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Theme: Hra/NA - Game/Border -on the edge

This event occurred on
September 14, 2017
5:00pm - 9:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Praha, Praha 2
Czech Republic

HRA/NA - as we and also our last year attendees really like our playfull theme - that we use basic word which contains itself two words and have different meaning, we come up with similar system this time. We choose word which means BORDER/EDGE, but at the same time, when we cut the word in two it means PLAY ON. So we are digging into these themes and ideas as, from which we come up with final list of speakers: on the border/edge of our mind, perceptions, on the edge of our expectations, on the edge/border of human possibilities (extreme sports, science, AI, etc.) , physical borders, borders of our own body, play on something, work as a play, play on nothing=be yourself, improvisation, and more.

Letní scéna na Vyšehrade
Štulcovy sady
Praha, Praha 2, 12800
Czech Republic
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Adam Marčan

Co-founder of Naucmese and minimalist
Adam was our speaker 5 years ago in our first TEDxYouth@prague event and he was amazing - he used to work in big company and afterwards he started to feel bad and turn his life upside down with minimalist concept. He started digital nomad movement and he is very well known for this in our community in Prague. He co-founded also very nice project Naucmese, where ordinary people could learn others anything they want for small money, and the project and community around it has develop quickly in past years. Adam does not have smart phone, as it takes energy from him, and he has amazing ideas and comments on life.

Daria Hvizdalova

Project Coordinator in GoodAI
Daria is young girl finishing her studies and very intellgent and nice. She is orignally from Russia, but she lives 3years in Prague with her husband. She works for AI start-up, which is developing general artifficial inteligence. Daria is leading and marketing the project and she knows a lot about how to train and learn this AI agents.

Dita Horochovská

Cofounder of NGO project "Silou hlasu"
Dita is youg girl, who is quadruplegic, which means she cannot move from neck down and has to sit in the wheelchair. Despite all this, she has amazing energy, she learnt howto use computer only with her voice - and with this she started to build her own ngo with her co-partner. They are helping other people who cannot move their legs and hands to be able to communicate online.

Jan Bareš

Trash Hero cofounder
Jan is a freediver and co-founder of Trash Hero Organization, which started in Indonesia with picking up the garbage from the street and beaches. After couple of years they have developed in many countries with the aim of cleaning our Planet:)

Lucka Štruncová

student and co-founder of her own business
Lucka founded in her 13 years her love in polymers and play with it. She is studying now graphic design, she is organizing workshops for people who want to work with this special polymer, she has many e-books and seminars. And she has amazing energy:D

Ludek Stanek

poker comentator and stand-up comic
Ludek used to play poker, and afterwards he started to comment on various poker matches. He knows a lot about it, and poker really teached him a lot into his life. He has his own show on czech online TV and he is doing also stand- up comedies.

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Praha, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic
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