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Theme: Endeavour

This event occurred on
March 7, 2018
Vancouver, British Columbia

An endeavour is the strive to the fulfillment of a passion. It is the driving force behind any pursuit of a big idea or project. It conjures up images of industriously and furiously giving a new project all you've got to make it work. It's our reason for being. The manifestation of listening to our heart's insistence on being heard. The eight speakers presenting at TEDxVancouverCollege do not crave for recognition, fame, or notoriety, but rather, they look to spark discussion and deep consideration about their "passion project" that they have spent their lives working on. At TEDxVancouverCollege, the organizers want passion, courage, fury, dedication, and perseverance to be the main message the audience receives after the conference. The goal is to create a platform for the school community to witness, appreciate, and discuss the endeavors of their peers, in hopes of inspiring passion and the pursuit of ideas.

Kucher Theatre @ Vancouver College
5400 Cartier St
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6M 3A5
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aaron Peach

Grade 12 Student at Vancouver College
Aaron Peach is a grade 12 student at Vancouver College. Aaron Peach comes from a television acting background and has recently founded his own retail store. Aaron's passions include gymnastics, and public speaking, shown by his involvement in the Debate program at Vancouver College.

Braeden Ethier

Grade 12 Student at Vancouver College
Braeden Ethier is a graduating student at Vancouver College. He is passionate about creating music, videos, and anything media related. He is also passionate on helping others understand their true potential to create great work. He will be speaking on the topic of creativity. From a young age, Braeden strived to be outside of the norm and was constantly told by friends and family that he was creative. At times this hindered his performance as he was pressured into the idea of always having to create truly original work. Today his goal is to help others realize their creative capabilities and expand on the idea of what it really means to be creative.

Edro Gonzales

Edro Gonzales is one of the performers for Vancouver College's TEDx night and he will be showcasing a dance piece of his. A performer with six years of professional dancing experience on his belt, he has performed locally and internationally. His dance piece will be a segment on the irrational feelings that people feel through relationships.

Eleanor Lee

Grade 12 Student at Little Flower Academy
Currently a Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy, Eleanor can be found talking and laughing very loudly. Eleanor takes particular interest in playing and refereeing soccer and making visual and literary art. She also takes immense pride in her inane ability to quote movies the way Mike and Harvey do in Suits. Eleanor will be speaking about Mastering the Art of Hogwash. She is not looking to educate people on being great liars, but, rather, how insurmountably useful a skill hogwash is for people to build themselves up within an unconventionally intellectual way. Anybody can do it!

Eshrak Ahmed

Third Year Bio-Med Student at Simon Fraser University
Eshrak is your everyday bio med student at SFU. He is currently dabbling in entrepreneurship, and does a lot of the things he does, just because he can. He is currently reading a lot of books about self awareness and human behaviour. He wants to one day open up a physiotherapy practice to help make people's lives a little less painful, and a little more happy.

Moe Yang

Photographer + Filmmaker
Moe is a 17 year old photographer and filmmaker located in Vancouver, BC. Her work has been featured in publications such as Rookie Mag, Yahoo News Japan and The Photographic Journal and her films have screened in the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the Vancouver International Film Festival. In both her films and photography, she focuses on capturing and telling the stories of people whose voices are usually silenced. As an artist of colour, activism is an equally important part of her life and she wants to share people's stories and open people’s mind through her work. She is very excited to be speaking.

William Daniels

Grade 12 Student at Vancouver College
William Daniels, born October 31st, is a student at Vancouver College. Born and raised in Vancouver, he decided to make the most of his time in high school. Will is involved in the school rowing team and is enjoying his time in his graduating year. With this opportunity of a TEDx talk, he quickly applied to make the most of the chance he was given.

Zack Cicek

Grade 12 Student at Vancouver College
Zack Cicek has a passion for business and attends Vancouver College. He will be speaking on the influence of Social Contagion, a phenomenon describing how your behavior and emotions impact other individuals in your vicinity. Zack spends majority of his time outside class running his own small business, Hella Puffs, and leads the finance sector of a non-profit, Bumpin Bakery.

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