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Theme: Truth and Dare

This event occurred on
May 3, 2017
1:00pm - 8:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)
Umeå, Västerbottens län

The search for truth has never been more important.
We need to celebrate science, facts and truth – past, present and future.
Dare to speak up against ignorance, and support genuinely good ideas.
We are looking forward to start a conversation.

Storgatan 46A
Umeå, Västerbottens län, 903 26
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Ami Hemviken

Human Behaviorist
I'm a Human Behaviorist who has spent the last ten years holding lectures about communication and behavior. I give practical and concrete tips mixed with a great portion of humor. I'm also a well engaged leader and coach. My great passion for inclusion and integration reflects my lectures.

Anders Granberg

Conceptual artist
I’m a conceptual artist with ideas in focus, execution subordinated. This has resulted in various artistic disciplines, ranging from drawing to land art. My work has been on display at R. Levy Gallery, New Mexico, Naoussa Film Festival, Greece, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Festival Les Instants Vidéo, Marsielle, National Gallery of Modern Art, Bangalore, Liljevalchs, Postmuseum, Nacka, Väsby and Vänersborgs Konsthall.

Anders Hansen

Psychiatrist and MD
I am psychiatrist and MD, earned my medical degree at Karolinska Institutet and received an MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics. I have written over 2,000 articles on medical research for the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen and several other newspapers, as well as two books that have been sold in 12 countries. My latest bestselling book “The real happy pill”, due to be published in the US, China and several other countries during 2017, concerns how physical activity affects the brain.

Elza Dunkels

Researcher and teacher educator at Umeå University
I am a researcher and teacher educator at Umeå University. I study young people’s internet cultures and adult’s attitudes towards them. I am an expert on young people’s online safety, cuber bullying, cyber hate, and contemporary learning models. I pride myself in being a children’s rights activist and I view my research as a means of giving young people a voice.

Erik Modig

Associate professor
Who am I? I’m an associate professor at the Department of Marketing and Strategy at Stockholm School of Economics. My research has focused on communication and how our knowledge of psychology can increase the effectiveness of communication. The goal with this research is to offer a better understanding of how the human mind processes information, and uses it in shaping attitudes and behaviors.

Fredrik Almqvist

Professor in Organic Chemistry
I’m a Professor in Organic Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry at Umeå University. After earning a PhD at Lund University and a postdoctoral stay at Washington University in St. Louis, I returned to Umeå University where I have established a research group with a common overall goal to understand bacterial pathogenesis and develop new ways to combat antimicrobial resistance. In order to improve our chances of reaching our goals, we have been fortunate to collaborate with renowned researchers with complementary expertise in areas such as molecular biology, clinical microbiology, structural biology and biophysics. In addition to being a scientist and lecturer at the University, I’m also an entrepreneur and have founded two companies – SpinChem AB and QureTech Bio AB.

Johanna Davidsson

Nurse and explorer
I am a nurse and an explorer. This winter I will become the first Swedish woman to ski solo to the South Pole. I will also be the first Swede to do a return trip back to the coast. And I broke the female speed record. My sister Caroline and I shared the National GeographicAdventurer of the Year award in 2014 after we had crossed Greenland from south to north. I have also paddled around the coast of Sweden and Finland.

Jonas Knutsson

Who am I? I am a saxophonist, composer, arranger, pedagogue, producer and improviser. I have been part of the Swedish music scene for 30 years. I grew up with jazz music but developed an early a fascination for the luminescent melodies of northern Scandinavia - the traditional Sami yoik singing and Swedish fiddle music. I have been collaborating with musicians in France, Senegal, India, Turkey, Brazil and the U.S., among others, and have an interest in the music that appears where different traditions clash. I teach at the Royal College of Music (KMH) and at Lilla Akademien in Stockholm. Why listen to me? Improvisation is a big and fascinating subject that is inspiring to investigate. It is useful not only in the arts, but to all people in everyday life. You´ll get pointers on how to go straight into the creative act, where no editing is possible. What you do, “when thinking gets too slow.”

Klara Johansson

I’m a researcher at the Unit of Epidemiology and Global Health at Umeå University, and I have a PhD from Karolinska Institutet. In 2007-2010, I worked halftime at the Gapminder Foundation, with Hans Rosling and other colleagues. My work at Gapminder was mainly to compile and handle health statistics, but I also did some lecturing and development of paedagogic tools. I currently do research on social determinants of adolescent mental health and similar issues, but also run a small freelance consultancy specialized in public health, data analysis and graphic presentations of statistics.

Lotta Ahlvar

Who am I? I am an educated designer with a career as both an entrepreneur and employee in, primarily, the fashion and interior decorating industries. I was formerly CEO of the distinguished textile association Handarbetets Vänner (Friends of Handicraft) and have also been CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council. My career has focused on design issues in various industry forums and, through Lotta Ahlvar AB, I hold board assignments as an independent consultant. As a popular lecturer, I am happy to mentor newly established creators.

Markus Hällgren

Professor in management at Umeå University
I’m a professor in management at Umeå University, and genuinely curious about the impact of time and anything extreme in, and on society. I have researched extreme contexts such as mountaineering, emergency departments at hospitals and the police, and naturally published extensively in various journals. Together with my research team my latest project is concerned with the everyday activities in commercial mountaineering expeditions.

Mattias Goldmann

CEO Fores, speaker,
I am a failure in communication. After having lectured on climate change to hundreds of audiences around the world, including several parliaments and the UN climate negotiations, I am ashamed to say that the problem is far from solved. Indeed, my several years in politics, lobbying and with funding renewable energy, has yielded the same poor results.

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Umeå, Sweden
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