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November 3, 2017
Paris, Paris

Nos Espaces à Égalité

La place de la femme dans la société est souvent réduite à celui de la place de la femme en entreprise. Mais l’enjeu de l’égalité ne se joue-t’il pas, avant tout, dans l’espace public ?
En observant la situation uniquement par le prisme de l’entreprise, notre vision est déformée et contre–productive. In fine, elle fragilise cette notion-même d’égalité. Il faut réorienter notre œil et regarder tout autour de nous. L’espace public, est celui des politiques publiques, du pouvoir économique. Il est celui de la rue, de ses infrastructures, du pouvoir citoyen. Il est enfin celui de l’éducation, des médias, de la publicité et des territoires 2.0.
Alors, si on ouvre nos yeux bien grands, comment cet espace public est-il réparti ?

Béatrice Duboisset

Salle Pleyel
252 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Paris, Paris, 75008
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Arnaud Alessandrin

Sociologue and teacher in gender and discrimination
Arnaud Alessandrin holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Bordeaux, where he defended his thesis entitled 'From' transsexualism 'to trans-becoming' (2008-2012). He is currently a lecturer and teaches the sociology of gender and discrimination. He co-directed (with E. Macé) the seminar "What gender norms do to trans bodies / what trans bodies do to gender norms" from 2008 to 2011. He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject of trans-identities, gender and homophobia: "Transidentity" (Harmattan, 2011); "The Transyclopedia" with K. Espineira and M-Y. Thomas (wings on a tractor, 2012) "Geography of Homophobia"; with Y. Raibaud (Armand Colin, 2013); "Kind! With B. E-Bellebeau, a book that brings together more than 40 authors around 70 gender fact sheets (wings on a tractor, 2014); "Sociology of Transphobia" with K. Espineira (MSHA, 2015). His latest book entitled "Fan and Gender Studies: The Meeting" (directed by Mélanie Bourdaa) has just been published.

Chris Blache

Urban socio-ethnology consultant. Co-founder of Genre et Ville
Psychology Paris VI, Master Music New York, MBA at ESCP / EAP Paris. Coordinator of the Gender and City Think Tank. After a career in the media, as director of the Gaumont studio, then as a consultant in new technologies, multimedia and Internet, Chris Blache has developed for 10 years a consulting firm in socio-ethnology. In 2012, she co-founded the Gender and Urban Urban Innovation Platform with urban planner Pascale Lapalud. Think Tank and Do Tank, research and action platform, Genre et Ville is made up of urban planners, sociologists, architects, artists, whose aim is to make territories egalitarian and inclusive. By acting through urbanism, urban planning, architecture and social organization, our actions interrogate and transform territories through the prism of gender in an intersectional way, ie by including issues of gender norms age, social and cultural origin, identity, sexual orientation.

Claire Lajeunie

Production company owner
From 1996 to 2011, Claire Lajeunie was a director at Agence CAPA. The question of the marginalized, the neglected is one of his favorite themes. She has directed "Shaken Babies" for France 2, "What to do with our crazy? And "Children martyrs" for France 3. In 2012, she created her own production company L2 FILMS where she continues to work on social issues. She directed "The New Mothers Courages", "All Volunteers, to the Happiness of Others" and "Together, It's Better", three primetime documentaries of 110 minutes for France 3. In 2015, she made a documentary dedicated to SDF women: "Invisible women, survive in the street", a 60-minute documentary for Le Monde magazine in France, France 5, at 20:50. In parallel, she wrote a book of impressions and testimonies, born from this documentary "On the road of the invisible" Ed Michalon. 2015. In 2016, she tackles the subject of poor housing in France in a 70-minute documentary "In the shelter of nothing" for the magazine Le monde en Face.

Diariata N'Diaye

Artist activist and entrepreneur in violence against women
Diariata N'Diaye, of Senegalo-Mauritanian origin, was born in Saint-Dié des Vosges in a popular district surrounded by 12 brothers and sisters. She is an artist engaged in the fight against violence against women since 10 years. In 2008, she created with her band Dialem, the slam show "Mots pour Maux". With this show, she raises awareness among the general public, especially young people aged 15-24 and young adults aged 24-30 A committed and responsible citizen, Diariata N'Diaye has been trained in the mechanisms of violence and their impact on health with recognized professionals such as Ernestine Ronai, Muriel Salmona and Emmanuelle Piet. With this interdisciplinary training, Diariata N'Diaye always leads the debate with her audience. Several communities and associations have appropriated this show, as a tool for debate and awareness. More than 200 debates took place throughout the country. More than 20,000 young adults have benefited from these sensitizations since 2008.

Edith Maruèjouls

Equality issues in urban space research expert.
Edith Maruéjouls created a research office L'ARObE (Equalization Observatory Research Workshop) which accompanies the implementation of public policies of integrated equality. In October 2014, she defended her PhD thesis in geography: "Mixity, equality and kind in the leisure spaces of young people. Relevance of a feminist paradigm. She has since obtained her qualification as Mistress of Conference. She is an active member of the association Gender and City. Edith Maruéjouls proposes in her works to analyze the social phenomena under the angle of the genre. It is a systemic, epistemological and structural approach. Based on the studies of scientific feminists, she deconstructs French society highlighting gender stereotypes, sexism and real inequalities that arise. Its recommendations pave the way for an innovative society and fully egalitarian.

Fanny Parise

Anthropologist and research associate at the ILTP of UNIL
A consumer anthropologist, she is a research associate at the ILTP of UNIL (Lausanne, Switzerland) where she conducts research on the influence of the unconscious representations systems in everyday life in a postmodern situation. She studies the impact of beliefs (Religion) and new religious phenomena (NMR) in consumption (West and Outside the West). It reports to Groupe SEB's Research Division in the Technology Division. She is in charge of the Human Sciences department, one of the five key technologies identified by the group to innovate. She works in universities and schools where she teaches courses in consumer anthropology with a Masters audience. In particular, she is piloting INSA Lyon's "Anthropology of innovation and consumption" option.

Fatima-Ezzahra Ben-omar

Creative and feminist activist
Born in Morocco and very imprint of humanist principles taught by her parents, Fatima Benomar arrived in France at the age of 17 years. In 2009, she became a member of the office of Dare Feminism, responsible for the "professional equality". During the 2012 presidential campaign, she supported the Left Front and dealt with feminist issues. Convinced that there are no women's rights that can be enforced or conquered under the yoke of austerity policies and without calling into question the ancestral myths of the Patriarchate, she co-founded the association Les coupades et publie the book "Feminism: the unfinished revolution!" in 2013, published by Bruno Leprince. She holds a BFA and a diploma in cinematography and is attracted to all forms of artistic expression, writing, film and drawing.

Geneviève Fraisse

Philosopher and historian of feminist thought, emeritus director of research at CNRS
Philosopher and historian of feminist thought, emeritus director of research at CNRS. In addition to being a renowned professor of philosophy, she co-founded the magazine Les Revoltes in 1975, around (with?) Jacques Rancière. In 1983, she joined the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) where she created the International College of Philosophy with her colleages. In 1990 she co-directed Women's History in the West (volume 4 XIXth century, 1991) at the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, USA) where she was working as a visiting researcher. From 2006-2010 she acted as the president of the Scientific Committee of Institut Émilie du Châtelet. From 2011 to 2013, she worked at the Institute of Political Studies of Paris teaching the Master course "Gender Thinking and Democracy” in the PRESAGE program. Her research mainly focuses on the history of the controver

Iris Brey

Academic and journalist
Gender specialist in cinema and series, Iris Brey in her book Sex and the Series (Soap editions, 2016) analyzes the representation of sexualities women in American television series. In 2017, she continues her reflection by making a documentary series for OCS by making five portraits series heroines that have changed our view of women's sexuality. She works for Les Inrockuptibles magazine and Cheek Magazine and Le Second look. She is also a columnist in L'Instant M by Sonia Devillers on France Inter and in La Dispute on France Culture. Iris Brey received her Ph.D. from NYU (NYU), her thesis portrait on the representation of monstrous mothers in French cinema contemporary. She teaches European cinema on the Paris campus of the university of californie.

Johanna Dagorn

Researcher in dicrimination, violence school and exclusion
Johanna DAGORN has a doctorate in educational sciences, she has been in charge of the fight against gender-based violence at the ministerial delegation in charge of the prevention and fight against violence in schools. She coordinates the Regional Union of Information Centers for the Rights of Women and Families in Aquitaine, she is a researcher at the International Observatory of Violence in Schools, Associate Researcher at LACES (EA 4143) at the University of Bordeaux. Her main work focuses on: Feminism (s), Gender Violence, Sexism, Discrimination, Precarious Women, School Violence, Exclusion phenomena.

