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This event occurred on
February 10, 2018
12:00pm - 10:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
6th of October, Al Jīzah

The word first usage was in the 13th century by the Latins.

Ever wondered how ideas evolved or generated or how an unexpected result turns out to be the ideal result?
Ever even thought about generating a solution instead of figuring out an impasse?

The variety of Errares are uncountable starting from personal up to random. Every category have its own points of advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation and the outcome. For instance, a decision or an action made unintentionally that led to a better ideas than the one that was thought of or intended. However, it does not usually count as that, sometimes effectuating a completely unordinary idea or solution is the hidden undetermined answer. However, we believe our lives revolve around all the different types of an ERRARE. We either look for a slip in our lives, solve it, or reach greatness or in some cases we spend too much effort and time looking for shortcomings in life so we can avoid them. In a way or another, our lives revolve around “ERRARE”, It's undeniable.

At our event, you will understand all the different types of an ERRARE. Maybe you’ll find the solution, maybe not, but for sure you will leave the event with a whole new perspective of why we act the way we do.

ERRAREموضوع هذا العام هو
و كان اول استخدام للكلمة في القرن الثالث عشر.

هل تساءلت يوما كيف تطورت الأفكار أو ولدت أو كيف نتيجة غير متوقعة تبين أن تكون النتيجة المثالية؟
هل فكرت حتى الآن في إيجاد حل بدلا من التوصل إلى مأزق؟

هنالك مجموعة متنوعة من الخلافات هي لا تحصى ابداً بدايةٍ من اخطاء شخصية إلى اخطاء عشوائيه. كل فئة لها نقاطها الخاصة من مزايا وعيوب اعتمادا على الوضع والنتيجة. على سبيل المثال، قرار أو إجراء غير مقصود أدى إلى أفكار أفضل من تلك التي كانت تعتقد أو المقصودة. ومع ذلك، فإنه لا عادة الاعتماد على ذلك، وأحيانا التأثير على فكرة غير عادية تماما أو الحل هو الجواب الذي نبحث عنه. نحن إما ننظر إلى فلتة في حياتنا، حلها، أو الوصول إلى العظمة. أو في بعض الحالات ننفق الكثير من الجهد والوقت بحثاً عن أوجه القصور في الحياة حتى نتمكن من البقاء بعيدا قدر الإمكان.
بطريقة أو بأخرى، تدور حياتنا حول "الاخطاء".

في حدثنا هذا العام، سوف نفهم جميع أنواع مختلفة من الاخطاء. ربما ستجد الحل، ربما لا، ولكن بالتأكيد سوف تغادر هذا الحدث مع منظور جديد تماما عن اسباب تصرفاتنا و افكارنا

Opera - Building G
26 July Mehwar Road intersection with Wahat Road, 6th of October, Cairo, Giza Governorate, Egypt
6th of October, Al Jīzah, 12566
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Ahmed Abd-Elhamid

Is an engineering graduate from Ain Shams University. After graduation started his professional career as an electrical engineer in different multinational corporates which enriched his experience in various exposures. However, he was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit in the Egyptian ecosystem and determined to face the challenge of providing the world and specially Egypt with new energy alternatives. Not only that he also became a passionate entrepreneur who believed that changing the world comes out internally from ourselves. He decided to have his own business and co-founded SunUtions “A Solar Energy Startup that aims to provide people with innovative solar systems” Currently, he is the CEO at SunUtions and driving the business on the company journey to deploy Egypt solar resources, creating new opportunities to support the economy and helping people live their lives reliably while saving the environment.

Ali Aboutaleb

Executing visionary whom founded 4 companies; Holo-Loya: specialized in creating innovative advertising using 3D projection mainly for Coca-Cola. Project W: specialized in desalinating water using solar energy. EssayMaker in Egypt: A program that is specialized in tutoring students in how to write essays and research papers. Finally, Cr*sh a social network that connects on App Store & google play.

Amr Mansi

A graduate with a Business Administration Degree from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology. Mansi is a former PSA world Tour Player who ranked among st the top 50 players worldwide. However, in his mid-20s he had a vision to organize an international squash tournament on Egyptian Ground, provide new opportunities for Egypt's Players to succeed on home shores and make Egypt their number one destination for squash. Mansi made that dream come true in 2010 where he succeeded and founded El-Gouna International Tournament which ended up being one of the world's biggest squash events that was held six times since Mansi founded it. Currently he is the CEO and Co-Founder to El-Gouna Film Festival. Also, he is the CEO and Founder of IEVENTS, the organizing company of El-Gouna International Squash Open and Orascom Development PSA Women's World Championship.

Ashraf Badwi

Graduated from the Systems and Biomedical Engineering Department, University of Cairo in 1990. He started pursuing his MSc in Engineering Physics as he earned his PhD for his work on numerical analysis for microstrip antennas and high speed printed circuits in 2002. Also, he got his MBA in marketing at AUC graduating in 2009, Ashraf had more than 50 Journals, International COnference Research Papers. Currently, Ashraf is the Dean of Student Affairs at Zewail City of Science and Technology while also being the Director for the Center of Learning Technologies. However, as a senior research scientist, Ashraf was leading a team of research scientists at the SMART Technologies exploring areas of research and development that is related to technology for the education and enterprise domains.

