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Theme: Unlock your Light

This event occurred on
April 12, 2018
Breda, Noord-Brabant

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized (subject to certain rules and regulations).

Breda, Noord-Brabant, 4817zx
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Dundas Productions

Spectaculair light shows
Dundas Productions produces all sorts of spectaculair light shows. This openings act, specially made for TEDxBreda 2018, shows a fantastic interaction of music, dance and words!

Gijs Bosman

Technical Director and Senior Project Manager at The Weather Makers, large scale ecosystem development and restoration by holistic engineering.
After graduation at Delft University of Technology Gijs has been working in the maritime sector for 10 years. In 2017 he was co founder of The Weathermakers, a group of passionate and pioneering engineers, with a background in coastal engineering and multidisciplinary projects. The Weather Makers use their technical knowledge, skills and professional network to act against the climate issues the world is facing today.

Irma de Vries

Artistic director, video-editor, animator
Irma is the typical chaotic and super enthusiastic creative artist. She is specialized in video, film, painting, script-writing, sculptures and installation and likes to combine symbols and elements from the past into a modern work and connect different cultures. As a typical creative character, her work is one of a kind and there to astonish everyone.

Jamie Anderson

Professor, Speaker, Writer, Teacher
Jamie has extensive experience across many different industry sectors, with especially strong insights into the Automotive, Financial Services, Technology & Telecommunications, Professional Services, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors. Starting with the theories and frameworks of creativity, innovation and business strategy, he develops executive education workshops and inspirational keynotes. Jamie helps organisations in their capability to renew by challenging traditional business models and fuelling strategic transformation in fast changing and complex business environments. Jamie is a great storyteller who likes to enlighten, provoke and entertain his audience.

Jose De Giorgio-Schoorl

Teacher and developer in the Animality study-field
Graduating from the university of applied sciences in business and engineering in 1997, specialized in organizational change, Jose started her professional career combining her analytic skills with a keen eye for social dynamics and ability to facilitate cultural differences. Her work as cultural change facilitator continues up until today, building bridges for people with a passion for nonhuman animals, professionals and researchers, offering a possibility to break the many mental schemes and habits that our current anthropocentric oriented society brings along with it. In 2008 she founds Learning Animals together with her partner Dr. Francesco De Giorgio and has been working ever since in creating awareness to study human-nonhuman animal interactions from a socio-cognitive point of view.

Mantas Rimkus

Graphic designer
Mantas Rimkus is a graphic designer, creative thinker and passionate about visual communications. Problems of our daily life are his inspiration. Mantas said: ‘In my practice, I try to reflect on topics without any prejudice which allows me to propose original and sometimes critical results’.

Nic Reus

Nic Reus has studied medicine and specialized himself in ophthalmology. He works as an ophthalmologist in the Amphia Hospital, Breda and has a subspecialty in cataract and anterior segment surgery. He also does research in Ophthalmology and educates ophthalmologists in cataract surgery.

Niels Houtepen

Illusion and mind-experiment
Niels Houtepen believes that sometimes humans need a illusion to look at the world a little different. Niels was the host of TEDxBreda 2018 and took the guests on a journey to experience the theme ‘Unlock your Light’.

Orion Lyceum

Music Medley
A band of enthusiastic students and a teacher of Orion Lyceum Breda perform a medley of beautiful songs at TEDxBreda 2018 with the theme “Unlock your Light’.

Pieter van Eijsden

Neurosurgeon, specialized in (pediatric) epilepsy surgery and oncological surgery and editor of the Dutch Journal of Medicine
Pieter van Eijsden is a neurosurgeon, trained in Utrecht, Amsterdam and London. His focus is on epilepsy and oncology. He is also the deputy editor of the Dutch Journal of Medicine. Pieter is very interested in philosophy, mythology and writing. He believes that it is extremely important to pay more attention to humanity and meaning of life in the healthcare system.

Ritzo ten Cate

Meeting designer, social engineer and photographer
Ritzo ten Cate is a Dutch meeting designer, social engineer and photographer based in Groningen, the Netherlands. His intention is to create a better world with more happy, healthy people. Most of his initiatives are about connecting or reconnecting people.

Simran Sejpal

Simran Sejpal is born in 2003. She is originally from India, but was born in Belgium and that’s why she identifies herself as half Belgian and half Indian. Simran is a student at an the international school in Breda. She presented her idea during a contest that she eventually won.

Steven Claeys

Entrepreneur, Founder at Sitwear bvba, and
Steven Claeys is an entrepreneur with a disability. He became a quadriplegic at the age of 24 en following his rehab he started a blog platform called rolmodel(.be) and Sitwear bvba, a company that creates and sells clothing for people with a disability. In 2017 Steven won one of the Ten Young Outstanding Person of the World -awards, issued by the JCI world headquarters.

Susan Mutsaers

Social worker, role-player, costume designer, photographer and larp designer.
Susan Mutsaers did a bachelor in Social Work meanwhile focussing on volunteer management and participatory storytelling. She owns her own company through which she supports and creates stories that matter. Either by supplying costumes, sets and photography to support the material or by creating them from scratch. In her spare time she performs musical theatre and loves to travel the world.

Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri

Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri is a theater company from The Netherlands of which all the actors are people we socially group as being “disabled”.
Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri is a theater company from The Netherlands of which all the actors are people we socially group as being “disabled”. Tiuri instead decided to focus on their ambition and natural gift for theater and the results have been remarkable. Their work started when Theo Frentrop, founder of Tiuri, saw in his work in healthcare that there was a natural ambition for theater present. By working from this ambition a talent for theater was unveiled and symptoms related to the disability decreased or even disappeared. The idea for Tiuri was born. The mission of Tiuri is to give their actors the opportunity to work from their ambition and develop their talents. Since 2003 Tiuri has been working with professionally trained theater and dance teachers. The actors of Tiuri have been able to develop this natural gift and, through their performances and projects, inspire people with their natural ability to be authentically present. A power society is in danger of overlooking.

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