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Theme: Going Beyond

This event occurred on
May 4, 2018
Sweida, As Suwaydā'

TEDxFayhaaPark is one of TEDx events under a free license granted by TED. It will take place in Sweida city in 2018.
It will be the first TEDx event in Sweida and the third standard license in Syria.

We are a group of volunteers with different areas of interest and backgrounds, the passion that we hold for TED has led us to create a common ground for our vision toward a more inspiring Syrians.

Amar Plaza
Sweida, As Suwaydā', 00000
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Hayyan Helal

Computer Science, Violinist, and Pianist.
Hayyan Hassan Helal, 25 years old, Born in Sweida, Syria. He studied Architecture for 2 years in Syria before he moved to Germany in 2014. He studied Computer Science in Germany, and now he is working on his master's degree in artificial intelligence. During his stay in Germany he got to know many German people by teaching mathematics at the university, In addition to practicing some of the local German conservative traditions, which made him understand and realize the problems of his mother country, and enabled him to compare the situation between Europe and his country. Hayyan has many interests in philosophy, music and arts.

Jamal Abbas

Artist, Member of the Union of Arab Fine Artists
Jamal Abbas, 77 years, the first graduate of Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts - Damascus University, from Al-Swaida Governorate. He was the first authorized teacher of art education in Swaida from the same governorate, and taught the subject in many other Syrian governorates. Was sent to Algeria to teach art for six years, A former advisory teacher in art education in Swaida He was the first representative of the Syndicate of Fine Arts in Swaida, founder of its first committee, and the head of the syndicate branch in 1979. Founder of the Central Exhibition of the artists of the country in Swaida. In addition to his participation in many state exhibitions, he has more than 20 solo exhibitions inland, 5 solo exhibitions outside the country, 14 joint exhibitions. Member No. 97 of the Fine Arts Syndicate, Member of the General Federation of Algerian Artists and Artists in the United Arab Emirates, Member of the Union of Arab Fine Artists.

Maya Jarbouh

16 years old girl
Maya Jarbouh, a 16 years old girl, suffering from a pain that adults can't take it, pain of disease and pain of war, chemical agony and hope of life. Maya possessed a high level of pain that adults can't even handle it. And for more than 3 years of suffering, she didn't lose hope, the idea of facing the death wasn't even crossing her mind, and stayed dreaming of great days. And here she is today standing strong with her beautiful smile to be the greatest inspiration to many and to show us that life is HOPE..

Mazen Alamaldeen

Software Engineer
Mazen Alamaldeen ,21 years old ,studied Software engineering in the Technical Computer Institute of Damascus and now he is continuing his study of Computer and Informatics engineering in the Syrian Private University , he has advanced certificate in Tense Buster from Clarity English with a grade of 100 percent, he has experience certificates in 12 different programming languages , a Diploma certificate in web design , experience certificates (Networks technician - Devices maintenance - programming). He has a 5 years-experience in Application design and development, and in Web design... He is interested in technology, programming, artificial intelligence, networking and communication. Mazen also participated in Arduinists team in the creativity and invention event at the Syrian Private University and gained the fifth place of 2018 in the annual ARC competition.

Nour Zarefah

Ballerina, Violinist, and a Multilingual Translator.
Nour Gassan Zarefah, a 20 year old director, writer and actress with a four-years substantial experience. She is a ballerina, violinist, and a multilingual translator. She speaks Arabic, English, French, Italian and Persian, she is also completing her self-learning of German, Spanish and Russian. She has a ministerial shield “Award of excellence for her qualifications of learning languages“. She studies English Literature and Media&Journalism in Damascus University. Nour volunteers as a language teacher, and spreads new methods about learning languages among her students. She also voluntarily trains groups of children in order to develop their lingual knowledge and speaking skills through theater.

Raed Shaiia

Researcher in Physics, and The Founder of The Scientific Agnostics Society.
Raed Mostafa Shaia, 34 years old, Born in Suwayda, Syria. Studied Physics at the University of Damascus. He self-studied theoretical physics as well, mainly from Cambridge, Oxford and Stanford curriculums. Founded the scientific agnostics society, which was pioneer in introducing people to the scientific method, critical thinking and logic, in addition to exposing pseudoscience. Co-founder of Advanced Sciences center, which teaches very advanced Physics and Mathematics through curriculums written by Raed, and based on most important scientific references. He has published and translated many scientific articles in several magazines. He is also a blogger in the scientific agnostics blog. Published a research paper on the measurement problem in the US journal "International Journal of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics".

Rana Abou Alez

Educational Specialist
Rana Abou Alez, an educational specialist, a graduate of the Faculty of Education and a former educational coordinator, certified by the JICA Japanese organization dealing with people with disabilities, certified teacher of modern curricula by the Ministry of Education, certified teacher of kindergarten curricula by the Regional Center for Early Childhood, Rehabilitation and training of dealing with children, has an honorary doctorate in the field of child support and multiple certificates in the field of training and human development.

Reem Hamza

Graduate of libraries and information
Reem Hamza, a 28 year old, a graduate of libraries and information from the University of Damascus, has participated in many voluntary activities. She works with children with special needs and has a very special relationship with them. She has also participated in workshops for painting and oil painting, in addition to her experience in interactive theater. Currently she is working as a coordinator for children, and doing such an interactive and entertainment activities for them.

Walid Choeb

Civil Consultant Engineer
Walid Choeb, is a civil consultant engineer, graduate of Damascus university in 1982. Director of the consulting engineers office and engineering laboratory in Sweida, publisher of three engineering books and he translated an English book into Arabic. Researcher in the field of using Basalt stones. Participant in many international and local scientific conferences, writer and narrator, publisher of three literary books and translated one from English. Winner of several international and local short story awards. Founder of "Abnaa Alsindian" group, a charity which works on planting trees, love, welfare and charm.

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