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Theme: License to Know

This event occurred on
November 11, 2017
11:00am - 8:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Monte Carlo, Monte-Carlo

The second edition of TEDxMonteCarlo is back to inspire you with the intriguing theme of “License to Know”. A line-up of captivating local and international speakers are preparing to stimulate your minds with headline topics including entrepreneurship, safety, security and transparency. Their ideas are thought provoking and designed to inspire you to meet the challenges of our fast paced world.

Every speaker has been carefully chosen for the event and in less than 18-minutes, they will share with you their ideas worth spreading. At TEDxMonteCarlo, we have selected today’s pressing topics for our 2017 edition. For example, how does and will artificial intelligence impact our lives? How much online presence is too little to fit in, or too much, causing us harm? Don’t we deserve to live in a safe and secure world? Shouldn’t we know how to protect our families and ourselves, while having the possibility to explore and thrive in our world of opportunities?

From cyber to physical security experts, entrepreneurs to doctors, and innovators to chess players, this year’s TEDxMonteCarlo offers you the “License to Know”.

Topics we will explore:
The rapid evolution of artificial intelligence and its future
Tools for living in a safe and secure world (cyber security, personal safety & security)
Ways to protect our privacy when using social media
Putting health and patients at the center of the healthcare system
Exploring the unknown and the endless opportunities at our finger tips

Grimaldi Forum
10 Avenue Princess Grace
Monte Carlo, Monte-Carlo, 98000
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Standard (What is this?)
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Alex Deans

Serial Inventor, Artist & Public Speaker
Alex Deans is a 19 year-old serial inventor, artist, and public speaker, recently appointed as the Queen’s Young Leader by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. At age 12, his chance encounter with a visually impaired woman inspired him to develop the iAid, a novel navigation device for the blind. Deans is a highly sought-after speaker and media presence, and recognized as one of “Canada’s Future Leaders under 25” by Maclean’s magazine. He toured nationally with WE Day, speaking alongside Demi Lovato and Justin Trudeau to over 160,000 youth about the importance of creativity. Deans harnesses his talents outside of science to tackle problems in unconventional ways. He is an avid artist, and competed for Team Canada in the 2011 International Children’s Winter Games in Grand Slalom and Ski Cross.

Emily Rolfe

Emily Rolfe is a student at Lycée Albert Premier of Monaco. Rolfe ran the race to raise money for Diabetes UK to fund a new and very complex piece of technology – a combined transmitted light and fluorescent microscope and imaging computer. Since her sister was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2013, her family has been heavily involved with Diabetes UK, a charity that helps diabetes sufferers and their families. Rolfe now aspires to continue running ultra-marathons whilst applying for university to study Biomedicine in the UK.

Ernesto Sirolli

Entrepreneurial Champion & Behavioral Economist
Dr. Ernesto Sirolli has been referred to as a community development ‘Iron Man’. His experiences, working in many of the world poorest communities, confirmed his appreciation for human potential and spurred him to develop Enterprise Facilitation i.e. a model of local economic development based on capturing the passion, intelligence and resolve of local entrepreneurs. Sirolli resides in California and runs the Sirolli Institute, a social enterprise that teaches civic leaders, governments and corporations how to partner with local people to create long lasting prosperity. Sirolli is the author of two books Ripples from the Zambezi and How to start a business and ignite your life. In 2012, Sirolli gave a TEDx Talk titled: “Shut up and Listen”. The talk has been translated into 35 languages and has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

Fiorina Berezovsky

Chess Player & Student
From an early age, chess has been Fiorina Berezovsky’s passion. At the age of 6, she learned the game from her parents Igor and Svetlana, who are both chess enthusiasts themselves. Though she is only 10 years of age, Berezovsky had already participated in the European and World Youth Chess Championships and was a member of the Monaco team, representing the country at the most recent Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan. She was the youngest Olympiad participant and has won two games for Monaco. Berezovsky currently lives with her parents and three older siblings in Monaco. She fluently speaks five languages (English, French, German, Russian and Ukrainian).

