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Theme: cognitive surplus

This event occurred on
March 17, 2018
Lages, Santa Catarina

What do you do with your free time?

We live in a world full of transformations, the way we relate, how we work, how we live, how we use our time, everything is changing.
Today thousands of people connect in their free time to accomplish things that go far beyond their work. They are volunteers, teachers, artists, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, everyone is part of a great body called city.

Cognitive Excess invites you to think and act in a different way, to be a different world.

Auditorio CDL Lages
R. Cel. Córdova, 332, Lages - SC
Lages, Santa Catarina, 88502-200
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Adilson Freitas


Bruna Uncini

Social Entrepreneur

Carlos Eduardo Canani


Erick Damião

medicine student

Fabiano Lauser

He works in individual and collective transformation processes through group experiences, campaigns and street actions that emphasize love, forgiveness and physical and emotional health. Graduated in Business Administration from UFBA in 2008, he was directing his training in the area of Integrative Practices in Health with a great experience in corporal therapies. In his research on cooperative games he was one of the founders of Amor em Movimento and the pedagogy Playfulness - Games for Full Attention. He currently lives in Florianópolis, where he has also been working with the theme of the Sacred Male, being one of the co-founders of the Male Mikael of Alma.

Fabiano Ventura Santos

Civil engineer, entrepreneur, university professor. Lagean citizen, husband of Fernanda, Vitor's father. Founding member and current president of the Observatório Social of Lages. Defender of social control and transparency of public accounts and citizenship as a factor of transformation of society.

Gilson Maximo

Graduated in Physical Education from Universidade do Planalto Catarinense (2002) with a specialization in Minc / FGV Cultural Projects Management (2012) and Minc / SENAC Cultural Projects Elaboration, (2013/2014), Postgraduate in Project Management by the Senac Faculty (2016). He is an actor, accountant of causation, researcher of popular culture. He founded the Matakiterani Cultural Association in 1999 with Adilson Freitas, working since then with research on popular culture, causation and theater. He was part of the Menestrel Street Theater Group Faze-Dô, participated in theater festivals all over Brazil.

Lurian Furtado

Architect and Urbanist, graduated from the State University of Santa Catarina, vice president of the Institute of Architects of Brazil, Lages nucleus, an aficionado of architecture, cities, public spaces, love to talk, imagine and design a better city to live and a lover in observing the relations between people and cities. It develops in its office and with the nucleus of architects, projects that aim to improve the relation of the people with the city based on exercises of appropriation and occupation of the public spaces.

Neusa Maria Lopes

After the loss of her daughter due to cancer 16 years ago, Neusa Maria Lopes de Oliveira, Training Administrator, founded and presently chairs the support house Colibri, an entity that supports patients from several regions of the state who are oncological treatment in the city of Lages - SC. Neusa reports that she found in volunteer support for others how to transform the pain of losing her daughter, on a mission of welcome and affection to those in need.

Percoral group


Raissa Mendes

voluntary of TED Translator Project
volunteer translator and TED Language Coordinator. She is a graduate of Letras (UFMG), has a master's degree in Portuguese (PUCMinas) and retired after a long career in public service as a copywriter and proofreader. His motivation to translate TED talks has to do mainly with his strong belief that education is crucial for building a future with less inequality and social exclusion in Brazil.

Rodrigo Reis

Teenage music lover has always been involved with bands, where he aroused interest in composing his own lyrics. He developed a social project called "Amplitude" where he focused on poor schools and communities, giving lectures on education and violence. To address current issues uses poetry and hip-hop. Rodrigo believes that music can transform young people's reality and bring hope. Rodrigo Reis is a rapper and already has two clips released on the internet. Their songs are a mix of social criticism and poetry.

Organizing team


Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil