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Theme: The Dream Box

This event occurred on
December 16, 2017
9:00am - 7:00pm EET
(UTC +2hrs)
Amman, ٰĀmmān (Al ٰĀşimah)

TEDxJubileeSchool is an event created by the students, for the students at The Jubilee School. The purpose of the conference is to bring awareness to local talent and evoke the exchange of ideas and inspiration among the youth. Speakers at the conference will be selected from a handful of truly innovative exceptional members in the local community that have or are creating change for the better. The full-day event will be organized to be thought-provoking, motivating and simultaneously enjoyable for both students and speakers. The event will also combine listening skills to creative and physical skills through a series of activities organized in intervals between the speeches of the speakers to allow for more engagement with the students. The youth event will be held at the Jubilee School theater on the 16th of December 2017.

The Jubilee Institute
Muhammad An Nejdawi
Shafa Badran
Amman, ٰĀmmān (Al ٰĀşimah), 11181
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ahmad Jadallah

Ahmad Jad Alla is a doctor in medicine and the founder and CEO of Phi Science Institute. Phi is a non-profit organization established in Amman, Jordan, that aims to advance the scientific potential and knowledge, for youth in Jordan and the Arab region, through science education and applied innovative research. Ahmad one of the few Jordanian youth who were chosen to do a business internship at Kelley School of Business – Indiana University. In addition, he has done a relatively good amount of voluntary work in various types of institutes in education, society awareness, and delivering help to people in need in poverty areas in all ways possible. Ahmad was a speaker and gave scientific workshops in many conferences in Jordan, Qatar, and Turkey in various topics from evolution, neuroscience, quantum biology, modern physics, to biomedical applications of nanotechnology. He is addicted to learn new things and discover new knowledge through reading, lecturing, and experimenting. He is basically a science activist.

Amal Ayoub

Amal Ayoub is an Architect, Urban Designer, and occasional Landscape Installation Artist. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture and Art History from the University of Toronto, and a Masters of Architecture in Urban Design from University College London. She has worked extensively in the design and development of Master Planned Communities across Europe and the MENA region. When she is not working on Master Plans, she likes to channel her passion for natural material into the creation of art installations that aim to raise environmental awareness.

Bashar Khries

بشار خريس فنان اردني من مواليد ١٩٩٠, شهادة بكلوريوس فنون بصرية الجامعة الاردنية و مستمر بدراسة الماجستير بالفنون التشكيلية جامعة اليرموك, مؤسس فرقة درم جام Drum Jam و فن الشارع بالاردن عام ٢٠٠٩. مشارك بالعديد من المعارض الفنية المحلية و الدولية. مثل الاردن بالعديد من المشاراكات الموسيقية الهند - المهرجان العالمي للايقاعات, رومانا - اقامة موسيقى الجاز و المشاركة بمهرجان الجاز هناك, الولايات المتحدة الامريكية - المشاركة ببرنامج الزائر الدولي IVLP انخراط الشباب من خلال الموسيقى, فرنسا - ورشة عمل موسيقية عن موسيقى التكنو قبرص - Cyprus on Action ورشات عمل دولية عن ادارة المشاريع الفنية و التسويق لها, مؤسس فرقة درم جام للطفال بكل من المراكز التالية: مركز زها الثقافي مدة ٤ اعوام مركز هيا الثقافي مدة سنتين مركز زين الشرف (مؤسسة الاميرة بسمة للتنمية) سنة العديد من المدارس الدولية: مدارس الاهلية و المطران سنتين مدارس البكلوريا ٦ شهور مدارس اكاديمية عمان الدولية (مدارس الملكة رانيا ) سنة مدارس العقبة الدولية حاليا

Dima Ghawi

Dima is Middle-Eastern in her genes and a global citizen in her spirit. She ignites the untapped potential in individuals across the globe, empowering them to shatter limitations and become courageous, purpose driven leaders. Her own journey is one of escaping confinement, crossing continents, and transforming her life’s purpose. Harnessing the power of her story, Dima is committed to inspiring individuals to attain personal and professional growth, while simultaneously helping organizations increase diversity within their leadership ranks. Through keynote speeches, workshops, and executive coaching, Dima shares her unique leadership journey with one goal in mind: motivate and activate those around her to reimagine their potential and grow into leaders. Dima draws from two decades of corporate experience leading global teams and developing future leaders worldwide. She has worked across the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa for several Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Intuit. She has honed a keen expertise in developing leaders to meet the demands of the global workforce. In addition to her global empowerment work, Dima serves on numerous nonprofit boards. She has been recognized for her services with the 2014 President of the United States Bronze Volunteer Service Award, the 2014 Baton Rouge Business Report’s “Forty Under 40” Award, and the 2016 Louisiana State University “Esprit de Femme Award.” She has been featured in numerous publications for her professional and philanthropic work.

Hala Mahfouz

Activist in social work for gaining Persons with disabilities rights .. i believe in the power of every moment and in the vibes that hidden in me ,, this universe is waiting for everyone’s Greatness so am working on myself continually

Jehan Shanableh

Computer science graduate (2000) who opted to explore the fields of corporate communication and business development and consultancy at various sectors like Credit Bureaux, General Investments, IT, Real Estate Development, Media, FMCG, and Financial Services Solutions in UAE and Jordan. In (2011) she left behind working in the corporate world to set on a self discovery journey which began with her first child-birth experience, the experience she feared most. The responsibility for the life of another human being totally dependent on her got her to ask: “How do I enable this person, who emerged out of my womb, to create and live a meaningful life?” To do that, she knew she had to go through it first, and her journey led her to learn the most powerful tools and techniques taught by the masters of the art of harnessing personal power and excellence; Hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Her thirst for knowledge drove her to research and practice and share her findings with others too. Aspiring today to merge both technologies of software programming design and human behavioral design (Artifical Intelligence and NLP) to create solutions that can transform human experiences especially in the fields of learning and development. CEO and co-founder of NLP Jordan, IJK International ; a training, consultancy, and human excellence program design company along with her life partner Iltaph Khaliq.

Penelope Shihab

Penelope Shihab is a dynamic Jordanian entrepreneur, who has successfully founded and led a biotech SME in Jordan. With one cosmetic line, in the market, she has an extensive experience in launching, directing, planning, tracking, and managing companies. She has proven ability in leading teams and managing companies in fast-changing environments, and she won EY’s Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, Jordan Award, and ranked 16th in the World’s 100 Most Influential Arabs 2017 list by Arabian Business. She has attended several national and international conferences as an influential speaker and entrepreneur. She aims to increase innovative biotech and scientific research awareness in Jordan and the Middle East, and influence women and young professionals all around the world to become leading entrepreneurs and business leaders. Professional Experience: Director and Founder | Royale Therapeutics Limited - Cambridge, UK CEO and Founder | MONOJO Biotech - Amman, Jordan CEO and Founder | SKINUE/Columbia Biotech USA LLC - Milwaukee, USA CEO and Founder | Applied Scientific Research Fund - Amman, Jordan Education: University of Cambridge | Post Graduate Studies in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology London Institute | MBA Courses Jordan University of Science and Technology | Graduate Studies in Biotechnology, Hematology, and Immunology University of Applied Sciences | BSc in Laboratory Medicine

Rania Alkhaldi

A dedicated life coach committed to helping people develop enriching and fulfilling personal relationships through relational needs coaching for individuals, families and institutions. My mission is to inspire the youth and community lead lives they love by guiding, supporting and motivating them to reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives.

Talal AlAjmi

Founder & CEO of VI Markets - Board member of ONE Financial Markets

Tareq Jundi

Born in Amman 1983. He has started learning Oud at the age of 11 when he joined the preparatory section in the Jordan Academy for Music. Taught by many Jordanian and Arab Oud Masters. In 2007, he completed his Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology, after that he was awarded a scholarship from the Greater Amman Municipality to complete his BA in music performance at the National Music Conservatory; he finished his MA degree at the University of Jordan in music education. In 2009, he ranked the second place in the International Oud competition held at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik/Lebanon. In 2013, he got a special prize from the International Maqam festival as a composer and Oud player which was held in Baku/Azerbaijan. In 2015, he got second place at the International Maqam contest which was held in Baku/Azerbaijan. In 2016, he was honored by the Jordanian ministry of culture as a Jordanian contemporary musician and a tree was planted with his name at the innovation forest. In 2016, he received the Ministry of Culture's Award for Musical Achievement. He has many compositions and studies for the Oud as well as compositions for the eastern ensemble (Takht), music for plays, children’s songs and music for TV shows. Tareq released five albums: Bayna Bayn 2008, Music from Amman 2012, Terhaal 2013, Melodies from my childhood 2015 and Sowar 2015 He conducted, composed, played with many bands and represented Jordan and participated in many festivals in Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkey, China, Italy, Scotland, England, Latvia, France, Spain, Germany, Norway, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Finland.

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