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Theme: The new normal

This event occurred on
February 10, 2018
10:00am - 6:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Linz, Oberösterreich

We tend to constantly strive for improvement, innovation and any kind of highlights on the search for greatness and ultimate happiness. That prevents us from seeing what is actually happening around us in the normality of our everyday lives. Whilst the highlights appear in gloss and light, the majority of our lifetime seems to happen almost unnoticed in the shadow of everyday's normality. What if the spotlight is redirected to the parts of our lives that we actually spend most of our time with. Then again, what is actually still normal in this so-considered normality? Does this concept still have a legacy or did it become redundant in times when each and anyone can have one's normality tailor-made.

Ars Electronica Center
Ars Electronica-Straße 1
Linz, Oberösterreich, 4040
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Ali Mahlodji

whatchado Co-Founder & EU Youth Ambassador
When it is about finding your path in life no matter what, then Ali is the expert. Born in 1981 in Teheran and becoming a refugee in Austria at the age of two, Ali struggled to find his own path. He basically tried everything – from construction worker to international management consultant. After a burnout, Ali realized that disorientation is a global issue for teens and many feel as lost as he did back in high school. This inspired him to create the digital biography-guide where people tell the story of who they are, what they do and how they got there in order to inspire and motivate others. By no time, the digital storytelling & recruiting platform was internationally celebrated and awarded big time all over the planet. Now Ali is travelling the world delivering inspirational keynote speeches that inspire young teenagers as much as well-known CEOs.

Chris Cross

Urban Dance Style
Christopher Woschitz aka Chris Cross, is a dancer, teacher and choreographer in the field of urban dance styles. He started out in a small dance school and quickly took off to many national and international performances. Through his European and World Championship titles in the categories Hip Hop & B-Boying/Breakdance he counts as one of the best up-and-coming-talents of our time. In his workshops he teaches over a hundred students per week and not only passes on his dance moves but also important qualities such as ambition, self-confidence, discipline or patience. However, his true strong suit are definitely his dance shows, where he takes the audience into the world of dance and passion.

Claudia Brunner

Yoga performance
She teaches yoga 5 days a week. For her profession and her ability to inform, she has to sharpen her awareness and work on being humble and thankful for this life. Sometimes it can be easy if you catch a clear moment and a deep conscious breath. But experiencing full awareness in daily life is a matter of learning, struggling and setbacks. Our human mission could be the transformation from any individual state to the full available potential beyond the constant fight. Claudia is at some point in-between and wants to share and learn to connect with others to not travel alone.


Juggling art performance
Jonglissimo is a group of juggling artists that has won four juggling world championships and holds 23 world records (e.g. most clubs juggled between two people), which has guaranteed them international success. They have performed in over 20 countries, including some of the most prestigious festivals, venues and TV shows. In 2016 the ensemble researched new ways of juggling in collaboration with the world famous Cirque de Soleil.

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Linz, Austria


Linz, Austria
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