x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Live in _____

This event occurred on
November 10, 2017
12:00am - 6:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Incheon, Incheon Gwang'yeogsi
South Korea

Our topic is ' Live in _____ '. To express the inclusion of various ideas, we put that blank on the topic. This may sound broadly, but what we want to talk about in this topic is ‘Live in a different way‘.
Let's focus on ‘different’ first. What does it mean to live differently? You may live in a different name, choose something different, choose to dress differently, choose something you haven't done and look at the world from a different perspective. We’d like to talk about ways to live from a different perspective. So we are preparing for 4 ideas.

[The relationship between social problems and individuals by data analysis]
While new ways of life continue to emerge in the evolution of science, technology is a tool that allows us to look at the world in different ways. Data visualization can serve as a tool to induce awareness of behavior by making people aware of social phenomena and getting interested in it. We will hear about relationships between the social issues and data and what the role of the data visualization is in the relationships from data visualization expert Sey Min, who is selected by the 2012 TED fellow. She has already been invited to some TEDx events in Korea for data visualization, but it will be a very important opportunity for our local people and university students to first access ‘data visualization’.

[The technology and its forces that attract public interest]
The way people digest content depends on the times. Video content producers who rapidly adapt themselves to this trend and make the young relate to his videos in a new way are ' 72-second drama. ' He created South Korea's new video platform ' Web-drama'. His approach to showing all the stories in a short period of 72 seconds has become a new trend and is being applied in various fields. Through his TED talk, we’d like to learn about the skills and the ability to elicit good responses.

[Standards of good breeding]
Recently in Korea, so called 'LOL friends' who is famous for its experimental interior design, is gaining popularity. Their style of adding new designs to existing designs is especially worth noting because their design contains not only uniqueness, but also conventional comfort. I want to find out what they have changed from existing designs and what they are keeping. Through their values and standards, we will be able to find answers to the conditions of residential conditions that make us comfortable.

[Mechanism of understanding happiness]
Happiness is an important goal for all humans. Due to the environmental characteristics of the university, many students will come to our event. They don't have the exact standard of happiness. On the other hand, there are people pursuing their own happiness in various fields of society. So we hope that by turning them into our speakers, we explore the way they perceive happiness. We hope the audience will inspire the speakers.

인하대학교 60주년 기념관 207호
남구 용현동 253 인하대학교 60주년 기념관
Incheon, Incheon Gwang'yeogsi, 22212
South Korea
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Hyun-woo(현우) Moon(문)

한국문화기획꾼 '아리랑스쿨' 대표

Se-hee(세희) Min(민)

데이터 시각화 전문가, '랜덤웍스'대표

Sun-woo(선우) Lee(이)

웃음치료사 이선우 연사님

푸하하하 Friends .

'푸하하하프렌즈'건축 사무소장 윤한진, 한승재, 한양규 연사님으로 구성

Organizing team

Sang Gwon

Incheon, South Korea


Incheon, South Korea