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Theme: Draw your idea

This event occurred on
September 16, 2017
2:00pm - 5:00pm KST
(UTC +9hrs)
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi
South Korea

Life is often likened to drawing a picture. Just like drawing colors and pictures on white paper, people fill their lives with moments of choices and behaviors. So drawing "what" in life becomes an indicator of the person's identity. Some people draw their own life, and others draw society and the world. Based on this idea, we set the theme of the event as "Drawing" and make a place to spread the stories among people who are making the world more colorful. A total of five speakers will be involved in the event. They draw idea (ideal society) through their invaluable idea.

Global Conference Room, Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall.
Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Korea University.
Seoul, Seoul Teugbyeolsi, 136-701
South Korea
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University (What is this?)
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Eung Bin Kim

Doctor of Environmental Microbiology
Professor Eung-Bin Kim challenged a new discipline of environmental microbiology in various fields of biology. Professor Eung-Bin Kim conveys life science issues to people based on their interest in microorganisms. He also poses humanistic questions about issues and communicates with people. Science and society, microorganisms and people, two completely different words can be associated? Meet the story of Professor Eung-Bin Kim, who looks at society through science and draws people through microorganisms through lectures.

Jea Kweon Han

Robot Engineer
Have you thought about 'Emotional Interaction with robot'? Maybe most of you say ‘no’ when you are asked this question. Honestly 'living with robot' is still awkward to us. In this situation, it is very hard to think about that unfamiliar topic. But, it is never a distant future story. Actually robot which can interacts with human is used in medical circle already. Dr. Han will help us to widen our thought about emotional interaction with robot which is very close to us.

Joon Oh

Chairman of the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Poor eyesight was once regarded as a disability, but with the development of technology, we now hardly claim it as one. What is “disability” then? What is it that makes a mere physical or mental defect an uncomfortable “disability”? The speaker, who had, until recently, served as the chair of United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities(UNCRPD), and still stays deeply concerned in disability issues, offers a brand-new frame in viewing disability. You sure might be stunned by the huge difference in your attitude an idea can bring about.

Sang Jung Sim

SUPERWOMAN, the word for women who are perfect in both labor and child care, in Korea. But why are women only responsible for the child care? Where is the SUPERMAN? Working women and successful women are increasing but life as a woman is still tough. The only woman candidate at the 19th South Korean presidential election, Sim Sang Jung tell you about politics for women, and the society where women can work fairly. How’s the society that you dream of? Congresswoman Sim dreams of a society for all.

Soo Koung Seo

What is the similarity between Girl's Generation, PSY, Seventeen and Akdong Musician? Being a world class k-pop stars at the same time, their images are all made by Stylist Soo Koung Seo. We encountered numerous contents through a variety of social medias. However, Soo koung Seo conmmunicates with more people and spreads self confidence and inner beauty by making contents based on her professional styling. The Best stylist will deliver how to make styling as a content and one's own contents at best.

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