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This event occurred on
November 25, 2017
9:00am - 7:00pm -04
(UTC -4hrs)
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz

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Teatro Don Bosco
Colegio Don Bosco
Calle Andres Manso entre la Av. Argentina y la calle Gualberto Villaroel
Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz, 000
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Youth (What is this?)
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Alejandro Barrientos

Alejandro Barrientos was born in Miami Florida, USA. His greatest passion is to enjoy life and the people with whom he has the opportunity to share the road Since he was a child he liked to understand how things work and why things happen that they happen Always restless, immersed in the world of sales since his inception, with a taste for understand how the interactions between people occur. He participates in a TV program for two years. He founded a marketing company with one of his best friends, and nowadays he is a lecturer, coach and coach of executive teams of high performance. In the executive world he has 11 years of experience, this led him to manage Sales areas, Credit Risk and Customer Service in one of the largest companies in the country. Having the opportunity to complete the full circle in the Pre-sale, Sale and After-Sale. His vocation is to connect his evolution and that of societies through knowledge and state of mental awareness He believes that every day we must take a step towards our best version ...

Alejandro Rioja

Alejandro Rioja was born in Bolivia, he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Computer Science. He is the founder of a technology company called Flux Ventures, he acts as Operational Manager at Inston and has been named illustrious guest of his country. His work has been recognized in Forbes, Inc. Marshable and more.

Alina Santander

Alina was born in the city of La Paz and is currently 18 years old. Since she was a child she participates and wins gold and bronze medals at the Plurinational Student Science Olympiad in Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics. It was the first Bolivian selected to participate in the NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge, organized by NASA, in which it won the award for the best international team in 2016. She was named ambassador for Bolivia by the International Space Education Institute of Germany, is a spokesperson of the foundation "I Am My First Love", she was awarded the diploma of recognition "Merit to education" granted by the Departmental Autonomous Government of La Paz, is winner of the "Wonderful Youth" award. She is currently working on the creation of a team to participate as a delegation of Bolivia in the following versions of the NASA Rover Challenge competition, as well as participating in other projects that seek the dissemination of science and technology in the country. Among her other passions are art, cinema, sports, languages and piloting. It seeks in the future to grant more opportunities to young Bolivians and bring the aerospace engineering career. Its main motivation is to see more people involved in the world of science and technology

Bruno Ferrante

Artist, happiness maker. Bolivian comedian actor born, trained and settled in the humorous company Chaplin Show. Based in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Lover of football and pizza with beer. Actoral training, began in the 1990s as part of the children's Chaplin Show called "Chaplin Children". Later, between the years 1999 and 2002, he is part of the young cast "La Sub-20" of the aforementioned theater company. In 2004 he wrote and directed the work "Gomabenización" belonging to the group "Sub-20" of Chaplin Show. As of 2007, he began his professional career by becoming an active part of the official Chaplin Show cast. As a curious fact in the Bolivian environment is known as "The Bolivian Puyol" as it has a great physical resemblance to the footballer Carles Puyol, reason why Bruno experienced the great opportunity to travel to see the final of the World Cup Brazil 2014 in Rio de Janeiro playing a funny character that became popular in social networks because he claimed to be the lost brother of Carles Puyol. The year 2013 Camba Chuturubí is born, a regional character that seeks to represent the evolution of the cultural roots in the eastern part of Bolivia with a view to the inevitable globalization. In this last time he has become one of the most relevant characters in social networks and in the local environment, although he was born in a humorous picture, thanks to social networks he has established a communication link with the world showing the culture and social environment of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, seeking the promotion of values.

Carla Ortiz

She is the most outstanding actress of Bolivia and with greater international recognition. She is also a driver and producer. She was born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, where she began her career as a model at the age of 13. She studied Performing Arts in the United States and moved to Mexico where she participated in successful soap operas such as Gotita de amor, Mujeres decepñadas and Secreto de amor. In 2005 she moved to Los Angeles, conducted several television programs (Xcape, E! Extreme and Access Hollywood) and participated in series such as Baywatch, CSI: Miami and Without a Trace. In movies she has participated, among other films, in Los Andes do not believe in God (2007), Write me postcards to Copacabana (2009), Black Limousine (2010), The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernández (2012) by Elia Petridis, where he played the leading role next to the renowned Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine. The 2014 starred Xibalba, a science fiction film inspired by Mayan legends. She was chosen by Esquire magazine as one of the most sensual women on the planet. She founded Flor de Loto Pictures where she is released as a producer of Olvidados, a film that he also co-wrote and stars. The latter represented Bolivia at the Oscars of 2015 as the best foreign film. She dedicates a large part of her time to philanthropic work. Her interest is in education, ecology and humanitarian aid. She is a co-founder of several associations for altruistic purposes and in 2011 she created the Carla Ortiz Foundation to raise funds and help the victims of natural disasters that occurred in Bolivia that same year, for which she received the highest decoration of her country, the Gold Medal of the Congress as an outstanding citizen and ambassador for the maritime recovery of Bolivia. In addition to receiving a number of decorations, the United States Congress also drafted a certificate acknowledging her philanthropic work and the impact of their film work on humanity. At the COP22 global event held in Marakesh by the United Nations in November 2016, she received the award for the best initiative to empower women with debut as director of the documentary "La Voz de Siria". Today she is the Human Rights Ambassador of DESI (European Department of Security and Information for the UN)

