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Theme: Rock the boat

This event occurred on
June 24, 2017
1:00pm - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Hamburg, Hamburg

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Hamburg, Hamburg, 20355
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The duo ALON & JOCA is an encounter between two eclectic and virtuoso musicians. The long and special connection between them makes their music deep and unique. Their international career experience brings to their music a variety of influences from around the globe, which reflects in their original compositions and arrangements, creating an exciting and boundless music. Following their successful performances at Sala Baden Powell in Brazil, TheRed Sea Jazz Festival in Israel, The International Jazz Festival at Punta Del Este in Uruguay, Jazz Open Festival in Germany, and The Great American Jazz Series at Lazzara Hall in Florida, U.S, ALON & JOCA headed to Vibromonk Studios in New York, to record their debut album. After finishing their 2016 tour in Brazil, Russia, Germany and Israel, ALON & JOCA are starting their new musical year with a U.S. tour in New York & Boston, promoting their duo album, concluding with a concert featuring a full big band at the JCC in Manhattan, New York. These days the duo is finishing the production of their new album, featuring the renowned NDR big band, followed by a European tour in the spring.


Ori Alboher was born in Jerusalem and has been making music under the stage name ORI since 2012. ORI is a D.I.Y kind of guy, his creation is the core and the essence of his life, he makes his music, from composing through recording to production, all by himself in a ritual like manner. Listening to ORI's music is drifting away to the sound of his heart and his unique voice while trying to swim in the current threatening to drown you. ORI makes his music in his home studio creating and producing his own beats and sound and accompanying himself with vocal harmonies and a variety of samples.

Bernd Roggendorf

Bernd Roggendorf and his team at EIDU are driven by the strong belief that every child in the world deserves equal opportunity, including the 800 million children who live on $2 or less per day and who, despite going to school, often lack fundamental skills like reading, writing, and math. Therefore EIDU is working on a learning platform which will enable children to teach themselves those and many other fundamental skills. The platform is optimized to work on the cheapest smartphones which will be omnipresent within a few years time. It is being developed and tested together with 3,000 preschool children and their parents and teachers in an African slum.

Insa Thiele-Eich

Exploring and curiously investigating her surroundings have always been a passion of Insa. As a scientist she is doing exactly that in everyday life. Having studied meteorology, she pursued a career in this field and continued to work as a researcher, lecturer and now as a scientific coordinator for a geoscience research center at the University of Bonn. But things have changed and new challenges are on the horizon- her biggest dream is about to become reality: going to space. Insa could become the first German female astronaut as one of two finalists of the German private campaign ‘Die Astronautin’. Rigorous training will begin in July, and she will start exploring not only Earth but also space by 2020. But the challenges of becoming an astronaut are not foreign to her. Insa grew up as the daughter of an astronaut and knows that this is exactly the life she wants to live.

Julia Koeberlein

Driven by the desire to understand current topics in an increasingly complex world Julia keeps asking herself: which information is required and how can it be conveyed best so readers can really understand every facet? Being a designer from Munich who studied in Augsburg and Zurich, she puts the readers needs as well as the requirements of the specific content into the center. She is always eager to explore and investigate new ways of telling complex stories in the most comprehensive and comprehensible way. Together with her interdisciplinary team she developed a software for nonlinear storytelling. With its help she publishes the digital magazine „Der Kontext“. It covers pressing topics like „Populism“, „War in Syria“ or „Energiewende“ in monothematic issues. The magazine embraces complexity to convey the content in a playful way to fully engage the readers and their interest. Before founding the startup in 2015 she worked as an editorial designer and consultant and was awarded for her designs and concepts.

Laura Storm

Laura Storm has spent the past decade bringing together individual consumers and activists with businesses, NGO’s, and policy makers around sustainable solutions. An entrepreneurial mind-set and a visionary leader, Laura most recently co-built SUSTAINIA, the global mega-brand for sustainable solutions that has helped expose hundreds of sustainable solutions to investors and millions of consumers across the world. Laura loves new sustainable inventions, materials and business models and believes that nature is the most intelligent life force and design on our planet. Taking a holistic view of societal change, she pushes simultaneously for conscious leadership, personal well-being and a truly circular economy. Laura is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and has been selected to join the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an expert in sustainable development and climate change. In 2013, she was awarded the Global Greenbiz’ “Worldchanger” award.

