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Theme: Write me down in history

This event occurred on
April 24, 2017
4:00pm - 7:00pm +04
(UTC +4hrs)
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates

The theme of the event is "Write Me Down In History". In society today, you have a vast amount of people who have a diverse set of ideas and opinions. Opinions are to do with a person’s belief and moral standpoint. Throughout the centuries people’s opinions have changed the worlds perspectives and views, and this is a very important factor in society. The impact of different opinions, interpretations and understandings of things, change, clash with, or inspire other peoples minds. This event addresses many different topics associated with the theme of "Write Me Down In History". This theme effectively portrays the idea that it is opinions that have such a powerful impact and influence on the world, and it is due to opinions that the world either blossoms and improves or backtracks. The speakers in this event will be sharing ideas that are worth spreading. Each speaker will be sharing concepts that are worthy of being known, recognized and written down just as those that have been portrayed in history.

Emirates International School
Al Thanya Road
Dubai, Dubayy
United Arab Emirates
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Youth (What is this?)
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Aayush Jaitly

Aayush is a 16 year old Indian boy in year 11. His hobbies include listening to music, watching movies, playing and watching sports such as tennis and football and he enjoys cooking too. His speech is titled overlooked.

Abigail Yemisrach

Abigail Yemisrach is a 16 year old Ethiopian- American girl and her hobbies include spending time with her friends and family. Her slam poem reflects the effects that social prejudice can have on an individual and promotes change in the near future.

Aya Saleh

Aya Saleh is a 16 year old IBDP student, with a profound need to speak up about important issues. Her speech "Change Through Controversy" talks about the need for controversy for change to occur.

Dana Bazzari

Dana Bazzari, a 16 year old Palestinian aspiring to become a humanitarian. Her speech 'I Have Another Dream' is based around her dream of breaking the cycle of our repeating history.

Haanya Lone

Haanya is a 15 year old student at EISJ, who enjoys sports and enjoys learning about new things, especially to do with politics. She aspires to be a human rights lawyer one day. Her speech focuses on the teenage problem of laziness, especially when it comes to trying to make a change in the world. Her speech also inspires the audience to look at their life and instead of not doing anything, explains to them that the world is running out of people that make changes. Therefore, it is our responsibility to take charge of our own life and to make a difference/mark in the world.

Joseph Khoury

Joseph is a 17 year old musician, who has a strong passion for song writing, singing, and playing instruments.

Karena Brown

Karena Brown is a 15 year old girl from New Zealand who enjoys swimming and competes in swimming competitions and championships. Karena has a different method in spreading her views and opinions; Karena chose to deliver her message through the well-known artist Melanie Martinez’s song Mrs.Potato Head.

Maria Naguib

Maria is a 16 year old Egyptian girl that goes to school in Emirates International School Jumeirah. Her speech is titled "Speaking up" where she addresses the idea of the beauty of uniqueness. “Unity of thought and practice” is becoming very common in our society from the fear of being so called ‘odd’. An extract that summarises her speech, which encourages young students to stand up for what, they believe in and only then will we be able to break the cycle of repeated history and start a new one of creating history.

Minyoung Choi

Minyoung Choi is a 17 year old student that is passionate about education and its impacts on the mental health of children.

Mohammed Mahmoud

Mohammed Mahmoud is an aspiring filmmaker and poet, that has the mind of a visionary and creative. Mohammed has an eye for visual communication through photography and videography which he recently picked up, but had a head start when growing up acting, illustrating, painting and writing short stories. Mohammed uses poetry as a way to express certain emotions that cant be verbalized through day-to-day dialogue, and instead uses poetry to tell a story. “Tears in the rain” is a poem about positivity, and how recognizing the negatives and acknowledging them, can give an insight on to the solutions, or the solution. Which is unity. Mohammed explicitly believes and dreams in the fact that if we come together as one, against the oppressors and helping the defenseless. We can make a change.

Noor Habib

Noor Heraa Habib is from Pakistan and is 15 years old. She spends most of her time time with her friends, reading books and writing poetry. When the auditions for TedX came around with the theme ‘Write Me Down In History' she knew she needed to join because she felt that many of the people in her grade don’t participate in events like these to speak out. Her speech is aimed at inspiring people around her to change their way of thinking because it is up to us to change what is happening. Thus, through everyone’s individual actions we will be able to create a change that will be written down in history. So even though she may not be asking for her name to be written down in history, she wants to be apart of making it.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates