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Theme: Rêvolution

This event occurred on
February 1, 2018
Paris, Paris

The theme “ Rêvolution" is a combination of the french words " Rêve " and " evolution ". For the 9 talks, we will present an idea, a dream to change society. Then, the speaker will tell us his opinion and his experience to create a revolution. Our goals trough these talks is also to show innovative and non-conventional way of answering problems, whether they are scientific or personal.

16 rue Claude Bernard
Paris, Paris, 75005
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Arthur Menard

Co-founder & CEO at SPARTAN
Talk : "bells, nuts, 3 piece services ... How to use humor to save humanity with underpants" Arthur Menard is founder and CEO of the world's leading company in anti-wave underwear. He tells us how a groundbreaking communication campaign based on humor has turned their underwear shorts into a fun and attractive product in just a few months.

Christophe Stevens

Director at Sink Float Solutions
talk : "How to divide by ten the cost of energy storage" After working 12 years at Michelin in the field of cost rationalization, Christophe Stevens decided to tackle the cost of energy storage, the main obstacle to the massive development of renewable energies. He invented and patented several processes to store energy for a cost ten times lower than batteries. These solutions can be implemented by assembling already existing components, which makes it possible to envisage a rapid industrial development and to easily demonstrate economic assumptions difficult to believe.

Clement Jeanneau

Co-founder at Blockchain Partner
"The web of tomorrow will be decentralized" Clement Jeanneau is the co-founder of the start-up Blockchain Partner, the French leader in support of this technology, and co-author of the book "The Deciphered Blockchain - The Keys to a Revolution". Passionate about the innovations of tomorrow, he invites to become aware of the limitations of the current web that concentrates power in the hands of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), and to bet on a new web, based on the decentralization.

Franck Maistre

Head of WAI Massy-Saclay
"Human intelligence is revolving" Franck Maistre is 44 years old. Pacsed and father of a child, he was pleased in the bank working alongside business leaders to accompany them in operations of bankruptcy. In 2015, he created the WAI Massy Saclay, Incubator and Talent Accelerator for BNP Paribas. Intrapreneur and explorer of innovation, he puts his inter and intra personal intelligences at the service of passionate entrepreneurs.

Guilhem Velve Casquillas

Talk : "Why are yesterday's startups dominating today's world ?" Former researcher in physics, Guilhem Velvé Casquillas has founded 8 technology companies since 2011. We will discover with him the 3 revolutions that allow start-ups to grow as fast leaving behind the empires of the past.

Juliane Glaser

PhD Student at Institut Curie
talk : "Epigenetics and embryonic development: the mysteries of our parental imprint." Juliane Glaser has been a PhD candidate for 3 years, at the Institut Curie, within the Genetics and Biology of Development Unit. His research project focuses on the understanding of epigenetic mechanisms (influenced by the environment) occurring during embryonic development in mammals. Passionate, Juliane embarked on the perilous path of the thesis in order to satisfy her personal curiosity and understand developmental pathologies in humans.

Melanie Oullion

Student at AgroParisTech and dietetic nutritionist
Talk : "The Revolution of Nutrition Education" Mélanie is 23 years old. She is a dietetic nutritionist, project manager in nutrition and currently in the Master of Nutrition and Food Sciences at AgroParisTech. In addition to her studies, she is responsible for projects at Pharm O'Naturel, France's leading network of natural pharmacies. It also delivers training to pharmacists on nutrition. Passionate and determined, she is committed to an effective nutritional education.

Muriel Tyrman

Researcher at Laboratoire SATIE -ENS Paris-Saclay
Talk : "Towards greener electric cars." After obtaining her Master's degree in Physics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Muriel Tyrman completed a PhD in Physics at Paris-Saclay University. Since then, she has been working as a postdoctoral fellow at the SATIE laboratory (ENS Paris-Saclay) with the theme of looking for rare earth-free magnets for the automotive industry, and therefore more "green" components.

Nicolas Berthod

Executive trainer at Rythm'Et'Vous
talk : "Rhythm as a lever of managerial revolution" Nicolas Berthod is passionate about management and ... about Rhythm! In parallel with his professional life in management consulting, he founded in 2014 a school of Rhythm where he developed a pedagogy based on holacracy and management of group rhythms. Aware of the profound managerial changes currently taking place in our companies and public organizations, in 2017 he founded the company Rythm'Et'Vous. It now supports its partners through the development of key relational skills and group cohesion.

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Gignac-la-Nerthe, France