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This event occurred on
March 3, 2018
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Hong Kong

ChangeMakers will spotlight on social entrepreneurs, activist, innovators and artist whose drive and ingenuity are making positive impacts on society.

Lingnan University
8 Castle Peak Road
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong, 00000
Hong Kong
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Elli Fu

Founder & CEO
Elli's life turned when she was three. She was taken away from her family and sent to an orphan house after being found rummaging on leftover foods in a rubbish bin. Since then, she grew up and worked very hard to fight for her living. Yet, she had always harboured a calling to serve the underprivileged. When she had achieved her career success in sales and marketing, Elli quit her job and single-handedly started up a charity. In the beginning, she opened her home for street youths, and later she opened J Café in 2012 and subsequently J Life in 2013. Elli gave the underprivileged families food and education, and encouraged them to be volunteers to contribute back. Her love for the underprivileged was seen in her close involvement with families, and her belief of sharing, i.e. help themselves to help others, had changed the lives of many.

Emily Tang

Product Designer
Emily is a healthcare product designer that aims to create age-friendly, safe and beautiful homes for the ageing society. Inspired by her grandfather, in 2015 she had designed a 2 in 1 toilet, called “Libue”, for Parkinson’s patients and their family members. Libue provides impaired users, the chance to retrieve their dignity back and alleviates responsibilities of family members and caregivers. She is also the co-founder of Studio Doozy. A healthcare and lifestyle product design studio that aims to redefine how each family member experiences their home space, leveraging universal and accessible designs.

Felix Wong

CEO - 5unit Social Media
Felix has spent a significant part of his life on the internet. The founder and CEO of 5UNIT — a social media influencers agency that cooperates with more than thousands of influencers—Felix himself has been a victim of cyberbullying. Although, he holds a Law Degree from University of Warwick and Master of Criminology from University of Hong Kong, Felix is passionate about the cyberspace and has launched campaigns and experiments geared at creating a more positive online environment.

Inara Sharma

Student & Amateur Golfer
Inara is a student at Hong Kong Academy, an international school in Sai Kung. For over a decade, she has been winning and losing various golf tournaments. Over the years and through ups and downs in her game, her thoughts have evolved from hating being pushed to thinking that it is sometimes necessary. In her own words, "I would never have been at the 0.7 handicap I am at right now if it weren’t for being pushed." Inara is interested in studying psychology, as she loves to understand what makes humans tick. She wants to attend college in the United States and to play college golf. She was born in Hong Kong to Indian parents and plays for the Hong Kong Junior Golf Team, representing her favourite city (Hong Kong) alongside other young golfers. She intends to follow her dreams and strongly believes that any dream you have must be YOUR own dream, not your parents', your partner's, or anyone else's.

Prof. Yvonne Sadovy

Chair of the Science Faculty Board-Hong Kong University
Yvonne is a Professor in Marine Biology at the University of Hong Kong. Her main interests are in coral reef fishes, their biology, and fisheries and how these influence each other. Some fishes, for example are particularly vulnerable to fishing because of aspects of their biology (they live a long time, take many years to mature sexually, etc). She focuses on the most threatened species, trying to protect them enough so that both their populations and fisheries are healthy and so that we do not lose the fish but can continue to keep fishing and enjoy seeing them. Some of the most threatened species are larger reef fishes which are in international trade and so Yvonne's work involves many aspects, from working with fishing communities, governments, and NGOs in source countries (especially Fiji, Philippines, and Indonesia in recent years) to traders, importers, and governments in destination centres and on public education on marine conservation in Hong Kong and beyond.

Rebecca Chan

Project Officer
Determined to introduce the meaningful community music making in Hong Kong, CCCD has been collaborated with the renowned British musician and composer Pete Moser (awarded by the British Art Association) for ten years consecutively. We organize workshops and courses for Pete Moser to train local community musicians and facilitators. Our music team consists of experienced professional and amateur musicians and social workers. So far, our community music program has been the LCSD Community Culture Ambassador for three times. For instance, in 2015, we joined an event “Hong Kong Tales in Community Music”(「區區音樂 唱彈香港」. Community songs about people’s livelihood in Kwai Tsing, Wong Tai Sin and Sham Shui Po are composed, which later performed by community music band. Music albums are also released to let people to sing and circulate their stories.

Shveitta Sethi Sharma

Interpersonal Relationship Expert
Shveitta Sethi Sharma wants to live in a world where people celebrate life for the sake of life itself. Where there are no boundaries or judgments, where people love and support each other. Where happiness is not a pursuit but an unveiling. She is a sought after speaker, coach and facilitator, an expert on interpersonal relationships and founder of the School of Happiness. She has been spotlighted on Tedx HKUST, RTHK-radio television Hongkong, self,, Buddhist Door publication, TED Tuesday and various in-house corporate magazines, and is in the process of completing her first book - a personal memoir. She has an MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong. Her real interest however is understanding human psychology and motivation. She is currently a student of Vedanta and positive psychology.

Uwe Opocensky

Michelin-Starred Chef
Trained at the much-lauded El Bulli and became the head chef at Anton Mosimann’s private dining rooms at the young age of 23, he cooked for The Queen, The Prince of Wales, Bill Clinton, etc. Arriving in Hong Kong to become the executive chef at the Mandarin Oriental (almost 10 years) he left to join The Greater China Restaurant Company as group executive chef in 2016, and this past September, he opened his new restaurant 'Uwe'.

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