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Theme: Creative Knots

This event occurred on
March 24, 2018
Dhaka, Dhaka

Madness, genius, passion, imagination, art, dreams, courage, clarity, heart, head...what does it mean to be creative? What words, sounds and images come to mind? What if, creativity is more than a remarkable talent but an extraordinary perspective in which we experience life?

Creativity is everything and all, born out of multiple intertwinings of attributes. The interconnectedness of everything creative will help us to be self-aware of both our limitations and potentials.

For the first time, TEDxBaileyRoad brings to stage such personas that embody the creative in their being, their calling and their lives. Bangladesh has a legacy of culture, stories, visionaries and most importantly resilience to every kind of limitations, and we desire to bring these faces to the fore. Our power has been undermined, understated and unused and that power is its people.

TEDxBaileyRoad’s mission is to find and support people with outstanding ideas and new projects worth spreading all over the world. We would like to give these people a voice at the TEDxBaileyRoad.

3D Hall, Krishibid Institution Bangladesh
Krishibid Institution Bangladesh
Dhaka, Dhaka, 1215
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Adnan Hossain

Development specialist + humanitarian / It's Humanity Foundation
Md. Adnan Hossain has always been a people's person since childhood and has been very active in lending a hand to those in need. This desire of wanting to help other people has inspired him to start off his own venture under the banner It's Humanity Foundation (IHF), where underprivileged students are provided free of cost primary education. At the age of 21, he started off IHF School with only 17 students in a small tin shed room in Saidpur and after overcoming many hurdles; IHF today has three school campuses and educating 655 students completely free of cost.

Armeen Musa

Armeen Musa is a singer-songwriter from Bangladesh, with rising fame in the Bangladesh Music Community. Her remake of Radha Raman's "Bhromor Koio" in collaboration with Fuad Al-Muqtadir brought the spotlight on this artist in 2005.

Jannati Hossain

Entrepreneur + traveler / Urbiruhu
A traveler and an entrepreneur who focuses on the necessity of Eco-friendly products and lifestyle, and Creative Therapy through Urbiruhu, which celebrates greener choices of living. Jannati Hossain survived trauma through creative therapy and in turn founded Urbiruhu as a community organisation supporting greener choices of living. In this talk, she presents the concept of art as therapy to survive trauma and the unresolved anger, anxiety, pain, and other negative feelings associated with that trauma.

Mustafizur R Khan

Entrepreneur + publisher + investor + storyteller / Startup Dhaka
Mustafiz is an entrepreneur, angel investor, startup community organiser and a marketer with over 17 years of experience of heading teams across diverse industries in Asia. He started his career as an entrepreneur managing an engineering SBU and later managed brand like HSBC in several countries. He co-founded coolest co-working space in Dhaka, crowd funded and directed a documentary on tech startups in Dhaka which later pivoted to local a business news site called Startup Dhaka. He is passionate about technology and studies film in his spare time. He holds a double major in business and fine arts from COE College USA and an MBA from Nanyang Business School in Singapore

Navina Aziza Kabir

Sign Language Interpreter
Navina Aziza Kabir is a Sign Language Interpreter. From a young age, she always felt the need to create awareness about deaf community & Sign Language. Since both of her parents are hearing Impaired, she experienced first hand the difficulties her parents had to face conveying a simple message to the people who can speak. To develop & elevate the deaf community she pursued Development Communication at Independent University, Bangladesh. She works as a Freelance Sign Language Interpreter in various conferences organized by ILO, World Bank and other development NGOs. Currently, she is working at Pathao as a Support Officer.

Radhika Maira Tabrez

Creative writer + mother
Radhika Tabrez is a mother and a writer. In 2016, she won the Muse India and won the Satish Verma Young Writer Award for her debut novel, In the Light of Darkness. Exploring creativity and motherhood at a go. Radhika Tabrez expounds on this reality while giving a glimpse into how she balances motherhood with life as a writer.

Rumi Khan

Founder / Global Resource Technologies
He started his professional life as a lecturer and eventually moved into an outstanding career in banking and finance. He made his mark in the Institutional Banking scenario of Sydney by securing a position as one of the youngest National Managers of a globally renowned bank. From being a CEO of a biometric comany to a proud founding member of one of Australia’s largest financial tech accelerators before he turned 30; Rumi's ongoing focus is to convert organic waste into topsoil which will lead to desert recovery, and to provide drinking metalloid free water to the masses especially in the developing economies and is also passionate about finding a sustainable solution to creating an ecosystem tackling some of the problems in water, food, and energy. An avid traveler, a Jiu-Jitsu gold medalist, certified diver and a mentor to some of the fast-rising startups in Asia-Pacific, Rumi is full of energy!

Samir Obaid

Samir Obaid studied audio engineering in Mumbai and Sydney and has been working as a music producer and as a freelance game designer. He has worked on numerous ads, radio and television projects since then. Currently pursuing MBA in Bangkok, he is trying to live a spiritual life while not working on his assignments. Living a physically active life, Samir considers himself "A hippy with a calculator"

Shariful Islam

Regarded as one of the most prominent violinist, Shariful is also a music teacher.

Siaminium (Group)

Music Producer
Young music producer Siaminium aka Adittya Arzu paired with Farhan Muhib and with vocals by Ziaur Jewel recreates the magic of "Puthi", a Bengali oral tradition.

Somdev Thakur

Electronic Music Artist
Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, Somdev is an electronic music artist who goes by the name 'National Animal' and is an artist from REProduce artist collective.

Zubair Ahmed

Entrepreneur + investment banker + AI advocate /
Zubair Ahmed "Zubi" is a Tokyo and Singapore based Entrepreneur and Investment Banker. He has the knowhow of all the steps of Cross Border Merger and Acquisition, Venture Capital, Raising and Running companies, Raising funds and Management Consulting. He also Specializes in identifying companies with high growth potential around the world. Zubi has closed 7 M&A Deals in 1.5 years which is a top tier performance for any Investment Banker. He has lead all the deals from Initial Contact till Closing. He has also planned a detailed Post Merger Integration plan and led the execution from the front in a record 1 year. During the planning phase, he has developed the Corporate Platform, Legal Platform, Accounting Platform, HR processes, Marketing strategy, Sales Plan, Mid Term Business Plan, and Budget for the company.

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