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Theme: Educate concerned citizens.

This event occurred on
October 15, 2011
11:00am - 6:00pm CEST
(UTC +2hrs)

In the time of digital technologies expanding rapidly, global warming and population expansion posing world-wide challenges and the financial markets across the globe crying for more sustainable practices it is time to reconsider our educational systems. Are they fitted to educate citizens of an ever-more connected world? Will they be ready to deal with problems crossing the disciplinary borders? And will they be able to find sustainable and innovative solutions? Are we using the possibilities the internet provides in accessing knowledge and people? It is time to reconsider and it is time to welcome fascinating speakers on our campus this fall and listen to their ideas for the educational system of tomorrow.

Jacobs University
Campus Ring 1
Bremen, 28759
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Speakers may not be confirmed. Check event website for more information.

Inga Reichelt

An undergraduate student studying Integrated Social Sciences. She graduated from United World-College USA in 2009 where she developed a strong sense of social responsibility for the international community. She was born with a form of cerebral palsy. Feeling strongly connected to the disability community, she would like to become an internationally involved disability rights activist and raise her voice for those who are not heard or not included.

Sebastian Litta

Graduate of Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Former advisor to the President at Universität Leuphana in Lüneburg. Now fellow at the political think tank stiftung neue verantwortung focusing on higher education reform, economics of education and social justice.

Valentina Uribe

An undergraduate Integrated Cultural Studies student from Colombia talking about how providing and receiving an inspirational and fulfilling education must be a common goal for all. Education, not in the archaic institutionalized conception, but as an omnipresent activity organic to man, just as creation, imagination, storytelling and art. However, all the above are born only out of struggle, dedication and toiling. Education, in the archaic sense, must encourage an appreciation for difficulty if education, as we dream it, is to be inspirational, fulfilling and creative.

Timothy Senior

Lecturer of Neurosciences at Jacobs University Bremen exploring why the humanities and science have to work closer together and can learn from each other. Together with Marco Verweij he believes that this will greatly facilitate the production of knowledge in both disciplines as there is much to learn from combining them.

Marco Verweij

Professor at Jacobs University Bremen exploring why the humanities and science have to work closer together and can learn from each other. Together with Timothy Senior he believes that this will greatly facilitate the production of knowledge in both disciplines as there is much to learn from combining them.

Hannes Klöpper

Managing Director & CMO at iversity GmbH, an internet start-up providing a collaboration platform for academics. Co-Author of „The University in the 21st century“ alongside Professor Yehuda Elkana talking about what opportunities digital technology offers for education systems all around the world.

Rosita Kokotanekova

A third-year astrophysics student fascinated by the beauty of social interactions, art and neuroscience. In her final year as a bachelor student at Jacobs University together with other members of the student community she started a campaign for improving sexual education on campus.

Karin Beck

Director of the Leuphana College Lüneburg she will present the idea behind the reform of Universität Lüneburg 5 years ago and tell us how they interpret interdisciplinarity.

Pier Luigi Buttigieg

A doctoral candidate in microbial genomics at the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology and Jacobs University Bremen. Since September 2010, Buttigieg has been contributing to Video Tutor, a social business initiative led by graduate students. Video Tutor's goal is to create a multimedia tutoring platform where university students can use their knowledge to support education worldwide. Through it, concerned citizens of today can help educate those of tomorrow.

Thieu Besselink

Founder of The Learning Lab, an action think-tank on learning ecologies for social change. What kind of education do we offer when virtually every system in which we live has to be reinvented by the same generation that is learning how to live in it?

Michael Okrob

Co-Founder of Teach First Germany, former consultant at McKinsey and associate at the political think tank stiftung neue verantwortung. He will ask you where you were during the educational revolution.

Trevor Sloughter

Trevor is a graduate student in his second semester, studying environmental geoscience. He is enamored with nature and life, and this naturally combined with his humanist activism to lead him into the field of biocultural diversity.

Timo Bremer

A Jacobs student from Germany studying Integrated Social Sciences in his first semester. His idea evolved some time ago out of fascination about how much more efficient the democratic process could become with more civic engagement and a deeper public debate.

Nikolay Melnikov

A PhD student in Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen. He has a great interest in human life perception over longer time-span and what is the role of the Internet and the associated digital devices in that evolution process. He discusses the changing model of the history-writing process offers an idea for its transformation.

Nik Juliani

Social media creative, composer, entrepreneur, and educator who specializes in helping people thrive with their labor of love in the social media economy. An alumnus of Jacobs University Bremen of the class of 2006.

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