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Theme: From Local Talks to International Conversations

This event occurred on
November 2, 2017
Zahrani, Liban-Sud

Phoenicia University is pleased to host and organize a TEDx event licensed under “TEDxPhoeniciaU”. In compliance with the TEDx guidelines, this event will be a multi-topical and multidisciplinary one and will serve as an excellent opportunity to engage the PU community with great, well-formed ideas. We are aiming that TEDxPhoeniciaU would be another outstanding TEDx event which captures such inspirational local and communal ideas and map them to an international audience. By doing so, TEDxPhoeniciaU will contribute to the already rich and inspiring global TEDx content and context. Should you have any queries, please email us on

Phoenicia University
Zahrani, Liban-Sud, 1600
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University (What is this?)
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Fatima Amin

Communication and Social Media student
Fatima Amin majors in Communication and Social Media at Phoenicia University. She is very passionate about addressing contemporary issues in the Lebanese society. In her talk, Fatima will shed light on the violence underpinning some of the common terms and expressions in the spoken Lebanese language.

Habiba Awada

Accounting and Finance student
Habiba Awada is a PU student majoring in Accounting and Finance. She is a lucid dreamer and she is passionate about the topic. In her talk, she will take us through a lucid dream journey to explore such a parallel universe.

Marwa Zeitoun

Professional photographer and Communication student
Marwa Zeitoun is a PU student studying Communication. She is a talented photographer and one who attempts to capture the details of life with her lens. In her TEDxPhoeniciaU talk, she shares her insights about what it feels for a photographer to be inside vs. outside the frame.

Nour Saleh

Interior designer, painter, musician and architecture student
Nour Saleh is a PU student majoring in Architecture. She is a professional interior designer. In addition, Nour likes to address herself as a sketcher, painter, and a musician. She has participated so far in several international competitions and she won the 2nd place in the Fabriano Drawing Contest in 2006. In addition to Arabic and English, Nour speaks five languages: French, Spanish, Persian, Turkish, and Hindi. In her talk, Nour will attempt to explain what it takes to become an artist.

Rewa Zeinati

Poet, writer, creative copywriter, editor, and academic
Rewa Zeinati is an English instructor at Phoenicia University. In addition to her academic commitment, Rewa is a poet, writer, creative copywriter, and editor. She is the author of the creative non-fiction book “Nietzsche’s Camel Must Die” and the poetry chapbook “Bullets & Orchids”. Rewa is also the founder and editor of Sukoon magazine, a literary journal that publishes Arab-themed art and literature in English. Her poems, essays, translations and interviews are published in various anthologies and literary journals in the US, UK and the Arab region. In her TEDxPhoeniciaU talk, Rewa will share with us her journey as she shifts from simply finding a job to building a career and discovering herself within such a career.

Rita Al Khayat

Law student
Rita Al Khayat is a Law student at Phoenicia University. She is a feminist and a social activist, where she strives to prompt towards a more just and equal world. In her talk, Rita will address the issue of privilege and will share her idea about combatting such issue.

Shawqi Fakih

Law student
Shawqi Fakih is a Law student at Phoenicia University. He pays particular attention to philosophical inquiries as he attempts to understand the complex processes that shape our choices and decisions. In his TEDxPhoeniciaU talk, Shawqi will question the very existence of the “right moment”.

Youssef Chehab

Professional DJ and Business Marketing student
Youssef Chehab is a Business Marketing student at Phoenicia University. Youssef is passionate about music. Such passion led him to become a professional DJ. In his TEDxPhoeniciaU talk, Youssef will prompt us to see things from his perspective as a professional and a human.

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