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Theme: Crossing Paths

This event occurred on
January 27, 2018
Cilandak, Jakarta Raya

What do we get when a runner meets a toy maker, and two harpists cross paths with a poet, a musical trio, and a comic-book nerd? The fourth annual TEDxJIS conference.

Join us for TEDxJIS: Crossing Paths on January 27, 2018, featuring talks by students, teachers, administrators, and alumni. From these fascinating speakers you’ll learn when imperfection becomes a gift, how game theory can combat pollution, and why girls are high school’s “missing leaders.” Ideas worth sharing await you!

Jakarta Intercultural School
No.33 Jalan Terogong Raya
Cilandak, Jakarta Raya, 12010
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Cipta Croft-Cusworth

Film director, author, theme park designer, toy maker
Cipta is an artist born of two cultures: Indonesian and English. After losing his father at a young age, he began to delve into the dark arts and has since returned to the lighter side of life with many a boon to share.

Fania Muthia

Student + harpist
Fania’s passions include playing the harp and guitar, and interior design. Her skills will be on show as she performs her interpretation of the conference theme in a mesmerizing vocal and harp performance.

Gabriella Gwen

Student + harpist
An avid service-oriented musician, Gabriella hopes to encourage people to develop creative ways to enrich the global community. She has established her own NGO and published her own album, and she advocates for hidden voices of the community.

Gwen Muljono

Student + aspiring artist
Calm, determined and creative, Gwen is passionate about inspiring the hearing-impaired community in Indonesia and beyond. She is actively involved in the I-HEAR Foundation, sharing her life experience, dedication and artwork to make a positive impact.

IASAS Dancers

Students + dancers
Ella Hopp and Colleen Simonson are a dynamic duo who crossed paths a little over a year ago and haven’t stopped dancing and performing together since. The dance performed at TEDxJIS 2018 is their take on the conference theme and how it can affect movement and space.

Jennifer Osborne

Self-directed learner + educator
Jennifer passionately challenges the status quo of teaching and learning. She advocates for student agency and, most importantly, big ideas.

Joshua Giddens

Games enthusiast + teacher
Joshua was born in San Francisco but has lived 23 years of his life in Africa. He has taught history and social studies in Jakarta for the past six years. He is an avid reader who enjoys rugby, watercolor painting, and cooking.

Moses Mayer

Student + passionate mathematician
Fascinated by mathematics, computer science, and economics, Moses believes that maths has no problems — it only creates solutions.

Musical Trio

Students + musicians
The performance is a collaboration between two European instruments and a Japanese traditional shamisen. Rintaro Hori, Erika Koito, and Hana Ogawa show how these vastly different instruments come together harmoniously to produce incredibly delicate and beautiful sounds.

Natasha Sondakh

Student + published poet
A global citizen with her heart in philanthropy, Natasha hopes to pursue an education in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as well as publish her own poetry anthology. She is a published poet, journalist and translator who constantly seeks meaningful conversations.

Steve Clark

International educator
A self–confessed sports lover and proud Aussie, Steve is the High School Principal of Jakarta Intercultural School. His 34 years in education have been a rich and wondrous journey of learning across six continents, working with an incredibly wide range of students from early elementary through to university graduates.

Timo Fukar

Student + running enthusiast
An athlete and passionate drummer, Timo balances sports, academics, and musical endeavors. He is hoping for a career in a multinational company, after earning an international business degree, while still pursuing an active lifestyle.

Vivian Ng

JIS Central Student Council President
With interests strained between extremities from sports to student council and everything in between, Vivian’s passion for all her interests has helped her grow into the leader she is today. She strives to make her mark at JIS by leading the High School with confidence, compassion and innovation.

Wesley Trisnadi

Student, filmmaker, comic-book nerd, artist
Wesley has a passion for art forms such as filmmaking, graphic design, and acting. Born to a synesthete mother, he has always thought that seeing a color corresponding to a letter was as normal as thinking one thought that can remind you of another. Thanks to his sister's research, they both realized they have synesthesia and therefore experience the world differently than most people.

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