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Theme: Connected

October 20, 2017
9:00am - 1:00pm AEDT
(UTC +11hrs)
Bendigo, Victoria
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A collection of speakers presenting innovative commentary on the importance of connectedness in a modern society.

Girton Grammar School
105 MacKenzie Street
Bendigo, Victoria, 3550
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Jim Cowie

Teacher of Mathematics, Violin, Viola, Guitar and Drumming workshop facilitator
"Circle Connections" — The talk highlights human connection through the traditional, wholesome activity of djembe drumming. Drumming is accessible to all, laughter being the key to its infectious fun, engaging community. Recent studies have identified playing musical instruments is the ultimate brain workout, building neural pathways, strengthening the corpus callosum, the communication highway between brain hemispheres, helping to build empathy and resilience. Drumming complements existing strategies improving the health of our communities. What other benefits exist using this therapeutic, indigenous tool? Does it help to de-escalate or invigorate emotional deficits? The drums will talk.

Jo Baker

Managing Director at Righteous Pups Australia Inc.
"Every Underdog Needs a Pack"

Joe Ciancio

Director at Maxsum Consulting
"Maintaining Human-centric connectedness, in a future AI World"

Julie Lovell

Teacher, Victory Christian College & Director, Nexus BYT
"Connecting Lives, Building Community, Nurturing Creativity, Producing Excellence"

Kate Lawrence

Storyteller, Writer, Coach and Host at Storywise
"Short Story Long: How Storytelling Changes Us" You know the drill, you’ve told this story many times before, it’s part of who you are, you could tell it on auto-pilot. But what if you thought a bit more deeply about your history and how events changed you? What if you contemplated the meaning of your stories with fresh eyes, looking back from where you are now? What if you shaped and polished other long forgotten memories? Conscious, reflective storytelling helps us fathom the eternal questions: who am I and why am I here? In the process, we get to tell a tale, connect with others and enjoy the journey. Storytelling empowers us to story our lives in ways that are hopeful and healing. It develops our self-awareness, self-expression and identity. This talk will inspire you to wake up your storyteller, shape your stories and make meaningful your one and only life.

Sam Byrne

Service Coach at ANZ Bank, President at Australian Goalball Association & Paralympic athlete
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Bendigo, Australia
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