Francis Gianni

Director of the International School of Monaco
Francis Gianni began his career teaching philosophy at the high school level and then in preparing some of France’s most able students for entrance to the prestigious Science Po and HEC Grandes Ecoles in Paris, before moving to the USA to take up a teaching post at Arizona State University. With a degree from the Sorbonne in Paris and an MBA from the University of Phoenix, Gianni is also the holder of one of the most coveted teaching qualifications competed for at the very top level in France, the “Agrégation”, a renowned national competitive exam from which he ranked second overall in the country. During a career in secondary, higher and business education spanning some 30 years, Francis has run international schools in Paris, Lille and Monaco.

Hassan Moukfi

Comedian & Anesthetist
Hassan Moukfi, also known as "Hassan de Monaco", is a Monaco native. Moroccan of descent, his journey in life is slightly unusual - not only is he a comedian, but also an anesthetist nurse at the Monaco hospital. At the end of his medical studies, Moukfi decided to go into acting. After meeting Peggy Semeria, an actor and stage director, he discovered his passion for writing and acting solo. He won his first contest titled “Les Fourres de Rire” as a solo comedian in 2014 in Nice. Recently, Moukfi was selected to represent the PACA region in January 2018 at the national final of “Best de l’Humour 2018” in Paris. Moukfi is the ultimate proof that, depending on the situation, we can use either laughter or anesthesia in order to cure pain.

Iris Roussel

Social Entrepreneur, Designer & Engineer
Iris Roussel is a designer, engineer, and social entrepreneur in healthcare innovation. After graduating from the engineering school of INSA, her goal was to focus on the human aspect of each project. Roussel decided to be trained at the Sustainable Design School in Nice, surrounded by designers who were passionate about social and environmental issues. She was employed to build the “Antenne Rhône Alpes” for “Ticket for Change”, an entrepreneurial project which now operates worldwide. In 2015, she began another social enterprise named OZ’IRIS, which is assisted by doctors, sociologists, and anthropologists to enhance the experience of both patients and doctors.

Johannes Pinl

CEO & Founder of MARSS Group
Johannes Pinl is an entrepreneur living in Monaco with his wife and their baby girl. After growing up in Austria he completed a degree in business at the University of Monaco. As a student, Pinl was the driving force in establishing an association working with like-minded students to fulfill their entrepreneurial ambitions. Pinl set up his first business at age 22 and has survived five finance rounds, two trade sales and one management buyout. Twelve years ago, he established MARSS with a vision to bring smart technology to the inherently conservative maritime security, safety and defense markets.

Julien Gobaux

International Artistic Gymnast
Julien Gobaux is an international artistic gymnast, a member of the French national team since 2014, and competes at the national level for the Monaco team (Etoile de Monaco). Gobaux represented Monaco at the Games of the Small States of Europe in 2009 in Cyprus, before winning the all-round and several other titles for his second participation in 2013 in Luxemburg. As a result of his work, and as a French citizen, he achieved his objective of representing his country at an international level for the first time at the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championship in Nanning, China. The main highlight so far of Gobaux's career was achieved in 2016 when he became a member of the French team that competed in the Olympics in Rio.

Kohei Ogawa

Robotics & AI Researcher
Dr. Kohei Ogawa is a robotics and AI researcher at Osaka University in Japan. He studies the interaction between humans and Android robots that resemble actual humans. In particular, he is working to understand the mystery of Androids that can co-exist with humans as a social existence in our daily life. Ogawa has developed the world’s first Android that currently works in the “real” field and he is producing remarkable results, not only in academia, but also in the corporate/industry world. Moreover, Ogawa's interactive system with Androids is now being applied to the realm of art by collaborating with several artists. Ogawa received his Ph.D. from Future University-Hakodate in 2010. Currently, he holds the position of Associate Professor of Intelligent and Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University in Japan.

Louise Harrison

Maritime Consultant & Conservationist
Louise Harrison is a cross-discipline facilitator who has worked in varied roles in her career to bridge the gap between technologies, markets and people. Currently serving as Triton Submarines’ Director of Sales & Marketing for the European region, she is also a passionate advocate for ocean conservation. Harrison is born in the UK and resident in Monaco. Her first experience with submersibles and sub-sea technology was as a project manager for a serial submersible owner, bringing her into contact with a largely hidden world of trailblazing explorers, engineers, scientists and conservationists. Aware of how new materials and innovative engineering can provide a whole new way to connect with our oceans.