Lisa Kepinski

Lisa brings over 20 years’ experience working in diverse, global environments as a senior Global Diversity & Inclusion executive setting strategic direction internationally. In 2013,
she founded the Inclusion Institute focused on consultancy, training, coaching, & research. Her special expertise in organizational development integrated with inclusive culture make her a unique resource for change at all levels. She partners with organizations on how to successfully achieve their goals for a more inclusive culture. Lisa is the co-founder of the non-profit Global Inclusion Nudges Initiative & co-author (with Tinna Nielsen) of the
Inclusion Nudges Guidebook. For this work, they were named to The Economist’s Global Diversity List of Top 10 Diversity Consultants. Lisa has also co-authored a global study on improving the effectiveness of women networks, and is the Executive Editor of a forthcoming report on the future of Diversity & Inclusion from Newsweek.

Massoud Hassani

Born in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani moved to The Netherlands in 1998 in search of a new life. As a child growing up in Kabul, Massoud developed an interest in technology and the Arts. This interest lead Massoud to study Industrial Design at Design Academy Eindhoven, focusing his work upon the relationships between his Dutch and Afghan cultures. Massoud graduated in 2011 and in 2013 created his own company with help of his brother, Mahmud, to develop and build upon his graduation project. Since his graduation, Massoud has won several international Prizes, notably being listed by as one of the top 25 designers shaping the future of design and named by AutoDesk as being in the top 100 designers of Global Public Interest who would re-imagine and shape our World.

Nancy Proctor

Nancy Proctor is Director of the Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture, and of the MuseWeb Foundation, the new non-profit initiative of Museums and the Web. She is also Co-chair and Co-editor with Rich Cherry of MW’s international conferences and publications. Nancy’s current work focuses on innovating business models and practices in the cultural sector to make our cultural heritage and institutions more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable.

Natalie Matosin

When anyone asks what Dr Natalie Matosin does for work, it always ends up being an interesting conversation. A molecular neurobiologist, Dr Matosin studies the genetic and molecular basis of severe mental illnesses using postmortem brain samples from people who were living with psychiatric disorders. The types of samples Dr Matosin explores are often no larger than the size of a pea. Yet the information they provide can paint a picture of the cascade of events that contribute to adverse mental health. Dr Matosin’s fascination with science started long before her time at university. Born and raised on the south-east coast of Australia, she was always in the outdoors and developed a natural curiosity for the world around her. After completing her studies, Dr Matosin relocated to Germany to undergo advanced training in Munich. In addition to science, she is passionate about closing the gap between scientific knowledge and the public. Her fearlessness as a millennial scientist led to recognition in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 List, announced earlier this year.

Sören Stamer

Sören is fascinated by change – from both a technological and cultural perspective. The changes that we seek, as well as the changes that are forced on us; from sudden compelling transformations to the unintended consequences of actions that arrive almost without notice. The question that he keeps asking himself is this: If fundamental change is inevitable – and occurs at an increasingly rapid pace – how can individuals, organizations and society at large learn to cope with it? His quest to answer this question led Sören to experiment in 2003 with principles of self-organization at CoreMedia, the company he co-founded in 1996. It led him to move to San Francisco in 2009 and prompted his return to Hamburg in 2015. Sören co-edited the book “Enterprise 2.0 – The Art of Letting Go” in 2008 and received the 2009 German Fairness Prize for his leadership. He is married and has four children.

Temi Mwale

Growing up in London, it was inequality, injustice and her initial observations of the legal system that motivated Temi to study law at the London School of Economics. Her early experiences of crime and violence propelled her to establish The 4Front Project, a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. Her team aim to transform the mindsets of young people by providing specialist violence interventions and a platform for young voices to demand better provisions. As Founding Director, Temi has used her education to provide legal empowerment for young people, who she teaches to analyse the social issues that affect them using a legal lens. At 21 years old, she has become a Multi-Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur and a leading voice for change in the UK. Her passion for social entrepreneurship and her uncompromising D.I.Y attitude led her to being named one of Forbes top '30 under 30' social entrepreneurs in Europe.

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