissey and Maxine Peak. Upon her return to London she began performing her work at venues across the city, inspired by her experiences pretending to be an adult there. Following voluntary work with a children’s charity, Tilly has run drama and poetry workshops with inner city schools, reinforcing to her the power of words to ignite imaginations and blow horizons wide. She tackles issues ranging from the gap year phenomenon and trainer addiction to white privilege, class and war. Tilly talks at events and readings throughout the country. Tilly has appeared in a number of acting roles including as a young Joanna Lumley in Sky1’s Little Cracker series.

Tobin Brothers

Literature expert
Toby Brothers (MA Education, Literature) conceived of, developed and leads the London Literary Salon with offerings in Paris, New York, Toronto and other sites. She facilitates dynamic literary seminars specializing in Joyce, Woolf, Baldwin, Morrison, Faulkner, Dante, Proust, Shakespeare, poetry and Greek classics for adults. Her approach uses innovative education techniques that emphasize inclusion and exploration, using each participant’s lived experience and knowledge to build a dynamic reading of the literature. Her interest in literature concerned with race arises from exploration around identity and history, as well as the empowering experience of challenging racism with art. She has a unique ability to guide individuals through difficult & provocative territory in exploring creative expression.

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