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Theme: Alchemy of Change

This event occurred on
June 10, 2017
10:00am - 4:00pm EEST
(UTC +3hrs)
Zouk Mosbeh, Mont-Liban

“…whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it's because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It's your mission on earth." – Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist
It’s a cool clear night and you’re lying on your back in your garden enjoying the summer breeze. You open your eyes and are suddenly lost in a sea of shiny dots. What you see as tiny dots are, in fact, a swirl of stars that make up only part of our universe, a universe that is defined by time and space.
The size of our entire universe is unknown, as is the size of our dreams, dreams that can expand beyond the limits of time and space, dreams that, once acted upon, can lead to a change in our small world, and perhaps in the universe beyond.
The question is: Are you ready to make this change? On the 10th of June, 12 people will stand on the TEDxNDULouaize stage to show you why they let their dreams travel through space and eventually materialize into an Earthly change.

Issam Fares Hall
Notre Dame University
Zouk Mosbeh, Mont-Liban, 72, Zouk Mikael
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University (What is this?)
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Charbel Maroun

Clown Doctor
One of the most fascinating yet scary things about life is that we never know what the next day is bringing us. Of course, we plan our lives ahead, we work according to our plan and we chase our goals and this is the only way to get what we want. Our desires might change, and unexpected things are always around the corner. I believe that human beings have the ability or maybe more of a skill to evolve, to become better versions of themselves by learning and most importantly by discovering themselves. And yes, I am one of many who have always been seeking self-discovery to become a better human being. I tried as much as I could throughout my life to focus and take advantage of the specific phase I am going through and not burn steps in each phase.

Charbel Najjar

Charbel Najjar is a certified robotics trainer. He is also a dreamer, a believer, and a coach. His greatest passion is to motivate students to give the best they could to reach places and positions they never thought reachable.

Ena Hodzik

Linguist / Researcher

Eva Oueiss

University Student / Activist
I want you to join me in a journey of challenges, hard work and achievements. It might seem idealistic to you, but I want you to delve into the world of passion, creativity and success. Reading the story of a dedicated, passionate, and ambitious young journalist to be: That's me. A 21-year-old senior Communication Arts student who eagerly chases her dreams and has a vision for a peaceful and prosperous world. I am trying to light a candle in the middle of darkness. Yes, I am aspiring to communicate my dreams, and to transform a little part of the world. Seen from outside, it might seem quite impressive, promising and impossible. But my own narrative: I'm a passionate person, keen on challenging myself, and giving the best of me. I'm pretty confident that I've not improved so far without believing in my potential and working hard to invest it in good causes.

Gebran Abou Zeid

Advertising and Marketing Student
Gebran Abou Zeid is a marketing and advertising student at Notre Dame University, Louaize. He's a creative and ambitious person who is passionate about reading and who's dream is to, one day, become a writer.

Ghida Husseini

Counseling Psychologist
Today, Ghida Husseini is a counselling psychologist who lends a hand to those who are stressed and have issues adjusting to life’s difficulties, the same people whose shoes she was once in. Back in Lebanon, she founded Metanoia, the Stress and Trauma Centre.

Joelle Samaha

Trainer & Facilitator
When she was a child, Joelle used to believe that we were all made of moonlight, a jasmine scented wind and a secret story; she couldn’t wait to unravel the mysteries behind everybody’s legend. Now, it is her turn to tell her story, tale far far away from moonlight or the magical smell of flowers, a story deeply rooted in reality that made her who she is today. Today, Joelle is a Learning and Development Associate with a deep passion for literature, art and the human condition, but she will not be talking about her career.

Marie McGillyCuddy

VP of Admissions - Medicine of Health Sciences and Health Services
Marie McGillycuddy is the Vice President of Admissions for the University of Medicine and Health Sciences, a boutique medical school that provides passionate and community service oriented physicians to the United States and Canada.

Nadida Raad

Students going to school, old ladies to their morning gatherings, people to their workplaces…a functional and healthy city. That was Nadida's dream some years ago; today, it’s her goal. Nadida is currently the co-founder of The Chain Effect, an initiative that promotes cycling for mobility in Beirut.

Nagham Tabet

The applauses are getting more intense, the shootouts are getting louder and so does my heart rate. Passionately, as I walk towards the stage, I feel like a bird set free, reaching its heavenly world. Here I am, under the spotlights, holding my dearest violin and ready to spread my mesmerizing rhythm while surrounded with happy souls. Singing and playing the violin have always been a childhood dream, and here I am now achieving it. Long years of hard work have paid off. Progressively learning and practicing daily are the main reasons of who I have become today. Through the past years, I attended many events such as weddings, fund raising events, musical festivals, special occasions, gala dinners, birthdays and many more. However, the closest events to my heart are the ones that took place in my dearest university NDU Louaize. Throughout my artistic career, I will always aim to reflect my inner joy and make my happiness contagious.

Patricia Nammour

Actress / Drama Therapist
I am an actress and I hate fame; that is my biggest dilemma. I’ve been working for more than 19 years in the field and have always avoided the spotlight. Fame is all about Glow and Sparkles while I discovered that acting is all about digging in the dark parts of the very intimate side of yourself. Fame pushes you to fake everything and to always take care about your “image” and looks. Acting, however, is simply showing the raw truth, being genuine, never caring about what people might say. After the positive change that happened to my personality when I experienced theater, I believe that everybody should be an actor, meaning that everybody should discover their inner needs and act upon them.

Pauline Aad

University Professor (Biology)
Pauline Aad is an activist for change. Change in the mindset of people about Taboos especially when it comes to sexual education. Pauline believes in “Knowledge is Power” in all fields of science and social issues. After studying reproductive biology and noticing school and college students very inquisitive about their bodies, their reproductive health and sexual safety and diseases, Pauline ventured on uncharted territory, “Age-appropriate sexual education”.

Serge Mrad

Although Music is not the field I work in, my passion towards it never ends. When I was 8 years old, I started my first piano lessons at my village institute. Then, I moved to a professional private institute where I discovered my real talent. Day by day, I worked on my fast learning ability, reproducing and recently composing some personal instrumental pieces. By the age of 15, I had managed to take the lead at my village church choir and work with many other choirs as a pianist. Today, I am still leading my village's choir, I composed 3 pieces and I am willing to go further. It's my way to express myself, what I feel, what I love, and what I am passionate about. Never leave your talent and your passion behind; that's what makes us progress.

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