x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Future Unchained

This event occurred on
April 14, 2018
11:00am - 6:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Tirgu Mures, Mureș

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Palatul Culturii
Strada George Enescu, nr. 2
Tirgu Mures, Mureș, 540052
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Adrian Mureșan

Adrian Mureșan is a physicist. He worked on his Ph.D. in the lab of Ka Yee Lee at the University of Chicago. After finishing his doctoral research, he worked in industrial research and management in the Netherlands. He returned to Tirgu Mures just recently.

Boróka Panna Kopacz

Boroka is a Hong Kong-based interior designer and thinker, former fashion model and global citizen, with a multidisciplinary educational background in art and design, economy and the social sciences. She has got her BFA in interior design from The Savannah College of Art and Design, and currently pursuing her postgraduate degree in Urban Environment Design from the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After a brief experience in hospitality, retail, and exhibition design, she decided to dive deeper into studying space as a shared human condition with the aim to build design narratives that empower and enrich people’s lives.

Csaba Böjte

A Franciscan brother. Father Böjte studied theology in Alba Iulia and was ordained a priest in 1989. After serving in several parishes, Father Böjte was transferred to Déva where he brought about a significant change in the lives of local Romanian and Hungarian people. His ministry began together with Franciscan monks when they provided shelter for homeless children. The needy were housed at the local monastery in the early 1990s. Soon the good work and the orphanages began to spread nationally and then internationally. Today he is "father" for more than 3000 children in Romania and Hungary.

Csongor Lengyel

Support engineer, with an uttermost will for learning, experimenting new things, ideas, and a powerful ability to drive issues to a solution. I like technology, people and sharing knowledge. Solving technology riddles, communicating with people and understanding the product from their point of view, seeing and understanding the way how little changes on a product influence the interaction of it's end user with the product, and also helping software engineers create user friendly applications have become a mission of my own. Can you determine if a user is a techie type, ready for challenges or he is too busy for all the hassle of solving the technological issue he/she is experiencing with the product? Well I can. The years of thorough training, encounters with different issues, technologies and of course, people enabled me to see and understand the issues users are facing with the software product and how it affects their lives, their work and their attitude. While I cannot juggle, but I can surely teach you how to juggle, just ask.

Dávid Puskás

The Universe and its mysteries have always fascinated me. As the first manifestation of my creativity, I devised a fantasy-cosmos, characterized by spaceships, exploration and visiting other dimensions. I named this imaginary world the “Kabin”. Before attending school, I had read books about geology, volcanoes, natural sciences and technology. These encyclopaedias had a great impact on my perception of the world, to the extent that at the age of 5, answering a relative’s question about my future, I said that I wanted to become a scientist. My first encounter with one of the basic branches of natural sciences, mathematics, was winning a National Mathematics Competition at the age of 9. This first success gave me the momentum which led to an instructive accident. I enjoyed carrying out flammable rocket experiments and on one occasion, while I was milling phosphorous in a mortar, the whole material exploded. Fortunately, my glasses protected me and I suffered no injuries. This taught me to learn everything accurately before experimenting. Later on, I enrolled in a high-school class focusing on natural sciences. Physics and mathematics became the most appealing subjects. Physics was the gateway that led me to the self-study of astronomy, an intriguing subject. My enthusiasm led to the 11th International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics, held in Thailand, where I won an Honourable mention. Moreover, I was also interested in more practical subjects as well. I have attended electronics classes and, using part of that knowledge, I built a 3D printer by myself. As a link between all the fields of interest, I started the 3D printed Moonbase project, a research with the target of building a lunar outpost using moon dust. With this project, I won the National Scientific Youth Conference and the National Innovation Contest in Hungary. I also took part in the 29th European Union Contest for Young Scientist, held in Estonia, where I gained the European Space Agency’s special prize. These projects have improved my creative thinking, my ability to put theory into practice and my presentation skills. In addition, I have attended classical guitar classes, practiced swimming for years and been the editor in chief of the science section of my school’s newspaper which developed my teamwork and organizational skills. Fascinated by the ancient Hungarian Runic script, I held some classes for my classmates, which has boosted my communication skills. I maintain my ambitious objective from my early years and lift it up to an even higher level by opting for the appealing possibilities of becoming a student in the United Kingdom. I am committed to continuing my studies in natural sciences, focusing on physics and mathematics, which I consider to be the most exciting and progressive subjects. It would be a further challenge to study abroad in an international environment and become part of the future’s cutting-edge researcher community.

