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Theme: Beyond The Horizon

This event occurred on
July 14, 2018
جنين, Jenin

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Arab American University
الجامعة العربية الامريكية
جنين الزبابدة
جنين, Jenin, 227
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University (What is this?)
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Abed El-Qader Watad

volunteer and spokesman at Seeds Of Humanity Organization
Abed Elqader Watad 29 Y.O, (B.Optom) first degree in Optometry and (M.H.A) second degree in health administration. Volunteer at Seeds of Humanity Organization since 2016, spokesman of seeds of humanity since 2017. Seeds Of Humanity: Our NGO aims to provide various help in the refugee camps in East Europe, mainly in Greece, such as handing out food, clothes, shoes, and tents. Besides, the organization provides medical and psychological help by bringing volunteering teams of doctors and psychologists. Furthermore, focusing on preparing an educational base for children and adults around the camps and borders. Our goals are achieved through the hard work of the volunteers who come from different places in Palestine and around the world to keep providing help to all refugees around the world.

Amjad Abu Lafi

Advocacy coordinator at Treatment and rehabilitation center for victims of torture
I graduated law school back in 2017 with honors, and it is already over a year since i started working as an advocacy coordinator at a national humanitarian non-governmental organization that provides psychological and psycho-social therapy and other services for the victims of torture. Back in Law school, International courts and tribunals were my passion. for me, reading courts' judgements and decisions was much more entertaining than reading a novel or watching a movie. I was always dreaming of being a seccessful lawyer, but it was kind of a simple life goal. This was until April 2016, when I had the chance to visit the Hague, the city where both the International court of justice and the International criminal court are located, since that day, I took my life goal and dream to a whole new level, and being an international lawyer or judge is now what I will work hard for in my career.

Firas Abu Asba

Founder of Seeds of Humanity
My name is Firas Abu Asba. I am from a small muslim village called Jatt which is in Palestine. I am a principal of a private educational institution in Jerusalem. My story began after I got married, particularly, during my honeymoon when my wife and I met a refugee family who was in need. on that day we decided to help that family, and from that day we decided to continue and help more and more refugee families. My wife and I had crossed all the borders and traveled to seven countries to help refugees. Today, we have managed to establish an organization that has more than 500 volunteers around the world! our organization is called Seeds of Humanity. And this organization has successfully and proudly reached a half million refugees around the world.

Isa Wadi

Teacher and Writer
Isa Ibrahim Wadi, an imam and teacher, entered the world of writing 15 years ago. He co-authored "itisa' aldalalat" and "dalalat asmaa' alsowar alquraniya". His book, "anta khalifa", is the most popular out of the two he has written, the other being "min mishkaat alwahi"

Lina Zahayke

Dentistry Student
I am a dentistry student at the Arab American University of jenin, I am also an ambitious writer who seek for making a better world through her writings by focusing on many subjects like education, peace , poverty , early marriage, sports,rasicm. I write short stories, and I am working on my first novel. I also find myself in reading books of different topics. Two of my stories won awards on the level of national competitions , I also won a reading award. I am an active member in defending women rights as I participated in some campaigns with the YWCA organization in Jerusalem. I am looking forward to graduate and volunteer as a dentist for the refugees and the poor all over the world and to let my writings reach and help as many people as possible .

Mays Shadeed

Mays Shadeed , the representative of Palestine in the falling wall competition in Berlin(2018) and first place winner of King Abdullah bin Al-Husien Award for Innovation in 2016, is an instructor at the engineering colleague at An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine, she holds a master degree at the advanced chemical engineering from Jordan university of science and technology with excellent GPA. The B.sc was received from An-Najah National university as the top of class student with honor. In addition to teaching, Mays has research interests in polymer sciences, water treatment, renewable energy and nanotechnology studies. she had worked as a consultant of energy for Ellar municipality(which is a village in the north of Palestine) for one year, moreover, she is one of the administrative team at the Association of energy engineering (Palestinian branch).

Taymaa Abdalhadi

Taymaa Abdalhadi Computer Science student at Birzeit Uni Taymaa is an 18 year old, interested in technology, physics and education. In the past 2 years Taymaa has been able to graduate from many programs regarding the English language, win nationally at Palestine Science and Engineering Fair to Compete and win a special award from Qatar Foundation at Intel International Science and Engineering Fair at Los Angeles. Along side with being selected as a part of the Palestinian team as a participant in TechGirls which is an exchange program directed by the United States department of state. Taymaa is currently an Intern at Build Palestine and is getting ready to start first year of university in September 2018.

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Nablus, Palestine


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