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This event occurred on
January 25, 2018
9:00am - 6:00pm IST
(UTC +5.5hrs)
Mumbai, Maharashtra

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D.Y. Patil University
Sector 07, Nerul
Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400614
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University (What is this?)
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Altaf Qadri

A picture they say is worth hundreds of words! Not because it pacifies our weak imagination but because it allows us to feel the untold, unwrapped, intricate dimension of every story. Altaf Qadri, a photojournalist & a storyteller makes the common feel such moments of war & pain through his photographs. Born in 1976, he started his career as a staff reporter for a local newspaper until 2003 when he started working for European Pressphoto Agency. He is currently working with the Associated Press. His major achievements include Alfred Fred Photography Award on theme peace (2006), Photostory of the year by WE Journalism (2015), Documentary Award by UNESCO, Best Featured Photostory by APME, Two times World press photo, National Geographic, three times POYI award and a lot more. Throughout his career right from covering the ‘Kashmir Conflict’ to ‘Libya expedition’, Altaf has successfully captured each & every intriguing emotion of humanity in his pictures. And will continue being a source of motivation & fearless photojournalism for years to come. Altaf Qadri’s Official Website : https://www.altafqadri.com/

Dayanidhi Perumal

Coming from one of the most remote villages in Tamil Nadu, India, Dayanidhi's life has rather just begun, yet inspiring thousands. To solve the problem of sanitation and poor toiletry, which were the root cause of irresistible stench and students frequently falling ill in their public school, Dayanidhi and his classmates designed a cost-effective and practically viable toilet set-up which they call a "Safe Mode Pissing System". This system not only solved the problem of persistent odour and disease-ridden condition of school-children but also was widely accepted in many public schools other places with insufficient infrastructure. Their project won the "I CAN" awards by the NGO Design For Change.

Diwakar Vaish

“Innovation they say is a change that unlocks new dimensions & fulfills unmet needs of human life.” Born in 1992, Diwakar Vaish is an Indian born robotics researcher & Head of Robotics & Research at A-SET Training & Research Institute. His other major achievements include being the developer of India’s first completely indigenous 3D printed humanoid robot (Manav), first mind-controlled robot & world’s first production brain-controlled wheelchair (Samarth). He is also the developer of Unmanned Ground Vehicle named ‘Versatile’ after its capability to change its shape according to the terrain. His work is been recognized by the missile man of India & former Late. President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam & by Smt. Pratibha Patil. Despite of a busy schedule Diwakar Vaish continues to inspire & guide the youth towards the various aspects of technology by serving as the guest lecturer in all major IITs & NITs. Diwakar Vaish’s Official website : http://www.diwakarvaish.com/

Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

Parenthood they say is the dream of every couple. Yet the given increasing levels of infertility in today’s generation has made millions of couple crave for the joy of having their own baby. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, one of the pioneers in the IVF clinics of India has been instrumental in helping over 25000 such couples to have a baby of their own. Her major contributions include the record of being the one to establish the first laser hatched twins in India & also the distinction of having achieved pregnancy in a 60-year-old woman. Not to forget her efforts in establishing IMSI technology that led to improvement in male fertility rates for the first time in India. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar’s Official website : https://www.nanditapalshetkar.com/

Giri Balasubramanium

One man, one life but two different names! Balasubramanium Giri is best known as a quiz master & author of several quizzing books. His other name ‘Pickbrain’ was used by him during his publishing media career. He is the founder & chief executive officer of Greycaps, known for its contribution in India’s largest on stage quizzing & knowledge service providing. He and his team have presented almost 3000 shows & a mind behind providing platform for more than 2.5 lakhs students to know their talent through GAP program. He is also the quiz master of TCS IT wiz, which is India’s biggest Interschool IT quiz. He has been a recipient of many awards including Limca book of records (7 times), CM Asia award (2004, 2005). His other noteworthy achievements include being nominated as the global innovator by MIT (U.S), Internet Oscar at Asian Internet Awards, Dewang Mehta Award given by the Ministry of IT, Government of India. Greycap's official website : https://www.greycaps.com/

Kurumbapatti kids

Five kids from a small village bring about a change in their school and are now a inspiration to many people.

Richa Singh

Richa Singh as co-founder of Blogchatter, hustles each day building a better online community and creating space for real impacts and success stories purely driven by Online efforts. To her organisation’s credits are India’s first weekly Twitter Chat on Blogging as well as India’s first Blogging campaign using Alexa rank and associated tools. They also hold a record of launching most no. of ebooks in the world at one shot (thirty three). Besides being an entrepreneur, she is an avid reader and an author, a trained Kathak Dancer and a classical singer and additionally a sister, wife and daughter.

Sharad Dandge

They say the best way to know any person is through his playlist! When western music has almost influenced every aspect of our lifestyle, Mr. Sharad Dandge still holds utmost pride in enriching the roots of Indian Classical Music! Every region has a different culture, art, choice & shape of music & musical instruments. But Mr. Sharad D. has beautifully converted the beats & the essence of all these cultures into sounds he plays on his tabla & dhol. Not to forget his versatility in playing almost 25 instruments carrying the rich core of 25 states of India!

Subikpandiyan Gopal

Coming from one of the most remote villages in Tamil Nadu, India, Subikpandiyan's life have rather just begun, yet they inspire thousands. To solve the problem of sanitation and poor toiletry in their public school, which were the root cause of irresistible stench and students frequently falling ill, this thirteen-year-old and his classmates designed a cost-effective and practically viable toilet set-up which they called "Safe Mode Pissing System". This system not only solved the problem of persistent odour and disease-ridden condition of the school-children but also was widely accepted in many public schools and other places with insufficient infrastructure.

Suraj Jagan

Suraj Jagan (born in Trichur Kerala), is best known as one of the pioneers of the Indian Rock scene. With a career spanning from 1988 to the present, Suraj has established himself as a versatile singer, with songs ranging from the award winning ‘Give me some sunshine’ ( 3 Idiots ) ; ‘Sadka Kiya’ ( I hate Luv Storys) to rock songs, ‘Zehreelay’ ( Rock On ) , Jaa Chudail ( Delhi Belly ) ; India’s introduction to “dub step” , ‘Aafaton Ke Parinde’ from the film Ishaqzaade. Suraj was the front man of English rock bands like , ‘Krysys’ ( 1989 – 1993), ‘Matchbox’( in Hongkong, 1993 – 1995 ), ‘Chakraview’ ( 1995 – 1997 ) & ‘Dream out Loud’ ( 2007 – 2009 ) and has leant his voice to atleast 260 jingles including the ‘Hutch – You; I’; ‘Vodafone – Happy To Help’ campaigns. In 2012. Suraj also had lent his voice to a track for the Indian release of Ang Lee’s Oscar winning film‘Life Of Pi’. 2012 also saw Suraj Jagan step into the regional film playback arena. He sung the first rock song in a Gujarati film called ‘Pankhida” for the super hit Gujarati film “Kevi Rite Jaish” ; has had 3 Bengali playback hits – Pyaar Ka Bhukaar & Nibi Na Sala from the Super hit film Challenge 2 ; ‘Ami Superstar’ from the film Bawali Unlimited. He has also sung the title track for the critically acclaimed Telugu film Ko Antey Kote. Suraj has also had the great honor of singing for the legendary music composer Ilaiyaraaja , for the critically acclaimed 2015 , Bollywood Film ‘Shamitabh’. He has also recently worked with Grammy Award winner – Padmashree PT. Vishwa Mohan Bhatt; his son Saurabh Bhatt.

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Navi Mumbai, India
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