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Theme: Shaping the Future

This event occurred on
November 18, 2017
NAIROBI, Nairobi

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

NAIROBI, Nairobi, +254
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Youth (What is this?)
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Amanda Rodriques

Amanda and is thirteen years old. She is in Year 9 at Brookhouse School.” I am a proud Jamaican and have somehow found myself in Kenya”. She loves sports (basketball and football especially), photography and reading. In the future she wants to be a computet/software engineer, or a princess!

Amy Wanday

Amy is the CEO of The African Sports Network and an alumni of Brookhouse. Her company aims to increase engagement and awareness in the business of sport.

Chernice Mbogori

Chernice is 15 years old and in her first year of Middle School at Brookhouse School.

Emmanuel Donga

Emmanuel a student, a member of the national swimming team and a business young man.

Freddy Muli

Freddy has 5 years’ experience in project planning & implementation, having co-founded sport-for-development projects such as Project and A Sporting Chance.

Kevin, Leslie and Robert Irungu

Kevin, Leslie and Robert are Music students at Brookhouse. Kevin is an aspiring hip-hop artist aiming to pursue a career in music. He has a great interest in using his music to help uplift the youth and in raising awareness on the developing positive influence that hip-hop has on them. Leslie's primary instrument is the electric bass. His love for bass is influenced by Richard Bona an artist whose main style is afrojazz. He hopes to join Berklee College of music to further his education. Robert has been piano for the past five years and I has a deep desire and passion for music. Besides piano he does composition and arrangement of music because he believes it's the best way for him to express his feelings and opinions. He is also a lover of jazz and his dream is to take onto the big stage, preferably performing at the Royal Albert Hall, and inspire people through music.

Khanyilanga Ndlovu

Khanyi is 16 years old and is currently in first year of A-levels at Brookhouse

Kuei Yai

Kuei is in Year 12 at Brookhouse School.

Lanji Ouko

Author/Women and Children's Rights Lawyer
Author; lawyer and now activist for the empowerment of women

Michelle Mbaya


Mphanda Mpazanje

Mphanda is in his final year of A Levels at Brookhouse. "When you find yourself going nowhere in life, take a pause, reflect, find yourself, and proceed. Don't let anyone proceed for you. And don't let anyone put you down. That's the only way to build self awareness, confidence, and self-respect. We all go through hardships, many through depression. The difference between those who survive and those who don't is knowledge of you, knowing what makes you happy. Find your happiness."

Mwanahalima Hussein

Mwanahalima is in her final year of A Levels at Brookhouse School. She has a passion for empowering the children in Kenya through a literacy programme that she has started in her community.

Nadia Nguru

Nadia is a currently a student at Brookhouse School.

Patrick Wamaguru

Patrick is a music student and an aspiring hip-hop artist aiming to pursue a career in music. He has a great interest in using his music to help uplift the youth by being a pioneer in raising awareness on the developing positive influence that hip-hop has and can continue to have among the youth. Patrick's talk entitled 'Hip Hop' explores the positive impact of this genre of music to youth living an informal settlement in Kenya

Ruth Olubayi

Ruth is 17 years old and is currently in first year of A-levels at Brookhouse She will discuss the “why concept” which looks at why people do what they do and hopes to show its importance. She was inspired to do this talk following her summer spent in America. Where a discussion with her uncle inspired her to get on the TEDx platform and speak up on the concept Ruth hopes to impact as many people as possible by changing their thought process. Ruth’s hobbies include playing sports and listing to music She hopes to become one of Kenya’s most successful female entrepreneurs

Shakinar Mutulili

Shakinar loves the outdoors and is all about protecting the environment. She believes that when you love the earth it will love you back. She is a person who is a strong advocates for justice, fairness and freedom of speech within the boundaries of respect and non-violation of others rights.

Siddharth Chatterjee

United Nations Resident Coordinator
Siddharth Chatterjee is the United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident. As the United Nations Resident Coordinator he coordinates the work of 27 UN agencies in Kenya. He also works with the government and the people of Kenya to ensure the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Sid is a Reuters+HuffPost Contributor, Feminist, Humanitarian, ½ Marathoner and Special Forces Veteran. Sid is a TEDx speaker having spoken on ‘Demobilizing Child Soldiers’ in Bilbao, Spain. He explores how the African continent is managing its youth and how they can be equipped and empowered to shape the future of our continent. His talk at our event is entitled ‘Africa’s youth and reaping a demographic dividend’

Tamanda Kadewere

Tamanda and is in her final year at Brookhouse. She is performing "Hold you up“ with fellow student Robert Oyuga. She chose this song because it relates to her in many ways. Tamanda feels that people tend to lose hope and motivation when life doesn’t go how we plan, and admits to having given up several times. She soon began to realize that this got her nowhere and with a change of mindest was inspired to keep going despite “our broken world” Tamanda and Robert hope to send a message to the youth that no matter where they go there will always be someone and something to hold them up.

Tamanda Kadewewe & Robert Ouma

Tamanda is performed "Hold You Up" with fellow student Robert Ouma. She chose this song because it relates to her in many ways.

Vanessa Mukhebi

Communication's Associate
Vanessa is an alumni of Brookhouse. She is the Communication's Associate at The Mediae Company, with experience in content creation, online media and feature writing. She is responsible for creating, managing and proofreading content for the company’s various communication platforms such as websites, social media and information brochures. More specifically, working closely with the production team and technical experts of Mediae’s TV programs, Shamba Shape Up, Don’t Lose the Plot and Shamba Chef, to ensure that these interactive learning platforms provide additional resources and information to viewers, in order to deepen the target audience's knowledge base.

Victoria Asabe

Asabe is currently in her first year of A-levels at Brookhouse where she is pursuing a course in BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

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Nairobi, Kenya