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Theme: A Conversation on Artifical Intelligence and the Digital Future

This event occurred on
March 22, 2017
3:00pm - 5:00pm AEDT
(UTC +11hrs)
Melbourne, Victoria

Will humans becoming more robotic? Or will it be that robots become more human?
Where are we at currently in this new digital era? Where will be in this second machine age?
The development of AI has important implications for the future of our humanity. At this TEDx salon event we will be screening TED talks to spark real conversation. We will also be joined by great thinkers and professionals during our discussion so come along as we explore both the amazing power as well as the potential danger of a digital humanity interwoven with artificial intelligence.

Forum Theatre - Arts West (University of Melbourne)
Melbourne, Victoria, 2010
Event type:
Salon (What is this?)
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