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Theme: Pathways

This event occurred on
December 9, 2017
Geneva, Genève (fr)

We are an accumulation of pathways, pathways that have shaped us into the person we are today. Everyone you meet is going a certain direction and is leading a completely different life to you. You have experienced moments that are unique to you and you only. What if you got to live in someone else’s shoes and walk on their path even for just 20 minutes, how much would you learn in that small fraction of your lifetime?

This event aims to demonstrate the complexity of every single person in the room, to open your mind to the mysteries that are sitting right next to you. To motivate you to take charge of your own direction and steer yourself into a future that you make for yourself.

We will change the way you see the world just through an idea.

The British School of Geneva
Avenue de Châtelaine 95A
Geneva, Genève (fr), 1219
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Youth (What is this?)
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Callum Barney

Sports rehabilitation practitioner and national strength coach

Cameron Parker

Cameron has made an impact on all across the UK through powerful motivational speeches and his ability to tailor his talk to the recipients. Very few can talk to 7 year olds in a private school then go on to talk in a prison then host an event in front of 1,000 people! From a challenging childhood to becoming the first person in his family to earn a degree, whilst battling with Dyslexia and ADD, Cameron continues to inspire and deliver thought provoking talks.

Celine Ballantine

Celine Ballantine is a French, 20-year-old woman who used to be a student at the British School Geneva and is currently in her second year at Hull University, pursuing a law degree. Her struggle to adapt to the drastic environmental change from high school to University life during her first year resulted in serious problems with depression and anxiety. However, by speaking openly about her experience with mental health on social media, she began gaining some attention and later even gaining the attention of news outlets, such as BBC and ITV news.

Dr Shirin Heidari

Dr Shirin is the CEO and editor-in-chief of Reproductive Health Matters. She is also a researcher, a gender-equality advocate and a human rights activist. With more than 15 years of experience in health research, Shirin grew aware of some of the biases in medicine that should concern us all. A woman with a mission, Dr. Heidari is on a path to change the paradigm towards unbiased medical research that can apply to all genders.

Frederique Marion

Frederique is a French scientist, working at a high energy physics laboratory, LAPP, in Annecy. For almost 25 years, she has been involved in the hunt for gravitational waves, very subtle ripples in space-time whose existence was predicted by Einstein a century ago and was eventually confirmed experimentally in 2015. The long path that led to the first discoveries is now unveiling a new one, a path leading to a better understanding of the Universe through her study of gravitational wave sources.

Manuela Cirilli

Manuela works at CERN, the largest particle-physics laboratory in the world. She is now part of CERN's Knowledge Transfer group, whose mission is to maximise the impact of technology and know-how developed at CERN on society. She is a firm believer in the value of basic research, but also loves showing that there is a tangible value for society in the noble quest for understanding the universe.

Maurizio Perron

Maurizio is a successful sculptor who has worked at the Ice Hotel for ten years, enabling him to experiment with various techniques and styles. Using sculpture as a means of expression, he aims to fill the world with his work. He began sculpting with the help of his master, at 8 years old, and has since done work such as a large snow sculpture for the 2006 Olympics. With encouragement by his grandfather, Maurizio has pursued his desire to create and discover.

Shirin Heidari

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Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva, Switzerland
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