Diana Petre

Diana Petre is a dreamer, she's sensitive but governed by a powerful spirit of justice. Always with her head in the clouds, Diana has the stubborn belief that every human being has a good side, it only has to be discovered. She assumes the role of the mediator in whichever community she's a part of, and she opposes any kind of injustice which breaks the fundamental human principles. She prefers listening to the sound of rain instead of solving math problems, and she hates repetitive things. Wishing that all gifted children would be discovered, understood and helped to fulfill their potential, Diana has assumed the role of their ambassador, standing up for their cause everytime she has the chance.

Emese Abigail Fayk

I own my own company, Anakin, a consultancy firm, clients including the United Nations and Apple, specialising in counterterrorism, peacekeeping and cyber security. I have a BSc in Behaviour Sciences and a BA in Photography. Finished high school back in my hometown in Cluj-Napoca, and studied Ecology at Babes-Bolyai University and photography at Sapientia university, before moving to London in 2013. I’m a thrill seeker and adrenalin junkie and this reflects in my everyday life, that sometimes means that the office for a week moves to a military base or to a war zone, or I go bungee jumping in Japan, because “it would be rude not too…”. Because my job is very demanding and stressful, I’m a firm believer of “winging” life outside the “office” Travelling alone made me more self confident and taught me how to be at ease with myself and on my own. I think making the decision to pack my bags and move to London was one of the best I ever made. I fell in love with the UK way before I even considered living there and studying in London,it created opportunities I didn’t even dream about and means that almost 5 years later I’m in total control of my life, I love my job.

Ina Catrinescu

Ina Catrinescu is an engagement and change consultant leading global adoption initiatives at Fortune Global 500 companies like ING Bank, Achmea, and KPMG. During the past 18 years she’s helped promote participation in environments where big thinking and public spirit thrive and ignite social movement and development. Writer of two books and founder of ina.fyi and SHFT Happens, ina.fyi offers an alternative to the blank slate view of human motivation that appears to be dominant within the leadership ecosystem. SHFT Happens is her most recent initiative that operates as a pop-up co-working space offering a full day immersive experience providing the space, pace, mentoring & structure to help the solopreneurs and the savvy creatives with a big dream focus and stay on course, distraction-free.

Mark Evans

Mark Evans is the Executive Director of Outward Bound Oman, the first Outward Bound school to be established in the Arab world. A regular lecturer at The Explorers Club in New York, and The Royal Geographical Society in London, he is the founder of Connecting Cultures, an educational initiative endorsed by UNESCO that uses the desert wilderness to bring young people from different cultures together on journeys of intercultural dialogue. In 2011 he was awarded the MBE by Queen Elizabeth for using outdoor journeys to reduce the polarisation of cultures. In 2016, with two Omani companions, and three camels, he became the first person in 85 years to cross the world’s largest sand desert, Arabia’s Empty Quarter.

Rózsa Kiss

Wanderlust. In sociology it is defined as someone who is wanting to have more cultural experiences, instead of merely wandering and traveling to relax. Born in Târgu Mureș, studied economics and sociology at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca after which I took a gap year to explore the world. This trip has changed my life and my traveling style. I am Rózsa, I’ve been a wonderluster for 10 years. Now I live and work in Budapest, when I am not traveling I’m welcoming the world at my home by being a host for couchsurfers (and other travelers).

Zoltán Tűndik

Zoltán is a self-taught publisher and events organizer who has developed several brands and services that have increased the notoriety of his company within a multi-billion euro industry. Among the developed brands and services you can find online news portals, a tri-annually printed magazine, an online radio and regulatory briefing conferences which are annually organized in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Riga, and Ljubljana.

Organizing team

W. Szabo

Targu Mures, Romania

Blanka Aliz

Targu Mures, Romania