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Theme: On the Road

This event occurred on
April 22, 2017
12:00am - 8:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Dijon, Côte-d'Or

The TEDx SciencesPo Campus Dijon team is happy to announce: a new TEDx event is coming soon!

Get ready for a day full of fascinating talks, inspirational speakers and “ideas worth spreading” on 22 APRIL in DIJON! This year, out theme is “On The Road” and as usual, the talks will be carried out in English.

Organized by a SciencesPo Paris campus de Dijon student association, this TEDx conference is part of world-renown non-profit TED conference series uniting people sharing their ideas on diverse topics such as technology, education, design, science, culture, economy, art, business etc. Examples of TED talks can be found at, the official website of TED, the mother organisation of TEDx.

The programme will conclude 8 talks, with coffee breaks in between. If you are interested, please sing up by filling out this form: You can buy your ticket now at: We hope to see you there!

14 avenue Victor Hugo
Dijon, Côte-d'Or, 21000
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University (What is this?)
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Andrei Olaru

Having just finished his BA in economics and international relations, Andrei is currently working, not only on getting a master’s degree in security and diplomacy but also on finding his life path. While having 8 years of experience in competitive debating in various Debating Championships such as the World Universities Debating Championship, the World Schools Debating Championship or the Oxford Inter-Varsity Debating Competition, he is also discovering first-handedly the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, game designer, trainer, journalist and economist. He has found out that unseen chains are constraining the motion of our lives everyday.

Benjamin Pastorelli

Ph.D. Student in Psychology
Benjamin Pastorelli is a Ph.D. student in the Laboratory of Psychology: Relational Dynamics and Identity Processes at the University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté. He studies how cultural diversity influences our creativity. Where are you from? This question is often harder to answer than expected. Indeed, today our world is more global. Cities and people are more connected around the world. Thus, our life experiences are more multicultural. What does this fact imply for our own identity? Does this richness make us more creative? The only way to answer to these questions is to come to TEDx Sciences Po Campus Dijon!

Delia Nedelcu

Student of political sciences
Delia is a Romanian student studying at Sciences Po Paris campus de Dijon. She studies political sciences. In her talk she talks about Roma children and her experience with them.

Giorgi Khurtsilava

Student, works at United Nations, in cooperation with ex-;inister of Defense of Georgia
Currently a political science student in Tbilisi, Giorgi works for the United nations. In cooperation with ex-Minister of Defence of Georgia, he deals with public diplomacy. Besides, Giorgi is also the lead singer of metal group Infadus with which he tours the Caucasus. By travelling through the region he learns about the problems it faces today. Giorgi’s main objective is to make his country a better place, i.e. to build a safe and peaceful Georgia. In his speech he will talk about his experiences and the way he can combine the world of metal music and use it for a better cause. Join our guest in discovering the road to a better future.

Julia Robin

Student of political sciences
Julia is a French studying at Sciences Po Paris campus de Dijon. She studies political sciences. In her talk she talks about people with mental disorders and how it is, oftenly, overlooked.

Maurice Grinberg

Maurice Grinberg is an associate professor in the Department of Cognitive Science and Psychology and Research Center for Cognitive Science at New Bulgarian University. The co-founder of an ASSIST (Assistive technologies), an NGO promoting and disseminating high-tech technologies in Bulgaria with a focus on eye-control for computer access and communication for people with severe physical disabilities, has more than 100 publications under his belt. His interest in judgment and decision making in social and moral dilemmas, mind perception in robots and transhumans, eye-tracking and bio-signal recording technologies, gave him food for thoughts on the advantages as well as risks that artificial intelligence brings. The huge progress in AI may have a decisive impact on high-tech assistive technologies which can change the life of disabled people.

Solomon Passy

Founder and President of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria; First non-NATO Vice-President of the Atlantic Treaty Association; Foreign Minister in the Government of King Simeon II (signed Bulgaria’s accession to NATO and the EU) – Chairman of the UN Security Council (in 2002 and 2003); Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2004.
Ever since its creation, electoral democracy has always been worrying us with a key paradox: tolerance towards populism which could easily lead to the auto-destruction of democracy. That is why, in 1947, Winston Churchill revealed that elections are objectively worst, but the best among existing solutions for governance. Today, in 2017, we build upon Churchill’s, launching a smarter solution called informed democracy, i-Democracy, i-D. This solution is designed to solve the mathematical problem of how to boost and optimize a nation’s happiness.

Wojtek Ziemnicki

Lawyer, traveller
Wojtek Ziemnicki comes from Poland, but he also lived in the United States and in Great Britain. Although he studied law, his greatest passion has always been travelling. Despite his illness, he tries to lead an active life and to realize his dreams. A few years ago, Wojtek Ziemnicki made a journey no other person in the world made before… It was for him an occasion to look more carefully at the surrounding world.

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