Hani Kozman

Is an experienced Certified Public Accountant; graduated from the School of Finance in 2000 with over than 17 years of experience in the financial and auditing field. He worked in enterprises financial management for 11 years launching startups, and developing growth companies through solid financial practices. Hani is a member of the Egyptian Society for Accountants & Auditors. He is currently the managing partner of Farouk Kozman & Co. SFAI Egypt, a Forum Of Firms Member, a leading multinational auditing and tax advisory firm established since 1970 and ranked No. 17th worldwide according to the International Accounting Bulletin Survey. Hani is also the Godfather of the idea of founding Benchmark Consultancy Egypt; a sister company for SFAI Egypt.

Mariam Gobba

Is a 24 years world traveller and working as a corporate lawyer. Graduated 3 years ago from Paris 1 Sorbonne and Cairo University law school and did first degree master in international business. Volunteered in 3 countries, teached English for kids in Mansa, India (Salam Zandagi Association), gave session about environmental recycling in Jakarta, Indonesia and volunteered to do some plantation in Gampaha, Sri Lanka. She also traveled to 18 countries and more than 100 cities.

Medhat Benzoher

An Egyptian visual artist specialized in recycled art and mixed media, graduated from Applied Arts, Graphics department in Cairo and worked as a research assistant for 2 years in the same college. Held and joined many exhibitions in graphic and visual recycle arts like the UAMO, the Youth Salon at the Opera House and Drab 1718. Founder of an artistic movement called (Re_Art) and Cofounder of Greenish Egypt. Medhat is known for his mega size art works made all of recycled materials and waste to raise awareness about environmental issues.

Mostafa Hassanen

Is a Physics graduate of AUC. Before and upon graduation in 2011, Mostafa engaged in several entrepreneurial endeavors including working on and consulting startups doing mobile apps, outsourcing work, and several others. Later, he founded Zon Solutions which is a solar energy systems integrator that provides Solar Water heating solutions, in addition to sourcing supplies and consultation in the Solar Energy field in general. The main work of Mostafa is focused on agrimatic farms LLC. agrimatic is a company that is working on revolutionizing agriculture by utilizing science and research to build alternative agriculture systems that provide solutions to the economic challenges we are facing. agrimatic uses soilless agriculture technology, with developments done in-house by the Research and Development team, to provide high-quality chemical-free produce at prices that are affordable to everyone. Mostafa currently heads the company and is striving to bring it to the global markets by entering the markets of GCC and Europe.

Mostafa Salem

Eng. Mostafa Salem An Architect who graduated from Modern Sciences and Arts University (MSA). After graduating Mostafa worked as a Teaching Assistant and a part-time Interior Designer at Tebmar and Living Space companies. Unlike others he wanted to deviate in his profession, therefore, he attended multiple seminars in a variety of countries which led him to compete in several domestic and international competitions. Furthermore, Mostafa won the 1st place as a curator of the Egyptian Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Biennale Exhibition held Venice, Italy aside with his colleagues. Also, he was one of the 12 international finalists to represent his work in Colombia in the World Urban Forum organized by UN-Habitat. However, Mostafa did not settle for this he is now doing his masters in Urban Design at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology while working as an Architectural Design Instructor at MSA University.

Nancy Karem

A fresh graduate from faculty of biotechnology. As she grew older and became increasingly interested in biology, she reached the conclusion that, based on her academic and personal skills, the best contribution that she could personally make for saving lives would take the form of a career in scientific research that sought to unlock the mysteries of cancers and work towards creating new treatments for the different forms of the disease. Consequently, she chose to study Biotechnology at University of October Modern Sciences and Arts (MSA) in Egypt and Greenwich University in UK, with the intention of subsequently undertaking postgraduate research. Now, in the final year of her BSc, her motivation to continue down this path remains as strong as ever. She chose cancer as the focus of her final-year research projects. Carrying out the graduation project research into the area has been highly rewarding. In her first graduation project, she was selected along with two of her colleagues out of 35 students to travel to the University of Palermo in Italy for three months. There, Nancy worked on a project in-vitro and in-vivo which aimed to design a new way to target cancer cells using micro gel particle.

Nihal Selim

An artist by nature, philanthropist by choice, Nihal Selim decided to give up the business world and go after her passion; community work. After hard working and achieving great success in Advertising, Printing and Graphic design for over 25 years, Nihal strived into making the appropriate and better surrounding community a suitable place to live in. Nihal’s perspective is astonishing, she can see happiness in the simplest things and spread love among almost everyone. Not only that she helped the world become a better place and inspired lots of people around her. She also is the CEO of Creative Studio.

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6october, Egypt
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