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Theme: As a matter of Faith

This event occurred on
March 22, 2018
3:00pm - 11:00pm CET
(UTC +1hr)
Delft, Zuid-Holland

For the 2018 edition, the theme: ‘The faith of the future’ has been chosen. As a matter of faith stands for so-called ‘new beliefs’. Technology, science and life beliefs that in this day and age function as a beacon in people’s lives. Where religion was undisputable in the past, society now searches for more meaning in new ways of living, working and thinking. As a sort of anchor for existence. The question is, is this belief (system) one that needs to nurtured and dedicated to because it is here to stay? Or is it instead just a hype? Is this something individualistic or rather meant for society as a whole? And what sort of influence does and will this have on science and business life?

As a matter of faith deals with the themes: nature (sustainable business, the circular economy), people (feminism, depression) technology (robotics, artificial intelligence, block chains) and freedom (cyber security, social media). In addition to inspiring speakers who will inspire your thought processes there will also be a musical line up, interesting side-events as well as a special food experience.

Aula Congress Centre Delft
Mekelweg 5
Delft, Zuid-Holland, 2628 CC
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Arjen Kamphuis

IT auditor and Information Technology expert
Arjen Kamphuis studied Science at the University of Utrecht and worked for IBM and Twynstra Gudde as IT architect, trainer and IT strategy advisor. He is a certified IT auditor and Information Technology expert (CISA, CISM). Since 2002, Arjen works for himself and helps managers, leaders and organizations realize the consequences of technological innovations. He is also involved in the national IT policy with regards to open standards and open source in the public domain. Although Information Technology takes up most of his time, Arjen likes to also be involved in scenario planning and exploring future strategies. He researches together with his clients the possible social, economic and geo-political consequences relevant to science and technology. Arjen’s talk will be about the following: IT espionage costing our independence, our security and prosperity. We can create our own IT systems that are independent and secure. We just need to decide to commit our resources to making them.


EAT ART collective is an openhearted collective of makers with a specific interst in food. We find food to be an artistic material like copper, clay or pain. Yet it offers so much more in terms of the perception by people. What is Good? What is Normal? What is Health? What beholds the Future? We challenge and investigate these concepts in various forms, from performance and installation to buffets and interactive movie nights. We offer projects, workshops and caterings on demand as well as self-initiated ones. Our food philosophy differs from project to project. We always search for sustainability and good taste. This can be locally produced, dumpster dived, vegan, home grown, low energy, stolen from the rich and given to the poor, made up out of thin air or anything else. We work as a small collective with open borders , so we welcome enthusiastic and openminded researchers, cooks and artists from various backgrouds. Some of the Kompanen have been with us over the years, while others join on project base. We are glad to be surrounded by local growers, scientists, permaculture gardeners, artists, designers, theater makers and even a few chefs. Feel free to contact us for specific requests or collaborations, internships and participation.

Eelke Mastebroek

After a tumultuous time in the dutch music industry, Semimo (Eelke Mastebroek) locked himself in his recording studio to create the sonic universe for his own project. Eelke has given himself space for experimentation. Using all kinds of effects and instruments, he creates a completely new world. What does it sounds like? Hard to tell, I'll guess you'll have to find out for yourselves...

Iris Woutera

Iris Woutera is a designer who creates performance art that tingles the senses. She designs flexible sculptures, which are worn by dancers, thereby bringing them to life. Her goal is to take the public out of their mind-set and let them experience something special together. This happens in a live moment, to eliminate separations and move into open interaction. Her performance 'Looming' explores circular movement: how we continually explore and learn in a quest for meaning and knowledge whilst at the same time being trapped in an endless cycle of growth, blooming and decay. At #TEDxDelft, let her take you on an abstract journey along the circle of life. Title: Looming, Artist Iris Woutera, performers Lena Glücksman Nilsson / Wolf Govaerts, music Mink Steekelenburg, light/ video Tom de Jongh.

