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This event occurred on
August 20, 2017
11:00am - 5:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
bangalore, Karnataka

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading TED has created a mission called TEDx. Where x = independently organized TED event .The urge of the program is to give the individuals, communities and organization a stage to speak the unspoken and to stimulate their dialogue and create a spark of deep conversation and connections, Through live TED Talks video and presenters.
It is a planned and individually coordinated event, under a free license granted by TED.

I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.
-Georg C. Lichtenberg

Delta here symbolizes change,in today’s society the pace of change is immensely faster, and it will continue to accelerate. A closer meaning of change, it is inevitable and has correspondingly impacted our lives, for who we are today, and also which acts as a game changer in our life.
So, we are here with an agenda to showcase the audience as in how the changes in everyone’s life stories has created happiness and brought them closer to their dreams.

On TEDx Sarajapura Road, we would be honored to hear the stories that has impacted your lives, and which has given a new meaning to your life. And we would warmly welcome you on board to share your thoughts with us.

Wipro Auditorium
Doddakannelli, Sarjapur Road
bangalore, Karnataka, 560035
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Bryan Ernest

The three C’s that Bryan’s life revolves around- Connection, conversation, and celebration- are essentially what he lives for.It doesn’t matter where he gets it from- through music, travel, or random conversations with strangers (which are his favourite). He is someone who would define his perfect life as a union between music and travel. Bryan is a person who always trusts his instincts, staying open-minded and travelling mostly without a proper plan. His planned adventures, on the rare occasion of them happening, the plan is almost always tossed aside in place of unexpected twists that popped up during his travels that teach him about life’s truths, and unravel rich and new perspectives. He has learnt to hone his instincts, engage himself with new people and that sometimes the most unexpected course in life can be the best one, all from the roads he has taken in his life, both literal and metaphorical.

Dheeraj Mehrotra

Academic Evangelist
Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra is an Academic Evangelist at Next Education India- a firm that offers learning solutions to students across K-12. He has had over 27 years of experience as an academician, along with having an expertise in implementing various successful learning programmes such as TQM, Six Sigma, 5S, Kaizen, Experiential Learning and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in Academics. He has also published over 45 books as a National Teacher Awardee and has trained over 6000 Teachers Globally on Classroom Management, NLP, Quality Management and Six Sigma in Academics. Recently, he was recognised by the LIMCA Book of Records and INDIA Book of records for developing maximum number of Education Applications for the Google Play Store in India.

Franklin Joseph

Combat Science Specialist
Franklin Joseph, also known as Guru-ji and Dr. Safety by his close associates, is a specialist in Combat Sciences and Safety Empowerment and the CEO of the Indian Institute of Special Tactics and Combat Science. Mr. Joseph is one of the few people who know and recognize crime for what it is- a dynamic, ever changing plague on the society. He came to the conclusion that the only way to balance the crime was to turn the solution into something dynamic. His main focus is to empower women so that they are well prepared to face any ordeal, be it at home or outside. He uses psychological tactics to understand the mindset of the oppressor and deal with them accordingly.

Jo Aggarwal

Jyotsana Aggarwal, fondly known to her friends as Jo, is the creator of Wysa, a mental health AI coach that offers evidence-based self management support through anonymous and empathetic conversations. Besides that, she has been the Managing Director of Pearson Learning Solutions in the UK and a part of the founding team of Silatech, a non-profit organization which is focused on youth empowerment in sensitive zones in the Arab world. She has worked on projects (mostly based on mobile employability) that are responsible for connecting over a million young adults in the conflict-ridden Arab world. She has won Silver at the Stevie Awards, as well as the Global Telecom Business Innovation Award in 2013, for the same. Another credit to her name is that of recognition by the e-Learning Center in the UK, as one of the top three global thought leaders in education technology.

Krishnarao Jaisim

Krishnarao Jaisim is an architect who draws his inspiration from the likes of architectural greats like Buckminster Fuller, Koenigsberger and Geoffrey Bawa. Passionate in his field, he started his tryst with building eco-friendly projects nearly forty years ago, and today has awards such as the International Gold Star Millennium Award (2007) and the Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Performance in the field of Architecture (2007) to his name. He started an architectural practice in 1970 under the name “Jaisim-Fountainhead”, inspired by Ayn Rand’s novel, ‘The Fountainhead’. The firm’s philosophy to be committed to the earth and creating structures that are iconoclastic, individualistic, and eco-friendly has won them laurels at the National Competition for the Cochin Stadia, and other notable projects like the ‘TAJ Fisherman’s Cove’ and the ‘Small Industries Pavilion’.

Manisha Bhatia

Manisha Bhatia is an individual of many talents. Her multidimensional experiences in content developing and marketing, besides her persona as an artist, have molded her into a celebrated and well respected woman in and around the city. She is a management graduate who decided to pursue her passion for art in distinctly creative ventures, that were soon to be her trademark. She has an impressive base of admirers through her blogs, poetry recitations and all the stories and articles she has published along the way. She has so vividly left her mark on poetry sessions and festivals tat she has received a special mention for them. Manisha is best known for her poetry compositions in the initial stages of her as a poet, one of which is ‘Vaapsi’, featured in the famous ‘Life Nama’ anthology.

Mayank Solanki

Founder, Val- ed
It is not an easy feat to stand at the platform Mayank Solanki has reached at the young of 24. An alumnus of the school of Inspired Leadership Gurgaon, he is part of a niche of youth who have actually been active in various national as well as international initiatives and a part of several companies and start-ups at the same time. He is known for leading by example, cofounding his first social enterprise Yuva Ignited Minds, at the early age of 18. Yuva has 650+ youth dedicated to raising social responsibility in young minds. Its biggest project so far, No Litter by Me has impacted 52,000 children across 66 schools in Banglore. Among his outstanding achievements, he was the youngest panellist and the only indian in the world’s top 25 speakers in the Global Q&A on world Character Day, and a life time honorary member of the Church Street Traders Association, of which he played a crucial role in setting up. And these are only few of his many, many other achievements.

Pallavi Narvekar

Ex-Radio Jockey
C. Pallavi Rao Narvekar, known to friends and fans as Pallo, is a radio professional, with 24 years of experience behind her. At first glance, she will seem to be like any other radio jockey, but like everyone, she has her own story of struggle too. And what a story that is. Being passionate about radio, she worked with Radio Mirchi for a good 20 years. Her vocal skills were, of course, the most important skill set she possessed as a radio jockey. So when she was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disorder, her career and life took a heavy blow. But she did not, even for a moment, let her condition (Myasthenia gravis) overpower her. She came out so strong that she survived cancer not once, but thrice. That was eleven years ago. Today, she is an avid blogger, author and a motivational speaker. She is also the current Group Head CSR at Radio Mirchi. Her journey as described by her, is nothing short of a Bollywood blockbuster.

Shubh Mukherjee

Shubh Mukherjee has a bachelor's in engineering and now follows his passion of acting and filmmaking. Armed with 10 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry, he has worked on projects like Tare Zameen Par, Dhoom 2 and the national award winning film, Amu, as a part of his training programme. Born in Delhi and brought up in Goa, he moved to Mumbai in 2007, soon after which he wrote the screenplay and played the lead for the movie ‘Aasma’, which released in 2008. Shubh also runs a production company, Ipix Movies, which produces large scale international music videos, commercials anḍ films, besides documenting large scale international weddings. The company has now ventured into producing independent content under the banner of Ipix Indies, which is also being distributed globally.

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