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Theme: Success secret combination

This event occurred on
March 12, 2018
Al Hufuf, Ash Sharqīyah
Saudi Arabia

Success secret combination , Education commerce and optimism are the Secrete combination items to success.

Al hufuf- KSA
Al-Anjal national School - Alhasa
Al Hufuf, Ash Sharqīyah, 39182
Saudi Arabia
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Youth (What is this?)
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Auhood Shoujaa

Auhood Shujaa, a teacher at Anjal School, I have been a speaker in Tedx for three years now. I hope to use my public speaking skills to inspire and leave an impact.

Dhoha Bediwi

Dhoha Bediwi, a Saudi high school student who has her own writing blog (online). Dhoha is passionate about history,politics,economy and fashion designing. Dhoha believes that people can start their own buisness just by watching cartoons, in addition she believes that economy and marketing is everywhere, even in cartoons but only if you look carefully for the clues.

Dr. Fumi Hancock

Dr. Princess Fumi Stephanie Hancock, an authentic African princess living in diaspora is a prolific Master Storyteller, Vision Midwife™ for Thought leaders across the globe. She has written 21 books, 9 bestsellers, some turned into award winning films in Hollywood, USA. Her accolades span from Africa to America as a TV/Radio personality, and now Saudi Arabia as an Education Consultant. Her noticeable awards include the African Oscar. Dr. Hancock is the Creator of Storyteller Bistro, an e-Learning platform focusing on inspiring, motivating and equipping emerging creatives to dream and achieve big, tell their stories of healing globally.

Farah AL Mousa

I’m Farah saleh almousa . I’m 16 years old . I study in alanjal international school . I love coffee and books

Faten Al Rai

ESL instructor
A Palestinian-Jordanian lady who was born and raised in KSA. My parents are a very well-educated couple who had lived in Germany, Jordan, and KSA. I was always the first at school and university. I am very dynamic, active, outgoing, and has many talents that made me always shine and get involved in different activities. I had completed my studies in the University of Jordan where I majored in Applied English. Currently, I am an ESL instructor who worked previously as an interpreter, translator, quality management officer, head tutor, EFL instructor in health colleges, and marketing and media coordinator. I have recently started publishing my poetry.


It all started on April 28 , 2003 , when i , Fatimah Almousa, was born . I'm a Saudi 9th grader that loves to read and write . i live life to the fullest , and i try to focus on the positive side of every situation . since I'm only 15 , i'm not going to wait for an opportunity , I'm going to create it , and I'm starting with Tedx!


I’m Fatimah Almutawa, a passionate 9th grader that has uncontrollable and unlimited dreams. Satisfaction is simply what i seek because there is no greater feeling than that of accomplishment. Reading is what i love; it’s more than a hobby or a free time activity. Books summarize other people’s experiences, turning them to a portable collection of papers. I have lots to offer, just wait ;)

Hala Boodi

I'm Hala Boodi, a tenth grader from Suadia Arabia. My age is 15 years old. I like drawing and reading about topics that adds to my knowledge and make me cultured or intellectual. I am interested in Science and designing

Lama Al-Mulla

I'm a Saudi tenth grader. I like reading, preferably non-fiction; I like getting exposed to learn new things especially when it's about different cultures. I also like writing. I'm interested in psychology.

Lama AlJabr



I’m Latifa and I’m 17 years old. A huge fan of performing arts and crafting. Have a good day :)

Layan Al-Brahim

My name is Layan Al-Brahim, born in May the 10th. I am a tenth grader in Al Anjal International School. I've travelled a lot for settling so I really enjoy learning new languages. I am sociable, therefore I like meeting new people. I love participating in speaking projects such as Tedx and I’ve already participated last year in it and my topic was about finding inspiration in traveling!

Leen Ghazawi

My name is Leen Ghazawi Hamad. l’m 15 years old and l’m from Syria living in Saudi Arabia. My hobby is swimming, and I wish I could learn riding horses and climbing mountains.I’m interested in studying about twins and about some diseases. I’m an aunt for two kids and this makes me very pleased and responsible. I love the crows, l love their black color, their sounds, and I love thinking of how Allah created them

Mizna Almousa

Hi, I am Mizna. I'm a 16 years old student from the great Anjal International Schools. I am a human,women, and animals right supporter. I love spending my time writing down my ideas and turning them into reality. I also enjoy reading books that can teach me a lesson.


My name is Mona Ameer AlJasem. I was born on March 18, 2004, in Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia. Since I was younger, I believed I can do whatever I want if Im passionate and ambitious. I am only 14, and I know there is a part of the world that I have to explore. I love technology, mathematics, chemistry, and reading and writing. I believe in myself and I know that I can do what I want and work hard to insure a bright future for myself, and the first step is presenting a Tedx speech on March 12, 2018.

