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Theme: Symphony of Flying

This event occurred on
February 16, 2018
9:00am - 5:00pm +0330
(UTC +3.5hrs)
Tehran, Tehrān

The Symphony of Flying
The word "Symphony" consists of two words, “sym" that means together, and “phons” that means sound.
In music, symphony is a piece, composed by 4 movements. The first movement has 2 themes. One of the themes is like a man, positive and strong. the other is like a woman, lyrical and delicate. The second movement is the highest strength of the composer. Third is the most joyful of the piece and the last movement contains imagination and skill.
Each symphony is made for a full orchestra. The full orchestra is a representation of a life that embraces all of its dimensions.
Every event in our lives is a symbol of an instrument. Instruments with particular tunes and sounds. Happiness, sorrow, failure, victory and success.
Each symphony can represent a figure. A figure in which the main theme is the story of successful people and how they flew. People with new thoughts and ideas that are looking for a new world full of flying. A long prelude of fighting with failure and hopelessness. The beautiful feeling of flying and the high-tide of reaching a goal, a dream. Together we can fulfill this belief of flying.

College of Railway Hall
Iran Science And Technology University
Hengum Street, Resalat Square Tehran
Tehran, Tehrān, 1684613114
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University (What is this?)
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Asghar Mohammadi Khanaman

Applied physicist/Inventor
Dr. Khanaman was born on 1949 in Khanaman, Rafsanjan, He holds a Ph.D. in Technology in applied Physics at Linköping University of Technology in Sweden.In his professional life he is a researcher and senior advisor with over four decades of experience in research and advising government ministers, designing and establishing several industrial institutions, research and engineering centers in Iran. In addition to publishing numerous articles in valid international journals, He has a book titled "looking for Knowledge: From Khanaman to Stockholm" which includes 22 stories of his life and career.As inventor, he has been granted patents in Sweden and Iran amongst others for his invention of "Chemical Vapour Deposition of Electrically Conducting Polymers”. Other inventions were awarded with Iranian patent and two gold medals as well as the Grand Prix at the international exhibition of inventions and new techniques in Geneva, 1973 & 1976.

Ehsan Negin

Ehsan Negin, was born in 1990 in the city of Maraghe. He holds a Master's degree in Audiology from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Ehsan's main research activities in the field of auditory neuroscience and hearing impairment (central) have been concentrated. Ehsan, along with his wife, has started to work in the field of hearing impairment since 2012. They interest in the diagnosis and treatment of children with hearing impairment, has led them to the design, localization and evaluation of several diagnostic and therapeutic methods in this area. Ehsan Research Resumes include authoring books, scientific articles, Localization of several diagnostic and therapeutic methods for hearing impairment, dozens of lectures, and two top lecturer and researcher awards.

Haneef Moghadas

Interior designer & woodworker
Haneef Moghadas (b. 1983, Tehran, Iran) is an interior designer and woodworker based in Tehran. After gaining experience and working in various fields of graphic design and as an interior designer, he began making designs made of wood as the most popular material for interior design, just the moment he missed everything. He decided to stay and start something he always loved. A decision to survive instead of desperate, like choosing to keep a single piece of wood alive forever. In 2015, he established his reclaim wood studio with the aim of cherishing the profound of wood and its touch on human beings in the living environment and the design of spaces. He says about the challenges of his career and the motivation to launch the first Iranian brand of reclaimed wood.

Maryam Mohri

Painter and sculptor
Maryam Mohri was born in 1979 in Tehran. She has start painting since 1999 and has trained it since 2000. Mohri has held lots of paintings biennial, festivals and exhibitions in Tehran's galleries. she began to make fabrics sculptures in 1394, and in the past three years she was more than ever impressed with the nature and recognition of the nature, that is evident on his paintings and sculptures. She has already started the project to build bird returned from extinction in the year 96, which is still ongoing.

Massoud Bagherzadeh karimi

Massoud Bagherzadeh Karimi was born in Tabriz in 1966. He holds a PhD biogeography from Azerbaijan Republic. He is currently working at the Department of Environmental Protection as a director general of wetland ecosystem management bureau. Massoud Bagherzadeh also is Head of National Committee for the Protection of Wetlands (Ramsar, 1971) as part of the National Committee on Sustainable Development. He has documented more than 30 articles in prestigious journals and valid conferences, he also published several books, including the book "Identification and Management of Wetlands" in 2012.

Matin Lashkari

Graphic designer/Professional travel blogger
Matin Lashkari, born in 1990, holds a Bachelor degree of Graphic design from University of Tehran and University of Lisbon. she and Shirin Tahhanan are the founders of a new business called "Persian Food Tours." which is a one-day cooking tour for foreign tourists interested in cooking, where they experience different Persian cuisine and souvenir recipes. "Persian Food Tours" has been selected as one of the top 7 activities in Tehran, which has made it popular in many foreign magazines such as National Geographic. Matin Lashkari is one of the “Tehran Travel show” mentors and speaker of the 97th Art and Nature Club Program in Tehran.

Reza Behzadian

Sociologist of art and religion/Cultural activist
Reza Behzadian was born in 1360 in Tehran, he is PhD candidate in the history of religions and mysticism. Reza is interested and active in the fields of sociology of art and religion with a focus on cinema and is interested in research activities. He has also won honors in various fields, such as: ranked first in the Kharazmi Youth festival, respected researcher at the Saraie Eshragh conference and a top rank at the Seeking Thought conference. He teaches at high school in Tehran and he is also engaged in several cultural and artistic activities, among them can be pointed to: President of the 10 Independent Binesh Short Film Festival, President of the 2 International Ibn-Sina Short Film Festival of Avicenna, and Director of Film and Review Center of Tehran University.

Reza Ghavami Pour Kumele

Inventor/Robotic science inventor
Reza Ghavamipour Kumele is a graduate in entrepreneurship and electrical engineering. He was born in 1371 and is CEO of Damon Trade Development Center and a knowledge based unit at the Technology Development Center. He is a member of the Design and development Team of the Humanist Robot Laboratory, Home Robot and CanSAT Micro Satellite. Reza received the gold medal and the special award of the world’s inventions competition Germany 2017 and the silver medal and the special award of the world’s Inventions competition Swiss 2014. Other honors he can point to, ranked first in the Can Sat Iranian Games, Kharazmi Robotic Award and third place in the National Superior thought conference. He is also member of the Executive Board of the Iran grand Invention award and an entrepreneur speaker at the department of Islamic culture and guidance.

Sahar Toosi

Professional traveler/Hitchhiker
Sahar Tusi was born in 1982, and is a computer engineer in field of software. She has experience in various fields, like: teaching in high school, work in hospital and studying in seminary. She is the memorizer of the whole Quran as well. Sahar Tusi has been traveling professionally for more than 5 years, she initially worked as a tour leader, but now she travels alone in Iran and abroad in different styles and ways to break the women traveling alone taboo. She believe that her true love was mountain, nature and travel that she had achieved now.

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Tehran, Iran
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