x = independently organized TED event

Theme: Experiences

This event occurred on
April 19, 2018
Laval, Quebec

Organized by 12-18 years old students of Laval, Quebec, Canada
The theme experiences was selected by the committees because they want it something with no limitation.
Since its there first TEDx event organization, they though it was a good starting point.

Collège Letendre
1000 Boulevard de l'Avenir
Laval, Quebec, H7N 6J6
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ahmad Shuhib Zuhurooddin

Baccalauréat en Art et Sciences, Université de Montréal Sciences Humaines, Cégep Montmorency Je suis un jeune canadien de 28 ans qui est d'origine Afghan, mes parents ont quitté Kabul durant la guerre afin que nous ayons un meilleur future et opportunité dans notre vie. Changer de pays en pays afin de s'établir ici au Canada m'a permis d'enfin me trouver.

Ahmed El Omri Alaoui

Student, Humanitarian Activist, Public Speaker
Ahmed El Omri Alaoui is a student at Laval Senior Academy, a humanitarian activist and public speaker. He is the youngest volunteer in HCI history since 2010 at around 7 to 8 years old. He has also volunteered with the Canadian Moroccan Foundation in Québec since 2010 and the MJID Foundation since 2009. He has collaborated in several humanitarian projects in Morocco.

Amina Turgeon

Finissante au Collège Letendre, Amina Turgeon, 17 ans, est une fervente amatrice de K-pop, de danse, de dessin, de lecture et d'écriture.

Christos Karatzios

Pediatrician / Infections Diseases & Pediatric HIV Specialist
Christos Karatzios is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics ans in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Montreal Children's Hospital (McGill University Health Center) Since 2004. He also is an Associate Member in the Département de pédiatrie. Division d'Immunologie, Clinique d'Immunologie Spéciale, at the Centre hospitalier universitaire (CHU) - Mère Enfant de Ste-Justine Since 2004. He is a McGill Medicine graduate and received his Pediatric and Infectious Diseases training at the Montreal Children's Hospital. He has also completed clinical research training in Pediatric HIV at the University of Miami, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine. As of 2011, he is the chair of the infectious Diseases unit of McGill University's undergraduate medical teaching curriculum.

Claudel Rheault

interaction designer
I’m an interaction designer currently based in montreal. I like a good problem. I’m interested in small details and how they interact with each other. I like to meet new people, eat risotto and watch football.

Francesco Renda

Student Council Representative (LSA Student)
Francesco is a student at Laval Senior Academy that has been involved with his school and community for many years. He enjoys being a representative of Student Council and Advanced Student Leadership and loves to volunteer whenever possible. He has had the honor of receiving various awards for his commitment and involvement throughout the years.

Jaheim Theard

High school student with a passion for discussion, child of an immigrant family.

Patricia Duguay

Autiste Asperger
Récipiendaire du Prix du Lieutenant-Gouverneur 2002 Membre de Aut’Créatifs Membre de Autiste Montérégie Conférencière –Femmes asperger du Québec Poets- PATRICIA DY site- The art of Autism En tant que personne vivant avec le syndrome d'asperger, j'aimerais partager l'unicité de ma pensée multiforme ; créer une réflexion dans la conscience humaine afin de faire émerger formes et couleurs dans leur propre différence neuronale. La pensée multiforme ; je la ressent, la vois et je l’entends. Elle converge avec le chemin de la tolérance et de l’ouverture vers une naissance, pour le monde de demain.

Ricardo Lamour

Agent de développement
Bout du Monde est une parastructure visant le développement de ces membres et l’amélioration des espaces publics en proposant des expériences informelles ludiques et situationnistes favorisant la transformation sociale et la préservation du génie de l'enfance. Nous collaborons présentement à un projet de recherche d'une durée de trois ans sous le patronage de la Commission canadienne pour l'UNESCO (CCUNESCO) avec l’organisme Exeko. La démarche vise à favoriser l'accessibilité au milieu institutionnel de la culture par l'identification et la diffusion de meilleures pratiques d'inclusion.

Samuel Beldie

Secondary 4 student, who wants to change the world of how people see autism.

Shir Gruber

Human rights, climate change, and the sustainable development goals are passions that I build my life around. I aspire to better the world around me to the best of my abilities steering the future towards the most efficient use of resources and empowering the vulnerable of society to be the strongest contributors they can be. I hope to use the tools and knowledge science gives me to create and implement technologies that improve people's living conditions, solve problems and reduce our carbon footprint. This is equally why I am implicated in many green initiatives (I am the executive of the Dawson Green Club, on the Steering Committee of Sustainable Youth Canada's Montreal branch (a non-profit organisation that helps youth with green projects, etc.). I am incredibly passionate about re-imagining a green future. I am on the Steering Committee of Sustainable Youth Canada.

Vivienne Zikos

Science and Arts Student
Vivienne Zikos is a student aspiring to make a change, and she knows it all starts with the individual. This is why despite her inexperience and fear of public speaking she's ecstatic to have accomplished her goal of speaking at TedX. She hopes that her insight and personal experience of the pressure placed on youth today will help you to reevaluate the expectations you allow yourself to be confined in.

Organizing team


Laval Qc, Canada