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Theme: Making a Difference

This event occurred on
September 9, 2017
Dunedin, Otago
New Zealand

The TEDxDunedin dream: “Establish a vibrant community based around sharing ideas and bringing people together” continues in 2017. The theme for TEDxDunedin 2017 is “Making a Difference”. In the spirit of TEDx this should be interpreted in its widest possible meaning.

As organisers of TEDxDunedin, we intend to make a difference in how we plan and run the event.

The Hub
Otago Polytechnic
Forth Street
Dunedin, Otago, 9016
New Zealand
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Standard (What is this?)
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Ashleigh Smith

Youth Leader
Ashleigh Smith lives to make a difference. When she is not studying to become a Nurse, she is leading the ground breaking Sticks ‘n’ Stones anti bullying project (or visiting the Queen in London)

Barbara Brookes Brookes

Barbara Brookes is Professor of History at the University of Otago. Her most recent book is A History of New Zealand Women (Bridget Williams Books, 2016), shortlisted for the Ockham Best Illustrated non-fiction award. She has written extensively on areas where the history of women and the history of medicine intersect. The big question is how does knowing about your history make a difference to your now and your future.

Casey Davies-Bell

Social Entreprenuer
Casey is the CEO of Geia Ltd, a social enterprise dedicated to accelerating New Zealand's transition toward sustainable practice through enterprise and consumer behavior. I lead an inspired a team of sustainability, marketing, and development experts. He believes in 360 degree wins - helping business' increase their margins and revenue, at the same time empowering consumers. Technology and the emerging future excites and energizes him - he is driven by the belief that enterprise can be a powerful vehicle for positive change.

Emere Leitch-Munro

Music, language and culture all rolled into a special performance. Emere has a special treat that will challenge many to make a difference.

George Sabonadiere

Youth Leader
George is somehow still at high school despite seeming to have the wisdom and maturity of an experience leader. This is perhaps what gives him a special drive for collaboration between generations. How can we work across generations to make a difference when every generation is so happy to complain about the others?

Jane Venis and Hannah Joynt

Musician and Artist
Jane and Hannah have something very special for us. A live collaboration of art and music: what difference can we make through collaborating more creatively?

Josh Smythe

Josh is a coach, a fanatic, a leader and an educator. He will open open our eyes to the emerging movement of flow art and how becoming immersed in it can make a difference to your life.

Mark Prain

Founding Director
Mark Prain has been an Opera singer, director, playwright,actor, greenpeace activist,CEO and now Founding Director of the Hillary Institute of International Leadership. Mark is also Director of Maven Ltd., a strategic consultancy focused on social entrepreneurship based in NZ. Internationally he is a board member of “Climate Changers” (US) and an advisor to the Katerva Foundation in Canada. Mark is widely-regarded as an independent thinker and partnership-broker. At TEDxDunedin he will challenge us a to whether we are having the conversation that matter.

Richard Young

Sports Scientist
Richard has 30 years experience in High Performance Sport. This includes multiple visits to Olympics as both an athlete and a coach. Now as manager for the Knowledge Edge for Tokyo he is in a position that could make the difference between medals and not. How does he find the messages of value in big data, to track the country’s performance story and uncover accelerators for learning and winning.

Scout Barbour-Evans

"A known local activist"
Scout Barbour-Evans, a student and flaxroots political leader living in Dunedin, New Zealand. They whakapapa to Ngāti Kahungunu ki te Wairoa. They work as a volunteer in refugee resettlement, politics and pastoral care and if they were filling out a customs form they would list their occupation as a “professional volunteer”. Scout is disabled, mentally ill and transgender, and uses all of the experiences gathered from living with these identities to create transformative change every single day. In Scout’s alleged spare time their hobbies include Netflix, pizza, baking, and spending time with their pet rats, Nacho and Sushi. Scout – we are really excited to have you joining our line up this year and we can’t wait to hear your inspiring story!!!

Senorita AweSUMO

Sustainable fashion designer
Senorita AweSUMO empowers ethical and conscious consumers with unique environmental fashion. Ethical because she upcycles waste, adding value to what would otherwise be discarded items from commercial production. See the amazing fashion that is making a difference by providing a local solution to a global problem,

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Dunedin, New Zealand
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