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Theme: "I am, we are, this place is..." - an exploration of identity

This event occurred on
March 24, 2017
1:30pm - 3:00pm JST
(UTC +9hrs)
Kyoto, Kyôto

Student organised from start to finish, TEDxYouth@KIS is Kyoto International School's first TEDx event!
TEDxYouth@KIS will showcase the thoughts, ideas, and dreams of KIS students around their interpretations of the concept of identity.
Join us, and change the world with the youth change agents from TEDxYouth@KIS!

Otto Faden
Suai Inoue
Jennifer Min
Maria Nakamura
Marisu Nakano
Emily Nishikawa
Mathilde Penkhues
Miyabi Sugimoto
Julie Uva
Gabrielle Wilde

Aaron Berman

Craig Dwyer
Nana Hayashi
Rieko Sawamura

Brenna McNeil and Chris Corrigan

Kyoto International School
317 Kitatawara-cho
Kyoto, Kyôto, 602-8247
Event type:
Youth (What is this?)
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Ayase Yamagishi - 'Challenging gender stereotypes'

Middle School student at Kyoto International School
Ayase was born in Canada and relocated to Kyoto, Japan when she was young. She often travels back to Canada where her older brother lives. Ayase loves snowboarding and is a talented soccer player- in fact, she dreams of playing in Canada's or Japan's national team so she can be an inspiration to soccer players around the world. Ayase's thoughtful TEDxYouth@KIS talk invites us to challenge gender stereotypes. "I want to be people's inspiration and make them say, "Because of Ayase, I didn't give up!"" - Ayase Yamagishi

Eva Banks - 'Reuse and reduce'

Grade 5/6 student at Kyoto International School
Eva Banks hails from England, but has lived most of her life in Singapore. She now appreciates the kindness of the people and the culture of her current home of Kyoto, Japan. Eva enjoys singing, drama, and visual art, and hopes to be a performer- her dream is to be in the play 'Mathilda'. Eva will share her innovative ideas about reducing waste in her TEDxYouth@KIS talk. "Start with a hill and head for a mountain!" - Eva Banks

Miya Banks - 'Sports are for everyone'

Grade 3/4 student at Kyoto International School
Miya Banks was born in Singapore, and now lives in Kyoto, Japan. Miya particularly enjoys the food and culture of Japan, as well as her friends and her school, Kyoto International School. Miya likes all animals, but she would really like a pet piglet because they are dusty, muddy and funny, just like Miya! Miya likes running and playing the piano, but she LOVES playing and watching football- her dream is to play in a girls football team. Miya shares her love of sport in her TEDxYouth@KIS talk about girls and sport. "Don't be mean to others, and your heart will be filled with love!" - Miya Banks

Sheizaf Lee Lugasi - 'Elements of identity'

Middle School student at Kyoto International School
Sheizaf is a global citizen with family roots in many places around the world. She has also travelled extensively to countries such as Israel, China, America, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Korea. Sheizaf currently lives in Kyoto, Japan where she loves the food, the people, and the culture. Sheizaf is an artist who dabbles in music, dancing, photography, art, design, and fashion. Sheizaf hopes to be a singer songwriter in the future, and is currently a member of a song-writing club at Kyoto International School. Sheizaf will share her stories and thoughts about being a global citizen at her TEDxYouth@KIS talk. "Every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back." - Sheizaf Lee Lugasi

Thomas Kano - 'Bottle caps for children's health'

Grade 5/6 student at Kyoto International School
Thomas was born and raised in England, and relocated to Kyoto, Japan when he was in Grade 3. He loves Kyoto's unique history and beauty, which he uses as inspiration for his drawings and visual art. He also loves researching rocks and minerals. Thomas has traveled all around the world, and he wishes there were more guide books for people who want to visit new places so they could learn more about cultures around the world. Thomas' TEDxYouth@KIS talk highlights an easy action everyone can take that can help children's health around the world. "Even if you are laughing, in your heart you can be crying." - Thomas Kano

William Chapple - 'What, me worry?'

Middle School student at Kyoto International School
William was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan, and has strong family ties in New Zealand. William has enjoyed growing up in Japan's safe environment and its unique culture. William enjoys playing all kinds of sports and games, and his dream is to travel the world to watch soccer games in different countries. Interestingly, William says he used to be called Golem from 'The Lord of the Rings'! William's insightful TEDxYouth@KIS talk will explore anxiety and worrying. "Everything that has a beginning comes to an end."- William Chapple

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Kyoto, Japan
  • Anastasiya Mozolevych