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Theme: Shape the Future!

This event occurred on
October 7, 2017
2:00pm - 6:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Bacau, Bacău

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Centrul de Afaceri si Expozitii Bacau
Calea dr. Alexandru Şafran 145
Bacau, Bacău, 600298
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Panflute group
TRANSITION is a musical group of 6 young musicians: 4 panflutes, a guitarist and a percussionist. The 6 offer an original blend of traditional music with tracks from Michael Jackson's repertoire, Ben King, Coldplay and other renowned performers, using bold passes and rhythms. The vibes of four Pan-flutes sustained by the rhythm of powerful drums and embraced by the harmonics of a guitar, touching the very core of our human being.

Bogdan Micu

Bogdan Micu opened his first business at the age of 14, when he started selling mountain boots. Today he runs his own multinational. It has business in 13 different areas, spread over several meridians. In pararel he is also the president of a foundation that runs assistance and reintegration programs for victims of human trafficking, alternative education of disadvantaged children, preservation of wildlife and environmental protection.

Cornel Marian Hoza

A bearded man, sometimes naive, who strongly believes in people and that no one is better than anyone else. He is the president of the Beard Brothers NGO, with whom he has reinvented himself as a man. His life has taken a great turn over in the last 4 years - every day he learns something new and evolves alongside people, and more than just he sets objectives that appear to be beyond his power, yet working to overcome them. In Beard Brothers he learned that there is no such thing as „I can not do that”, and that when you truly believe in what you are doing, things move on its own. With 9 large campaigns successfully completed untill now and numerous challenges yet to come, its experience in this NGO has exceeded all its expectations.

Damian Draghici

The story of Damian Drăghici begins in Bucharest, where Damian grows into a very poor, but musical family of Roma. He began to learn how to play the pan-flute at the age of 10, after playing already at various instruments since the age of three. At the age of 15 he sings and records with the Popular Music Orchestra of Bucharest. At age 18, he escapes the constraints of the communist regime by walking alone several hundred miles to freedom. He succeeds in reaching Athens where he sang for a while on the streets and in some clubs. In 1996, however, he was accepted for a full scholarship at the Berkeley College of Music in Boston, United States. He managed to earn a four-year diploma in just two years, graduating from Magna Cum Laude in 1998. He became the first college student to obtain a bachelor's degree in the pan-flute. Throughout his career, he has played with famous musicians such as Paul Winter, Gary Thomas, Eugene Friesen and orchestras around the world, including the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the New York City Orchestra. In partnership with Hans Zimmer he composed the soundtrack of the famous trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean". In 2006 he was invited as guest on the album "Silver Solstice" by Paul Winter Consort, a Grammy-winning album.

Delia Andries

Delia Andrieş is a person for whom change always represents a challenge. And the balance between work and personal life always gives the energy to joyfully and confidently go through these changes. In her professional activity, Delia is a trainer, consultant and coach. The first major reorientation in her career was in the 1990s: although she was preparing for a technical career, graduating from Automation and Computers, she began working for British and American non-profit organizations. There, at The Romanian Orphanage Trust - and then as a financial manager within an USAID project - she began to learn what professional management means. She started practicing being a trainer since 1994. In 2000 she expanded her skills as a trainer to human resources, and in 2006 she had her first contact with the coaching area, which led her to the second reorientation of her career. In her personal life Delia is a person who values every moment she can spend with her loved ones - husband and two children.

Demetrius Tanase

Demetrius dedicates himself totally to the projects he develops, and always wants to achieve the best possible variant of a product. As a yacht designer and product designer, he focuses on finding the best solution in terms of shape, function and material for the requirements of each project. As a man, Demetrius, is constantly developing. Every day he learns something new about people, about society and the most important about himself. He learned that it is very important that when we want a change, the first step is to do it.

Gheorghe Vespan

From math teacher to entrepreneur, Gheorghe Vespan is today known as the founder of the company that is currently bottling the only alkaline water in Romania. He went into business in the 90s, activating in retail initially and later in wine production. Mr. Vespan has continuously invested in his professional education and training, guided by a set of solid principles he has never renounced of. He strongly and honestly believes that success requires wisdom, honest work and patience, elements that represent the fertile soil in which the seed of luck can sprout. He believes that there is no gab between doing good and making money, and that success naturally follows the path of the one who strives day by day to bring value to those around him and to the community in which he lives.

Luca Valentin

Luca Valentin was born in Brasov, in a beautiful family with two older brothers without whom childhood would not have been the same. Adolescence was, however, the decisive period for Valentin. It has been a period of search for a field in which to perform and develop. at age 17 he discovered how much he likes to practice Flair. He did not wait and immediately began to practice it. He has participated in hundreds of performances all over the world, won dozens of awards, qualifying himself in the Romanian Got Talent final. It was a show that gave Valentin confidence and placed him at the center of public attention. Flair bartending became for Valentin a sport and art at the same time, training daily to compete with bartenders around the world. Valentin invests time and passion in training, thus turning his profession into art.

Radu Cicerone Busuioc

Radu Cicerone Busuioc is president of the Youth Initiative for Modernization of Romania, trainer, project manager for youth, involved in projects in the social segment for over 10 years, dedicated to the idea of ACTION and IMPLICATION. A person who works with young people and sees in them the best.

Tedy Ursuleanu

At the age of 28, Tedy accidentally burnt into the fire from Colectiv Club. When she woke up from the induced coma period, life has taken on an entirely different meaning. She had to learn to talk and to walk again, to look in the mirror at the new person, to accept the change as part of her.

Tica Darie

At just 25, Tica Darie is one of the young generation's strong voices, a promoter of civil society and a promoter of one of Romania's most serious causes: Roşia Montană. Tică is from Suceava, but lives in Roşia Montană, the village of Apuseni, which gave the signal of contemporary national resistance. At 21, she chose to move to Rosia Montana after crossing Europe twice on the bike to draw attention to the Rosia Montana case. He created a scout center in Rosia Montana, a virtual store where he sells products made by locals (created as a work alternative for women in the Roşia Montană community) and has even run for mayor. Tica did not give in to the threats coming from corporations with financial interests in the area and the struggle to restore Rosia Montana to the beauty of another time.

Uca Maria Marinescu

Uca Marinescu is the first woman in the world to reach the two geographical poles of the Earth in the same year. She traveled from Antarctica to Papua New Guinea, from the South Pole to Africa and Nepal, India and Tibet to Europe, North America to South America, and Alaska to Mongolia, Siberia, and North Pole. The most important lesson she taught along his travels is the strong love for mankind and the unshaken faith in friendship, the only weapon against violence, hatred, alienation, and the destruction of the environment.

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Bacau , Romania
  • Dragos-Cristian Finaru