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Theme: Diversion

This event occurred on
April 28, 2018
6th of October city, Al Jīzah

The theme is aimed to spread the thought and concept of the pivotal moments and decisions that cause us, as a community or individuals, to decide to turnover or transform a reality we live in. Realities vary and concern various aspects of life. Transformations can begin with small scale shifts like an individual's career as an example, and all the way to a much broader scale like remodeling life goals as individuals or focusing and inducing change to various areas within our community aiming to stimulate further improvement and growth. Not only that we are seeking change, but also, we are affirming the idea of creating and building things in any form that could result in further betterment of our society. This was a brief explanation about the theme of the event. It aggregates many ideas that need to be spread and discussed, especially among our Egyptian community for all the potentials that the Egyptian minds possess but rarely expressed or acted on.

Auditorium - Newgiza University
NEWGIZA, KM22, Cairo-Alexandria Dessert Road.
Besides Pyramids Heights and Hazem Hassan Co.
6th of October city, Al Jīzah, 12256
Event type:
University (What is this?)
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Ali Ismail

Ali Ismail: Head Coach and Founder of Move Egypt, Ali Ismail a certified FR therapist and a strength and conditioning coach not only he has kept holding onto his dream of starting that business ever since he included it in his graduation project , but has also been helping others to fulfill their dreams and reaching their greatest potentials .

Hisham Kharma

Hisham Kharma is a music composer and producer , who has a passion for composing inspirational and uplifting music just like the story of his own road of determination , risks and success , also founder of the charity foundation "Law3andakDam

Hoda Dahroug

Member of the Presidential Advisory Council for Community Development ,Head of the Central Department for Community Development , Through her work in the development field she contributed to several national strategic initiatives , managed many national programs and participated in many international and regional conferenced , Hoda Dahroug will be telling us all about how to truly develop as a strong woman !

Khalil Abdel Khalek

Talk about taking your professional career to the next level, Khalil Abdel Khalek, CEO of Tabibi247, ventured out of the ordinary and launched one of the very first Personal Medical Services in Egypt.

Moshira Khattab

Politician, diplomat, former minister, ambassador and dedicated human rights activist, Ambassador Moushira Khattab, Ph.D holds an impressive track record of accomplishments in the different facets of development. Ambassador Khattab engineered the most comprehensive rights-based legal reform process in Egypt, and her efforts have turned around the status of women and children in the country. A breaker of glass ceilings, Ambassador Khattab is a beacon of inspiration and role model to many.

Mostafa Kandil

Mostafa Kandil, Dentist and a handball player through his journey met a Super Hero with an extra chromosome which makes him special “Down Syndrome”. He is an international swimming champion with more than 35 medals and a national champion and gold medalist of horse-riding in 2012.

Nora Shawki

Egyptian archaeologist Nora Shawki has been excavating ancient sites in the Nile Delta for almost six years and is now directing her own dig research is focused on Late Period settlements, using material culture and religious ideologies to better understand the impact of royal policy on non-elite Egyptians. Nora is a 2015 National Geographic Young Explorer grantee. The career she chose is challenging and yet different for a female to go for. Nora will be telling us about all the challenges she had to go through to fulfill her dream ever since she was in third grade !

Sherif Hakky

Becoming a Consultant Surgeon at the very young age of 33, Sherif Hakky, Consultant Bariatric and General Surgeon at St Mary’s and Charing Cross Hospitals of Imperial College London and Associate Professor of Surgery, Cairo University, now teaches his surgical skills that he has acquired over the years.

Tamer Mustafa

With a life that is anything but normal, Tamer Mustafa, Founder and CEO of outofzbox, ventured literally “outofzbox”!

Organizing team


6th October City, Egypt