John Sadowsky

speaker, writer, leadership coach and business advisor
John Sadowsky is is a global speaker, writer, leadership coach and business advisor, with more than 20 years of experience across five continents. One of his major goals is to have a deep impact on everyone he works and lives with, and to inspire others to do the same. In his keynotes and seminars, John speaks about how his narrative-based method can transform people, groups, brands or organizations. In his career John discovered that most people tend to underestimate the influence that they have. In his talk, John shows you how effective leaders use their life stories to impact their world and how we can all learn to do it

Jonathan Schoenmaker

physics student
Jonathan Schoenmaker: a 20 year old Dutch physics student at the TU Delft and winner of the TEDx Delft Award. Jonathan’s talk is about his experience of suffering years of depression and the steps one can actually take to try and help people with this serious disease

Laura Klauss

Industrial Design Engineering
Laura Klauss is a former student of the Delft University of Technology, where she studied Industrial Design Engineering. During her graduation Laura specialized predominantly in the technical aspects of product design and production processes. In 2012 she was co-founder of Better Future Factory and the iconic start-ups Perpectual Plastic and Refil. Her work was rewarded in 2016 by winning the public vote for the prestigious Dutch Engineer of the Year Award. Laura’s talk is about creating tangible solutions that make waste valuable.

Mata Haggis-Burridge

Professor of Creative and Entertainment Games
Dr. Mata Haggis-Burridge is Professor of Creative and Entertainment Games at NHTV: Breda University of Applied Sciences, where he has worked since 2010. He completed his PhD on Cyberculture in 2006. Mata is an award winning video game developer, as well as researching the social implications of national and international policies regarding video games. His work frequently involves confronting how problematic outcomes emerge from complex systems, and trying to find new paths to better solutions. Mata’s talk is about how Artificial Intelligences can affect ourlives in many strange ways.

Peter Joosten

biohacker and futurist
Peter Joosten is biohacker and futurist. In his talk at the TEDxDelft event on March 22nd, Peter will reveal the lessons he learned from doing an extensive amount of personal experiments to create more wellbeing.

Semimo ( Eelke Mastenbroek)

After a tumultuous time in the dutch music industry, Semimo (Eelke Mastenbroek) locked himself in his recording studio to create the sonic universe for his own project. Eelke has given himself space for experimentation. Using all kinds of effects and instruments, he creates a completely new world. What does it sounds like? Hard to tell, I'll guess you'll have to find out for yourselves...

Sofie Letitre

Sofie Letitre explores the contrast between imperfection and perfection, man and machine, vulnerable and invulnerable in a wayward mix of dark pop music and electronic sound. Last year, Sofie created an entirely new show using the "wiggle" created by OWOW: a unique tool that allows Sofie to alter the sound of her voice by the movement of her wrist. At TEDxDelft, Sofie performed with the "wiggle" in a true symbiosis of musician and machine.

Vreneli Stadelmaier

performer, writer, careercoach and an entrepreneur
Vreneli Stadelmaier, a performer, writer, careercoach and an entrepreneur for 20 years. She is the Dutch expert on the impostor phenomenon (the fear of beiing found out) and how it’s holding back. Vreneli was rewarded by the Dutch government with an award for women emancipation. Her goal in life is more women at the top.

Wessel van Beerendonk

architect and co-founder of Studio RAP.
Wessel van Beerendonk is architect and co-founder of Studio RAP. Studio RAP was founded in 2015 and is an award-winning architectural design and manufacturing studio. In the RAP’s design process, innovative design techniques are used after which in-house these designs are produced with the help of industrial robotic arms. Using digital manufacturing, especially robot-controlled production methods, RAP assumes the role of digital architect. The RAP designs are characterized by expressive unique forms, which are sustainably produced, assembled or unassembled, by industrial robotic arms. Wessel will be talking about moving towards a new architectural paradigm.

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