Cecilia Hurtado

Cecilia is a mother-to-be, a millennial wife and an executive of HP Medical's top management. Passionate about motivation, female leadership, faithful admirers of men and women who break paradigms and dare to be different. It is part of several Directories such as: CAINCO, EXPOCRUZ, HP Medical. It is part of Woman CAINCO and the Mentoring program for women SMEs - Women Entrepreneurs of the Al-Invest program. An important challenge to consider in our society according to Cecilia is: "There are no limits, each one defines how far it wants to go. No matter how many titles a person may have, what matters is to give the best of yourself to go far. "

Edmundo Rodriguez

In 2007, while still in college, Edmundo discovered his passion for online entrepreneurship and began his self-taught training in digital marketing parallel to his career. Today he graduated in Marketing from the International University of Florida (FIU) and has a Specialty and Master in Digital Marketing. In 2009, he founded Grupo 2.0, the first digital agency in Bolivia, which, thanks to its success, was acquired in 2016 by the Swedish international communication firm Kreab. Today, he is a Partner and Head of the Digital Communication Department for Kreab in Bolivia, a consultancy that has 40 professionals in different sectors of communication. With 10 years of experience, Edmundo is a specialist in the development and conceptualization of digital marketing strategies (SEO, SEM, Social Media, Web Architecture, etc).

José André Montaño

For José André life is a gift and as it should be done with gifts, José André treasures it and makes every moment valuable. At three and a half years old, music discovered him and in a self-taught way he learned to play the piano. Always guided by his heart, José André has taken his music to important national and international stages, together with great musicians. At age eight he formed his own band, "José André Jazz Trio" with compositions that fuse jazz with Latin rhythms and other genres such as rock, blues, bossa nova and Latin American folklore. With only 12 years, José André is a pianist and composer consecrated internationally. He continues his training in classical musical, improvisation and jazz composition with Cyrus Chesnut at Howard University in Washington D.C., United States. Although music is his passion, he has not neglected school. He was recently decorated as the best Natural Sciences student in his class. The story of José André, like him, is a gift and teaches us to look at life with our hearts.

Julio Herrera

Julio was born in the city of Santa Cruz, he has a degree in Commercial Engineering, a Diploma in High Management, a Diploma in Marketing Management and a Master's Degree in Marketing. Recognized in the "High Potential Youth" program of the IAE of the Austral University of Argentina. Since I was very young I had a great passion for football, having the opportunity to have played in the minor divisions of Blooming, Lanús in Argentina and coming to represent the country along with the Bolivian national team. Today he is working on several very important projects such as: • Organization of sporting events. • Business Sports Services. • Sports Marketing. • SEA Sports Complex • Club Atlético Juniors football academy. • Students and athletics, with the quality of sports scholarship opportunities abroad. • Club Atlético Juniors, soccer team affiliated to the Cruceña de Fútbol Association. Other projects such as SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCTIONS and the EXPO SPORTS BOLIVA

Romina Landívar

She is a Business and Organizational Psychologist trained at the University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires Argentina. She is the General Manager and owner of "Recruitment and selection of personnel", a company that works as a HR consultant. The consultancy began with steps only for selection of personnel, activity related to the specialization in HR of Romina, however shortly thereafter it opened the way and they ventured into HR management in general for both local and international companies. Currently and in view of the need and demand, Efecto has a space on RAI radio 97.9 once a week, where Romina gives selection tips for people looking for work and also for companies that need to start a search for personnel. Before starting his own business, he was for five years as National Selection and Training Manager in the National Life Group, and before that work experience he worked in the Manpower consultancy and in the Fassil Bank, always within the HR area. Among other experiences outside the field of HR, she had the opportunity to volunteer and then join as an employee of the RED VIHDA Foundation for people living with HIV in Bolivia, this being one of her most enriching personal experiences, supporting daily quality improvement of people living with HIV and providing accurate information to the general population. She is currently a member of the Bolivian Association of Human Management ASOBOGH and a member of the International Lions Club Association - founder and member of the Santa Cruz Vida Lions Club.

Organizing team

Roberto Andres
Claros Montaño

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia