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Theme: Challenging Tomorrow

This event occurred on
November 11, 2017
Oradea, Bihor

The future doesn't exist. The future is created by us. We must not predict it. We must choose it together.
We’re #ChallengingTomorrow.

Sinagoga Sion
10 Strada Independentei
Oradea, Bihor, 410065
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Create. Act. Enjoy.

Independent Theatre and Film Company
Create. Act. Enjoy is a cultural NGO which evolved in the past 5 years in the independent theatre sector in Cluj-Napoca. They create unique shows, creative workshops, therapy through art workshops and cinema productions for all ages.

Alex Dona

Managing Partner, Times New Roman
Alex is the managing partner of the online publication Times New Roman, a publication that emphasises the romanian humour. He is a media specialist, having a wide experience in TV, print and digital. Communication and marketing passionate, he is a supporter of promoting brands through non-conventional methods. A few years ago, he started the Free Wolf festival, in Râșnov, a festival for motorcycle lovers.

Alex Trandafir

High school student
Alex is 16 years old and he is a high school student at the ”Emanuil Gojdu” High School in Oradea. He likes to share his passions by making something productive out of them. This is how West Storm Romania was born, a project that aims to monitor and predict severe meteorological phenomenons and to inform citizens about meteorology through various educational materials.

Andra Nistor

Blogger and Co-author of „What’s It Like To Be A Girl“
Andra Nistor has worked for the past ten years in the media industry, working for the top three media agencies in Romania and later on coordinating media and marketing departments at a local and european level. Now she is juggling with her clients, through her own agency, writing on her blog and being the co-author of the anthology “Cum e să fii fată” - What’s it like to be a girl. Her writing is honest, direct and a little bit inconvenient. She writes about things that happen to everyone but nobody wants to talk about them. She has faith in humans, in the power of the word “together”, in good deeds without hidden intentions and in the fact that we can change the future through our own present actions.

Andreea Tănăsescu

Founder, La Blouse Roumaine
Founder of the La Blouse Roumaine community and the initiator of the International Day of the Traditional Romanian Blouse, which is celebrated in over 50 countries throughout the world. She is a promoter of the GIVE CREDIT campaign, a campaign created for the recognition of the traditional design by international brands.

Cami Gui

Project Manager, Food Waste Combat by JCI Cluj
Cami strongly believes that cooking is a form of love and intense living, which is accesible to anyone. Her major concern is to make the world a better place through her project, Food Waste Combat by JCI Cluj. When she’s not raising awareness about food waste, she is writing on her blog “Zmeaoa”.

Carmen Vasile

Professor Univ. Dr., Faculty of Arts, Oradea University
Singer, director and teacher, she became doctor in Music in 2004. Since then she teaches music and drama at Oradea University. She performed and directed over 20 shows and organised over 150 events and concerts. She is also the author of over 40 essays and 4 books.

Cătălin Golban

Head of Video Systems Development, Bosch Engineering Center Cluj
Cătălin Golban is a engineer passionate about his job, who works in the software development industry in Cluj for over a decade. His motivation comes from the development of innovative technologies, converting his knowledge into automotive products. He started the Bosch Research and Development Center in 2013, creating a team of engineers which develop algorithms for video processing and software for automatic drive. Currently he lead a group of engineers that develop smart video systems using AI technologies.

Elena Coman

Program Director, Techsoup
Elena has worked in the nonprofit sector in Romania for over 15 years as program manager and program designer. She created and coordinated a variety of programs and teams, from editorial projects in journalism to technology programs, including programs that help young people use technologies in order to develop their innovation potential. Elena believes that quality education and technology are essential for forming wiser and professional citizens. She owns a B.A. in Political Sciences and a master in Ethics.

Flavia Oprea

Product Manager in ENTy
Flavia, a Computer Science Senior student, has a knack for business development and innovative start-ups. She leads team ENTy, an innovative med-tech start-up aiming to empower doctors to issue data – based assessments, while also increase accessibility to medical grade devices for doctors around the world. The technology team ENTy is developing right now will also find applications in a wider field of business, and Flavia has the role of identifying and exploring new business opportunities. Flavia is also passionate about teaching and community development, and acts as the community manager for the vibrant CCNA academy inside University Politehnica of Bucharest, the preeminent networking and security group in Romania. Here work here is focused on reshaping the curriculum and on building up a dynamic community of tech enthusiast, students, and industry professionals.

Ioana Tănase

Founder, Alternative
Inspired by nature and indignant by modern consumption habits, Ioana decided to create ALTERNATIVE. She started to find alternative, sustainable, ethical and natural solutions regarding plastic products, which represent the main cause of ocean pollution. In 2013 she decided to live without plastic and fight pollution. Starting this year she opened an online shop called ALTERNATIVE, as a solution for those who want to live a zero waste, get informed and exchange ideas.

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