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Theme: in Motion

This event occurred on
May 14, 2017
9:00am - 7:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Tunis, Tunis

When most people imagine the future, their minds conjure up familiar images of flying cars, lifelike robots, and smart devices all whirling around a busy world. It’s an image of synchronization and harmony: life made simple by human progress and innovation.
Incredibly enough, the world that we live in today is approaching these futuristic daydreams. Cars are beginning to drive themselves, computers are starting to learn on their own, and our daily lives move to the beat of an array of smart devices. But for most of us, this world is anything but harmonious or simple. It turns out that breakthroughs are messy, change is complicated, and progress only comes in fits and starts.
The truth is the world is a raucous place. It moves in waves and bursts on the power of big ideas. It’s a world in motion, and it is this endless up and down ride that gives us inspiration, grounds us in what matters, and brings about serendipitous moments of brilliance and beauty. A life in motion is never simple, but its an indispensable element of a life well lived.
On May 14th, TEDxCarthage invites you on a journey through some of the big ideas setting the world in motion.

Palais des Congrès, Tunis
Avenue Mohamed 5
Tunis, Tunis
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Le groupe "Fendose" est un quartet de "Flamenco Tunisien" fondé en 2016 originaire de Tunis, Tunisie, dont la principale ambition est d'importer et de faire connaître un certain nombre d'expériences et de nouvelles tendances musicales.


Inkman is a Tunisian graffiti artist and graphic designer. Inkman’s work can be found across Europe and the Middle East and across Tunisia in places such as an abandoned factory, a plane wreck in a rundown park, walls in the city center, and Djerbahood.


« Mizrap » est un ancien terme arabe qui signifie le fait de jouer de la musique c’est aussi le médiator ou plectre avec lequel on joue un instrument turc appelé « baglama ». Mizrap a été fondé en 2012 par le musicien tuniso-turc « Ahmed Mejri » (Ahmet Baglama) autour de son instrument « la baglama » tout en essayant de diversifier le style. Chaque membre de Mizrap est influencé par un style différent et c’est ce qui donne ce beau métissage d’une musique multiculturelle qui traverse le temps pour ramifier et mettre en valeur les anciens thèmes musicaux orientaux avec les styles contemporains occidentaux.

Amr Hamzawi

Amr Hamzawy is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in the Middle East Program. His research, teaching interests, and academic publications focus on democratization processes in Egypt, political movements and civil society in Egypt, contemporary debates in Arab political thought, and human rights and governance in the Arab world. Hamzawy was elected to the People’s Assembly Egypt’s first parliamentary elections following the January 25, 2011 revolution. He is also a former member of the Egyptian National Council for Human Rights.

Ayman Mhanna

Ayman Mhanna is the Executive Director of the Samir Kassir Foundation, the leading press freedom NGO in the Levant region. He also served as the Executive Director of the Global Forum for Media Development (GFMD), a network of 200 media development and journalism assistance organisations. Ayman previously served as Senior Program Officer for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, where he worked on election observation, electoral reform and civil society involvement in public policy-making. Since 2010, he has sat on the the executive committee of the Democratic Renewal Movement (DRM), a secular, social-liberal political party in Lebanon and became the DRM’s Secretary General in September 2016.

Badreddine Ouali

Badreddine Ouali is chairman of the multinational software company, Vermeg-BSB. Badr is an active supporter of entrepreneurship in Tunisia and has worked with entrepreneurship support mechanisms such as Réseau Entreprendre Tunisie, TACT, and QFF. He is the founder and president of Tunisia Foundation for Development.

Bilel Mahjoubi

Bilel Mahjoubi has nearly two decades of experience working with on harm reduction models for vulnerable populations, including communities exposed to HIV/AIDS and users of illegal drugs. Through this work, Bilel has worked to establish the first five “safe injection” sites in Tunisia, the most recently of which specifically works with women drug users.

Chaima Bouhlel

Chaima Bouhlel joined Albawsala in 2014 to start and lead Marsad Baladia, an observatory that monitors all municipalities across the country. She was elected as president of Al Bawsala in October 2016. Starting from 2016, she started co-hosting a weekly radio show on the National Radio discussing public policy and public institutions’ performance. Prior to joining the Albawsala team, Chaima worked in the micro finance sector, and in building the capacity of journalists in post-revolutionary Tunisia. Chaima obtained her B.A. in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Governmental Studies, from Harvard University. During her time on campus, she was president of the Society of Arab Students, and co-organized the Harvard Arab Weekend in 2011, the biggest pan-Arab conference in North America. Chaima returned to Tunisia immediately after graduating in December 2011. 27 years old, Chaima is the only sister among 3 brothers, and the proud aunt of a beautiful niece.

Faten Kallel

Faten Kallel is the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Youth and Sports. She previously worked on the Smart Tunisia initiative and held positions at consulting firms such as Grant Thornton Consulting and Deloitte. She holds degrees from IHEC Carthage and the University of Paris-Dauphine.

Ghazi Mrabet

Ghazi Mrabet is a lawyer and human rights activist. Over the course of his law career in Tunisia, Ghazi has been involved in some of the country’s most high profile and controversial cases, including the “Persépolis” controversy, Weld El 15, Amina from Femen, Klay BBJ, blogger Azyz Amami, and Kafon. He has also worked on the defense team for a number of cases related to freedom of expression and torture. Most recently, Ghazi helped create AlSajin 52, a citizen collective which advocates for the repeal of the drug consumtion provision, Law 52.

Jalila Susini-Henchiri

Based in Switzerland, Jalila Susini-Henchiri has worked as a coach in nonviolent communication for over a decade. Born and raised in Tunisia, Jalila first moved to Switzerland to pursue her studies at l’université de Lausanne and a degree at HEC.

Karim Ghariani

Karim Ghariani est un ingénieur, chercheur , mathématicien, professeur de piano, professeur en musique assistée par ordinateur, guitariste, chanteur, dj, compositeur, arrangeur, tennisman et danseur. Il est aussi manager chez AliBaba Music, prosound, algorythmes music school et créative studios. Son univers musical allie pop, soul, blues, jazz, rock et musique électronique.

Leena Al Olaimy

Leena Al Olaimy is a social entrepreneur and cofounder of 3BL Associates, a people+planet strategy consultancy and think-do-tank. Throughout her career, Leena has worked on nonviolent resilience with heads of state, activists, the United Nations, international corporations, governments, and INGOs. She is a Dalai Lama Fellow and author of the forthcoming book, Fundamentalist.

Martin Hollinetz

Martin Hollinetz is the founder of OTELO, which works to develop the creativity, responsiveness, and entrepreneurial skills of citizens across Austria. Since 2010, Martin has opened 10 labs and created 26 “node groups” in rural Austria and Germany to prevent the brain drain which occurs when rural residents migrate to cities and transform these regions into thriving centers of innovation and active citizen participation.

Moha Bensofia

Borned and raised in Costa Rica, Moha Ben Sofia is the VP of Partnerships for Werlabs, the largest consumer blood testing company in Northern Europe. Of Libyan descent, he returned to Libya in 2012 to found the Tripoli Fitness Community and encourage community building through health and exercise activities. In his professional life, Moha led the US expansion for FishBrain, the world’s largest social network for anglers. He also helped create the blueprint for new market penetration for and is a Partner and the head of partnerships in world’s top e-sports (CS:GO) team, Astralis. Finally, Moha is the founder and chairman of the board of WarOnCancer.

Nora Fitzgerald

Born and raised in Morocco, Nora Fitzgerald is the founder and director of Amal, a non-profit restaurant dedicated to training underprivileged women for careers in the restaurant industry. Nora aspires to make her life to be one of service. Nora lives in Marrakech with her husband and four children.

Rochdi Belgasmi

Rochdi Belgasmi is a contemporary Tunisian dancer who has trained with some of the foremost choreographers in Tunisia. Fascinated by dance since taking his first steps, Rochdi strives every day to fulfill his dream of becoming a leading figure in contemporary dance, despite a restrictive social environment. Originally from Sousse, Rochdi now lives in Tunis and performs around the world.

Salma Negra

Deeply passionate about music, Salma Negra is a cofounder of Adw’art, an organization which works to democratize access to music learning for youth. Salma is a strong believer in a holistic approach to education and spreading knowledge across cultural and social barriers. Active in civil society since 2011, Salma has also worked for UNESCO on youth programs and as a university professor of management and strategy.

Samar Mawazini Damlakhi

Samar Mawazini Damlakhi sits on the board of directors of SOS Méditerranée, a recently established organization which rescues distressed migrants in the Mediterranean Sea. Samar also works on humanitarian issues in the Middle East and North Africa related to migrants and refugees, juvenile justice, and access to health care.

Steve Garguilo

Steve Garguilo works with people from all walks of life from all over the world to help them make their ideas happen. He led the revolution to transform the culture of the 5th largest company in the world by instigating and shaping a global grassroots movement at Johnson & Johnson that engaged 23,000 employees and led to countless stories of product and people development. In February 2017, he released his Amazon Bestselling book, Surge: Your Guide to Put Any Idea into Action. His company Action Surge focuses on helping people take clear, specific actions on ideas.

Syrine Chaalala

Syrine Chaalala, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, nextProtein, a startup which uses insects to create a new protein for more sustainable feedstocks worldwide. With more than a decade of experience in some of the world’s poorest nations with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation, Syrine is passionate about addressing land, water and resource scarcity in relation to food production.

Tounès Thabet

Tounès Thabet is a Tunisian poet, a French professor, and a cultural contributor to the newspaper Le Temps. Tounès is also active in civil society and works extensively with youth organizations such as “Tunis lit” and “Je suis un livre.” She recently released her latest collection of poetry, J’ai tissé l’espérance d’épines et de fils de soie and believes strongly in the power of words to change the world.

Wassim Ghozlani

Wassim Ghozlani is a photographer and director of Maison de l’Image Tunisia, an independent organization dedicated to promoting the visual arts, supporting young artists, training visual professionals, and creating an international-level cultural dynamic in the city of Tunis

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Tunis, Tunisia


Tunis, Tunisia
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