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Theme: Connecting the Dots

This event occurred on
February 24, 2018
Cluj Napoca, Cluj

“You can’t connect the dots by looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs

Să unești punctele înseamnă să înțelegi cum se leagă toate pentru a putea să mergi si mai departe, să conștientizezi de ce trăiești, înseamnă sa găsești canale de comunicare și să construiești poduri, să vezi pădurea de copacii din față, să creezi ce nu a mai fost până acum pornind de la tot ce avem deja mai bun, să ajungi la sursă și să folosești cunoașterea ca pe o resursă, înseamnă să te conectezi cu oameni cu care poți nu doar să lucrezi ci chiar să excelezi.

De cele mai multe ori poți să unești punctele. Abia după ce ai reușit să escaladezi muntele. Chiar dacă pare un pic surprinzător, înțelegând trecutul clădești viitorul.

Când unești puncte de vedere ajungi suprinzător la conciliere. Când îți asumi punctele de penalizare atingi un nou prag de conștientizare.

Unind punctele ajungi la “Aha”! și uneori chiar la “Evrika!”. Unind punctele reușești să înțelegi și uneori chiar mistere să dezlegi.

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Opera Maghiara Cluj Napoca
str. Emil Isac, nr. 26-28
Cluj Napoca, Cluj, 400023
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Andrei Roșu

Endurance athlete, blogger, writer and inspirational speaker, organizer of charity events, supporter of social causes, voluntary blood donor and ... more other.

Andrei Chivote Amărășteanu

Andrei Chivote Amărașteanu, artist and architect

Aneta Bogdan

Aneta is writing in professional and business magazines and, in 2010, published the best selling book “Branding on the Eastern Front“ (in Romanian); she is a highly-regarded conference and seminar speaker and juror of national and international design, branding, advertising and PR competitions.

Bogdan Simion

Simion Bogdan-Mihai is a PhD student in literature (the title of the thesis he has been working on in the past three years is “The image of King Carol I in the press: anti-dynastic sentiments in 19th century Romania”), singer, cobza player, folklore aficionado, occasional writer and actor.

Cătălina Curceanu

Cătălina Curceanu is a researcher of “impossible atoms” As Head Researcher of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics, she deals with the planning and management of experiments of nuclear and hadronic physics in Italy’s National Laboratories of Gran Sasso. As the 2016 prize recipient of the “Women in Physics Lecturer” awarded by the Australian Institute of Physics, she received her doctorate in research in the field of spectroscopic meson physics in the OBELIX (CERN) experiment. For this work, she received the prestigious, scientific prize awarded by the Romanian Academy in Rome.

Ciprian Iacob

Ciprian Iacob is a talented creative mind and music coordinator, already established as film music composer, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry gained through numerous fruitful projects in Romania, the UK, France and the US. His film scores have participated in more than 30 festivals worldwide, from London or Glasgow, to Cannes and Los Angeles. His past collaborations included the center stage performance in The Masterpiece event-concert in 2014, a project that involved top industry names such as Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, or Uyanga Bold.

Cosmin Cioca

Since the early years of his life, Cosmin Cioca had a special connection with music. His parents signed him up for flute classes and even though at first it was more of a love-hate relationship, in time he kept getting better and better. After successfully winning classical music competitions, he decided to let the world know of his gift by participating in the Romanians Got Talent 2015 competition, where he won the Originality Prize for his remakable Flute Beatbox performance.

Dana Gonț

Dana is an old fashioned television journalist and, more recent, a blogger. She created the TV show called Bonton, at Digi 24, a show related to good manners and good facts, education and elegance , bright ideas and good people.

Delia Vîrgă

Delia Vîrgă has a Phd. in Psychology and it's main psychologist in occupational and organisational medicine. She is an Associate Professor at West University of Timisoara and author and co-author of more than 40 scientific articles published on a national and international level.

Ernesto Sirolli

Dr. Ernesto Sirolli – a community iron man and one of the world’s leading authorities on local economic development. He began working in International Aid in Africa in 1971 and has since worked globally in projects to promote local entrepreneurship and local self determination. Dr. Sirolli lives in California after being invited to establish the Sirolli Institute in 1996, a social enterprise that teaches civic leaders and entrepreneurs not to let a single ounce of local intelligence go to waste.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a science communicator who was born in Yemen. He runs his Facebook page, which has over 9 million fans and has garnered over 4.4 billion organic views. He graduated from Jacobs University Bremen and obtained his master’s degree in Molecular Biotechnology. According to Tubular labs, his Facebook is among the fastest growing pages in Germany that also generates the highest number of monthly views.

Ioana Nicolaie

Ioana Nicolaie is a published poet, novelist and a writer of children’s literature, being nominated for national and international awards - the most notable being the prestigious Eastern European Literature Award. Her work has been translated into Bulgarian, Serbian, Swedish, German and it was also included in 18 collective Romanian Literature volumes as well as countless international anthologies and magazines.

Laura Ionescu

Laura Ionescu is one of the two co-founders of “Dume de Mestecat”, together with Ioana Zvâc. Since she was 12, she had been passionate about everything that involves word play, from naive poetry, short stories, articles and even to a Masters in Microhistory. She wanted to become a war journalist, but she decided to remain in the country, fighting ideas and society: she has been a copywriter for ten years now and became an activist when she realised that we are responsible for the world we live in.

Mark Grist

Mark is a an artist and educator based in Peterborough. He writes poems and does live shows that tour all around the world. Recent commissions have included work for The Royal Institute, BBC Radio 1, Radio 1 Xtra, Channel 4, Film 4, Red Bull, The National Maritime Museum and Google. When he is not writing commissions, touring or playing board games he is working on new poetry vids for his Youtube channel.

Rebecca Ribbing

Rebecca Ribbing is a Project Manager for the healthcare innovation failures at the Museum of Failure. She is a registered nurse with a degree from Lund University, and soon to be a clinical psychologist, with a degree in clinical psychology from Lund University. She also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Trinity University in San Antonio, USA. She was born in Sweden but also lived in France, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Scotland and the US.

Rita Carter

Rita Carter is a writer, broadcaster and journalist who specializes in the workings of the human brain. Her books include the first layman’s guide to neuroscience: Mapping the Mind, which has been translated into 14 languages. For seven years she presented London’s nightly news programme, “Thames News” , and has written for magazines and newspapers throughout the world, including the London Times, Telegraph, Guardian and New Scientist. She has won many awards for her work, including, on three occasions, the Medical Journalists Association award for excellence and she holds an Honorary PhD in Brain science from Leuven University – one of Europe’s oldest academic institutions

Vlad Voiculescu

Vlad Voiculescu is a former Minister of Health, Patient Advocate, Health Activist and Social Entrepreneur. Starting with 2019, he will be the President of the European Society of Medical Oncology. He is also well known for his charity projects like MagiCAMP, the treatment of the Colectiv survivors and "Rețeaua Citostaticelor".

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Cluj Napoca In Transylvania, Romania


Cluj-Napoca, Romania
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