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Theme: Freestylin ! Freeing Ideas Out of the Box!

This event occurred on
August 10, 2017
Ashburn, Virginia
United States

We have been conditioned to lead a life full of fear and constraint, never tapping into our authentic “selves" or allowing ourselves to free-fall into a creative space where excellence can be hiding.

Physically, whether it’s freestyling the slopes of Aspen, scaling the peaks of Mt. Everest, performing a 360 slam dunk, discovering your inner Van Gogh, or riding the waves of Australia, man always seeks to stretch the limits. Mentally, true mavericks have the gift and power to look at things in a different light to help create messages that deliver magic. Those mavericks deliver drugs or inventions that were originally intended for a different purpose, songs that were mistakes, creative jazz riffs, and books that were rejected time after time. Whether it’s Einstein writing on napkin notes, Picasso and Dali splashing vibrant colors on the canvas, or the climber or diver exploring for dreams, they all share one common idea --- keep free stylin’ or fade to black!

At the TEDxAshburnSalon - Free Stylin’ – Freeing Ideas Out of The Box! we will share maverick ideas ranging from archaeological exploration in the darkest but familiar places, unique fermentation processes to deliver flavor, how to stare down pain with a smile and many other ideas that fortunately didn’t make it to the box!

Lost Rhino Brewing Co.
21730 Red Rum Dr #142
Ashburn, Virginia, 20147
United States
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Jason Osborne

Scientist,Inventor, Paleontologist, Educator, STEM Advocate, Entrepreneur
Jason Osborne always had a passion for exploration. As a child he would sit along creek banks cracking open slabs of slate to unveil Earth’s past. A thrill for discovery took him places no one has been before nor dared to go. Challenged by next to zero or zero visibility, heavy currents, and underwater obstacles such as: trees, caverns, and the occasional bull shark or alligator, just seem to magnify the excitement of exploration and discovery. Navigating, by SCUBA, through the black water swamps of the Atlantic Coastal Plain have led to once in a lifetime finds. Among Jason’s greatest accomplishments is discovering new genus and species of marine vertebrates.His current roles in education include the Chief Innovation Officer for the Ector County Independent School District,STEM role model & Host Researcher. In 2013, Jason was honored with the White House Champion of Change Award by the Executive Office of the President.

Jasper Akerboom

Founder/CEO - Bright Yeast Labs, Food Microbiologist, Brewer
Jasper is the founder of Bright Yeast Labs and a Brewing Operations Director. He has authored over 20 peer reviewed articles and has partnered with several breweries and institutions on yeast, yeast isolations and technical brewing. He has been invited to speak at several international meetings and is a technical chair for the Master Brewers Association of the Americas in the Mid-Atlantic USA.

Meredith Draisey

Nursing, Integrated Health, HCA Healthcare Total Joint Coordinator
Meredith is the Total Joint Program Coordinator at a leading Northern Virginia Hospital. She has 9+ years of experience as a registered nurse in Orthopedics, Surgery, and Transplant Coordination. Originally from Texas, Meredith obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Texas Tech University before moving to Northern Virginia in 2012. In her most recent role Meredith has taught over 70 classes to patients and their family members to prepare them for surgery, led a successful site survey for National Certification for the Hip and Knee Program, and worked with practitioners and executive leadership to improve outcomes in 4/5 processes within her 1st year. Through her work in this field she has gained a unique insight into human behavior, specifically how expectations versus reality often collide, and has developed a “no-nonsense” approach to pain management through establishing “realistic expectations”.

Organizing team

C. Nick

Leesburg, VA, United States