Karine Lejeune

Lieutenant-Colonel for the gendarmerie
Karine Lejeune denounces violences against women and makes the case that reaching a more egalitarian society will necessarily require educating citizens. Lieutenant-Colonel Karine Lejeune has been spokeswoman for the gendarmerie since March 2016. While being a lawyer by training, since 2002 she has successfully worked within the Gendarmerie Company of Palaiseau first before moving to the Ministry's Victims' Delegation of the Interior before commanding the company of gendarmerie of Cambrai (59). She graduated from the War School and was head of the "prevention of delinquency "at the Directorate General of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN). She has been committed for many years to monitoring the public policies and to preventing and combating violence against women. She holds a diploma from the University of Victimology, she has provided numerous training for gendarmes, in France and abroad on the subject of violence against women.

Laurent Saussereau

Entrepreneur of the human sciences
Laurent is a passionate entrepreneur of the human sciences and the nature. Founder and CEO of YUMAN. He has been working for more than 15 years years on the evolution and transformation of paradigms and representations in the company. He chairs Yuman, and brings his an offbeat and sometimes challenging vision for organizations and their governance. He was the founder of one of the big corporations specialized in the support of business universities, ICAD. He was also from 1991 to 1996 general manager Euroforum France and was a partner of Secor, a Canadian firm Strategy consulting. Specialist of Business Universities and strategic leadership, he is co-author of a book titled "Knowledge Management and Business Universities". Passionate business transformation, he is also co-author of Circus Company (Eyrolles, 2006), a reflection on the conditions of agility in large organizations.

Lucile Biarrotte

PhD student in urban planner
Former student of the geography department of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, a graduate of the Magister-Master of Urban Planning at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University, she has been working since October 2015 on a doctoral thesis at Lab'Urba, University Paris-Est. His work focuses on the gendered organization of French urban planning professions. She created the Urba.genre mailing list, open to all.

Madeline Da Silva

Deputy Mayor Childhood Lilas, Seine-Saint-Denis.
As an activist for women's rights and the rights of the child, she coordinated the Lilac Maternity Protection Collective, an emblematic place for the right of women to dispose of their bodies, which had disappeared. It is by investing public space that she has been able to make this struggle visible in the media. Recently, she helped to change the law against violence against women, by demanding a supplementary penalty of ineligibility for the perpetrators of this type of offense. She is today spokeswoman for a strong citizen mobilization around the improvement of the law within the framework of the sexual crimes on minors. As a mother of three, she is committed to ensuring that future generations have enough inspiring female models to take their place in the public space. Her blog, "Mother-Assistant" wants to transmit her passion for the field politics and thus give everyone the desire to act:

Marie Treppoz

Entrepreneur in social responsabilities
Exit HEC in 1994 (Major Entrepreneurs), Marie Treppoz began her career in marketing and sales in New York for the company Meccano, then joined the Danone Group as a product manager. In 2000 she joined Pauline d'Orgeval, founder of 1001 lists, wedding list website, which she co-directed until 2005. She then started her consulting activity and worked mainly for the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society. From 2008 to 2013 she directs the marketing of the group Unibail-Rodamco for Europe. In 2013 Marie Treppoz left Unibail and followed a training in naturopathy at the Cenatho school to launch a project around preventive medicine via stays ( At the same time, she wants to set up a more ambitious and above all more social project. With a former colleague, she is thinking about a website that would create a link between those who need timely and free help and those who are willing to help from time to time: Welp is born in March 2015. Today hui Welp is a site and an application

Marion Seclin

Actress, video maker, columnist and French writer
She was born in 1990 in Paris. After a bachelor's degree in theater, she entered Claude Mathieu School to pursue her passion for theater. She integrates some modeling agencies to pay for her studies. After graduating in 2011, she starts playing in her friends' videos on the Internet. Later she meets Fabrice Florent, the creator of the site for which she writes and turns videos. It also includes Studio Bagel, comic strip collective acquired by Canal + in 2013. Marion writes fiction and short films as well as instructional videos on feminism. It wants to offer the younger generation the tools it has missed growing up, to dramatize certain topics, and allow everyone to understand the society in which we live, to live as happily as possible. Since the beginning of the school year, she presents a lozenge on Cana +, This week Madame, parodic show that denounces the sexism ordinary, while developing parallel scenarios of series and movies.

Sybil Cosnard

Landscaper, urban planner, entrepreneur
Sybil Cosnard has worked in various fields actors in the city: in Évry, as Director of Planning, but also in a promoter and within development structures. Convinced of the need to change the way cities are conceived, she founded CITY Linked in 2010, a consulting agency in urban planning that accompanies many city decision-makers in defining their development strategies and in the implementation of their projects.

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