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Theme: Dare

This event occurred on
August 20, 2018
Sydney, New South Wales

Dare. Punchy right?

But when was the last time you actually embraced the word? Challenged yourself to pursue something unconventional? Dared to dream, dared to achieve, or dared to fail?

At Abbotsleigh, being bold is a concept that we strive for every day and our first ever TEDxYouth@Abbotsleigh will bring the true essence of the word to the stage; from speakers who've dared in their careers, dared to follow a passion or dared to succeed against the odds. Being largely student-driven and supported by teachers, this event will also feature performances from within our school community and be live-streamed.

Daring is applicable in every facet of life, and so we want our audience to come away from the experience having been inspired by our speakers, stimulating discussion and reflection on how they themselves may have challenged assumptions or pushed themselves into the unfamiliar.

We believe that there are infinite ways in which one can dare to break boundaries. It’s time to embrace your quirks and do the things that scare you. After all, only those who dare, truly live.

What are you waiting for?

We dare you.

1666 Pacific Highway
Sydney, New South Wales, 2076
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alana Pike

We are incredibly thankful for Alana speaking after being notified with an hours notice due to another speaker cancelling last-minute. Unbelievably, she wrote her talk on the Uber ride. Alana is an Abbotsleigh Old Girl who a solicitor currently practicing in New South Wales. At the age of 18, Alana moved to the United Kingdom where she auditioned for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following receipt of an offer for a placement, Alana moved to Los Angeles. After several years and various performances on stages around the world, she returned to Sydney to pursue a career in law. Never one to escape a little drama, Alana’s TEDxYouth@Abbotsleigh talk is the result of a last-minute call from her boss and was drafted in just under an hour.

Bryce Fleming

Chiropractor and Author
From an early age, Bryce knew that his purpose in life was to help people. This passion developed from the struggles and torment of being the school 'fat kid' that always seemed to be sick, weak, fatigued and performed poorly academically. Bryce searched for something (or someone) who could help him and after years of failed medical advice, he discovered the innate healing capacity of the body.

Catherine Birman

Specialist Cochlear Implant Surgeon
A/Prof Catherine Birman has participated in the improvement of thousands of lives through her work with hearing health, being the 3rd woman to qualify in NSW as an ENT surgeon. In 2016, she celebrated 1000 cochlear implant surgeries, making her Australia’s most experienced practising surgeon. In 2017, she received the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year Award, and is the current Medical Director of SCIC, the largest cochlear implant program in Australia.

Jack Cullen

CEO and Co-Founder of JAR Aerospace
JAR Aerospace is a company specializing in the design, manufacturing and the integration of highly technical Unmanned Systems that are able to complete complex operations throughout a variety of different environments. Jack's vision of redefining the Australian Aerospace landscape and keen interest in building autonomous robotic solutions culminated in the creation of this start-up, which is currently flourishing under his leadership.

Madeleine Buchner

Founder and CEO of Little Dreamers Australia
Madeleine Buchner founded Little Dreamers Australia at age 16 after caring for her mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer and caring for her brother who was in and out of hospital. Little Dreamers is a not-for-profit organisation that supports the siblings of sick children and Young Carers who may care for parents or siblings with chronic and mental illness, disability or drug and alcohol addiction.

Stephanie Hunt

Photographer, Journalist, TV Producer, Writer and Co-Director of Habari Productions
In her career as a journalist, Stephanie has covered many stories including the European refugee crisis. Together with her husband Ben Hogarth, she has travelled to some of the most remote places on Earth. Through the art of photography Stephanie and Ben love to tell the stories of the incredible people they meet along the way, having been Nat Geo shortlisted and featured in broadcasts globally.

Talitha Cummins

Australian Television and Radio Journalist
In her early 30s, Talitha was juggling dual identities - working as a successful television reporter by day and transforming into a binge drinker by night. She was diagnosed with severe depression during her career as a journalist at Channel 7 and that is when she began the long, slow road to recovery. After sharing her experience on ABC news, she hopes to challenge the stereotype of an alcoholic.

Yashvi Shah

Criminal Defence Lawyer
Yashvi Shah’s firm belief in human rights has paved the way for her career as a criminal defence lawyer after becoming a solicitor in 2013. As a Partner at Metro Lawyers at the age of 26, Yashvi's commitment for people goes beyond her work. By voicing her founded opinions through her successful career, Yashvi has seen it all practising 5 years in serious criminal law cases and she aims to remove stereotypes and to raise awareness surrounding the pay gap for women.

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