Mikhail (Doctor Mike) Varshavski

Family Medicine Physician
Dr. Mikhail Varshavski D.O., is a New York-based doctor focusing on family and preventative medicine. Better known as "Doctor Mike", he is a social media entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a doctor with purpose, stressing the importance of preventative medicine by highlighting his experiences through his unique journey. Doctor Mike started documenting his medical journey through his popular social media platforms to motivate students to pursue their medical training. Doctor Mike graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 2014 with a B.S in Life Sciences and a Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine via an accelerated 7-year track. On June 30, 2017, he completed his 3-year Family Medicine Residency at the Atlantic Health System-Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ.

Pat Moran

Partner PwC, Head of Cyber Security
Pat Moran is a cyber specialist and leader of Cyber, IT Forensics and Data Privacy for PwC Ireland. He has worked in Ireland, UK and Asia, helping people with their concerns over protecting their personal data. He has worked in a number of global professional services firms including Andersen, EY and now PwC. These experiences have resulted in Moran developing a global expertise in advising people how to best protect themselves, their families and friends in a digital age where information sharing has become the way of life. Moran has one key passion: he wants to keep people, young and old, safe from the adversaries that creep the Internet whilst still feeling free crossing the information super highway.

Pierre Frolla

Free Diving World Record Holder
The Monegasque Pierre Frolla grew-up wearing diving fins and having the Mediterranean Sea as his playground for exploration. While preparing to become a physical education teacher in Nice, he met Claude Chapuis, the record holder in static apnea free-diving and founding member of AIDA. Chapuis launched this promising young man on the adventure of free-diving. During his career, Frolla obtained 4 World Record titles and he reached the unsettling depth of 123m. In 2007, Frolla decided to stop competing and dedicate himself to saving the underwater world. He devotes himself to teaching his passion at the “L’école Bleue”, a school he founded back in 2002. Frolla is the ambassador of the Princess Charlene Foundation and Director of the Centre de Sauvetage Aquatique de Monaco. Through these two functions, Frolla promotes his dearest values of courage, humility, sharing, brotherhood, honor and engagement.

Ride the Clouds

Ride the Clouds is an innovative band based in Nice. Their original music, which is sometimes written, sometimes improvised, can be seen as an invitation to dream and travel through the unique combination of piano, saxophone, (electric) harp, voice and electronics. Saxophones/electronics: Julien Perez. Julien completed his studies in the arrangement and composition of Jazz and Classical music at the “American School of Modern Music” in Paris. Piano/keyboards: François Barucco. An impressionist and colorful piano game defines François’ music, the result of his varied journey from the romantic and classical piano to contemporary music and jazz. Song/ (electric) harp: Aliénor De Georges. Passionate about the harp, she completed her degree at the Conservatoire of Antibes. In 2013, she becomes enthusiastic about theater and pursues drama studies at the National Conservatory of Nice.

Sascha Kunkel

Security Specialist
Sascha Kunkel, a security specialist with over 20 years of experience, began his career by joining the French Foreign Legion at 18 where he was trained and sent on several overseas interventions. Following the World Trade Centre attacks in 2001, Kunkel decided to convert to the private security sector, by completing extensive training courses in Europe and Israel covering all aspects of international security. Kunkel has trained, taught and worked in over 70 countries on air, land and sea operations. He exchanged his military uniform for one of a businessman, managing ALGIZ Security, a company he established 10 years ago providing both corporate and private security services all over the world.

Teodora Elvira Wi

Medical Officer, World Health Organization
Teodora Elvira Wi, M.D., FPSVI is currently the Medical Officer, Human Reproduction Team, Department of Reproductive Health and Research, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva, Switzerland. In WHO HQ, Wi leads the development of global Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) guidelines, addressing Antimicrobial Resistance in STI, interventions for key populations, and provision of technical support to regional and national STI prevention and control programs. She has over thirty years of experience in HIV and STI programming. Wi received her M.D. degree from Saint Louis University, College of Medicine, Philippines.

Tom Oliver

Fortune 500 Consultant, Singer, Songwriter, Music producer, Author & Social Entrepreneur
As the CEO of the Tom Oliver Consulting Group, Oliver and his team shape the future of today’s market leaders from Asia to Europe and America. Oliver is a true self-made modern renaissance man: author, musician, founder of the World Peace Foundation and World Peace Festival, a professor of innovation, change management, strategic HR management, and leadership. Oliver has been awarded lifelong seats in some of the world's most influential think tanks amongst world leaders, Nobel laureates and heads of state.

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