MOZAH Al-Mulhim

Mozah AlMulhim. A senior in AlAnjal National School. I have been part of TedxAlAnjalNationalSchool for three years in a row. I do believe that one of the essentials of being successful is taking risks and having the ability to accept new concepts. Therefore, my speeches' ideas are always out of the box.

Nada Saouli

My name is nada jamal saouli I am 24 years old I have a bachelor degree on chemistry I graduated in 2016 . I've been teaching Science since one year at AlAnjal National School ( The International Section), I teach elementary levels from grade 5 to 6 and I teach physical science for middle level. This is my first time as speaker of TEDx event .

Njood Alhussain

Njood, the name I was given when I was first born at 20th of July 2002, the name that resembles high, clear, land figures, how my parents wanted to see me and how I want to see myself: clear, high, and independent. Thus that was exactly what I was trying to accomplish from winning Abdulwahab alMoosa Excellence Award to FabLab prototyping week and pursuing my endless passion for art. Indulging myself in diverse activities has wrought me into the person I am today and will continue wroughting the person I will become tomorrow.

Nora Aljabr

Hello my is Nora aljabr I am 15 years old from Saudi Arabia alhassa. I am studying in 10th grade in Al-Anjal international school. Have you ever imagined taking sign language in your school ? Well, let me tell you something you might have wished to take it in your school after hearing my speach and realizing how important it is. I always wanted to show the world in a different perspective to people and this will make you see the world in different perspective.

Nora Alshuhail

My name is Noura Alshuhail, I'm 15 years old. I study in Al Anjal national school. I believe that by being independent, humble, and creative you will increase your country's economy.

Noura Bokhamsen

I am Noura Bo Khamsin, a passionate senior at Al Anjal National School. I am an artist, a restless creator, a believer in science fiction, a keen reader of classic and some modern literature, a disciplined student, a frequent volunteer, an animals’ rights advocate, and most and foremost, a person with respect to the pursuit of knowledge. I can be described accurately as an archetypal geek, with extra flare in personality and a more vivid imagination. Currently, I aim to be a mathematician and an electrical engineer -with a PhD in mathematics-, as well as improving my art, my robotics, my cosplaying and my knowledge in philosophy.

Nourah Almaniaa

I’m Norah Almana, I’m 13 years old, born on June 3rd 2004, and generally I am your typical girl who enjoys traveling, going out and doing normal everyday things since just like any teen, I have my own passions and for me I have a passion for chemistry and learning new things, as facts so simple, can brighten up my day and make me intrigued to learn more about the topic as personally I am always trying to change and become the better person my parents want me to be, but it isn’t just for them but for myself as I wish to be successful, happy and proud of myself in the future. So for the majority of my grade 9 experience, I spent most of my time working on my ted x talk which was about entrepreneurship and all I can say is that it was worth it.

Rana Aljaber




Saja AL-Khattab

I am Saja AL-Khattab, a Syrian girl in her fifteenth year of her life. I am so passionate about drawing, writing, learning new languages, and discovering new things in whichever field it was. I don't hope and wish only, but I wish, hope, dream, and do. I am in deep love of rain, snow, and winter, and I wish I meet and touch the snow soon. I like to fly although I am not capable of doing so, but I have my own imaginatory world where I can do whatever I want to do.

Sana Balghunaim

I am Sana at the age of 15. My name means light, which is the way I see life. I enjoy reading, writing, yoga, and every single piece of adventure in this life. I believe that before any lovely cake, there were millions of cells passing away.

Sara Al.Marzooqi

I'm Sara Al.Marzooqi I'm 15 year old Saudi girl. I enjoy being happy and making others happy by doing what I enjoy the most which is applying makeup for myself and for others also I enjoy painting, drawing and anything that is related to art, I love meeting new people from all around the world and I love animals too especially dogs.


Hi I'm mrs sarah alramadan, high school biology teacher, i love laughing, reading, eating, traveling and experiencing new things. I love it when people challenge my perspective and changes my mind, i love my students and their continued ability to amaze me, and I hate paper work


My name is sarah maache. I’m from Algeria, 25 years old, and I am a teacher in anjal school since 2016. I teach high school chemistry and general science for elementary. I am also a master student of chemistry.

Shahad Alqahtani

Hi, my name is shahad alqahtani, my first cry was in april 15 2002. I'm a 10th grader student in alanjal international school. I'm originally from abha but i live in alhassa. One of my interests is that I really enjoy learning more about our country's economy, and the worlds economy as well.

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